Add a Date Stamp and Time Stamp to Photos with camera app

Add a Date Stamp and Time Stamp to Photos with camera app

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Camera applications, are mostly focused on helping us to show our creativities through capture stunning photos. Some of photography applications come package of different filters and other offer us functionalities to manually adjust exposure. Where these apps totally focus on provide us effective and different powerful editing features, they seem to miss out on some important and useful features that we loved on our old cameras like the ability to stamp image with a date and time. In application market, there are so many applications available will let you add date to photo as well as add time to photo.

The camera apps have several functions and tools like the date stamp pictures that allow us to remember when that particular picture was clicked in the past. Have you ever wanted to insert a date to your photos for sentimental purposes? If so photography applications, that lets you quickly and easily do just that. Sometimes there are precious moments of some events or functions we want to remember exactly when they happened without having any headache and frustration by this date stamp image and time stamp image

Add custom image stamp like Date Stamp and Time Stamp is must in certain situations. We know that, there are so many needy peoples in the world they want to get a current date and time on images when we take with our smartphones. There are in android market, so many applications available which are free of cost in term of providing us to functionality of date stamp and time stamp. Try a spectacular free camera app called Auto Stamper for photo. There are paid and free versions of the app. Auto Stamper also supports timestamp and date stamp photos free.

Using Auto Stamper free version you can take awesome photos with date stamp and time stamp on it. Here are the tips to make stamp of a date and time stamp on photos taken with the trendy Auto Stamper camera app. You can get this app from Google Play Store and App store. You just have to download this photo app in your smartphone, then after installation you can see a setting window of the app. In setting tab, you can see lots of different options available for date stamp and time stamp which guide you how to make stamps for your pictures.

Of course, this photography app is a unique android camera app with lots of features. There are other additional features for picture date stamp and time stamp like you can use different text formats, sizes, styles, colors and stamp positions where you want to add it to your images. Apply the changes to see the date and time stamp on photos. I am sure that Auto Stamper is the best android camera app to put a date and time stamp on photos. What are the other features you found interesting while using this app for a picture of a stamp.


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