Activate Bravo on Roku

Activate Bravo on Roku

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Bravo app is suited to the person who prefers to watch the latest movies and shows. To Activate Bravo on Roku follow these steps and enjoy your experience in witnessing bravo on Roku

Steps to Activate Bravo on Roku

1. To get the bravo app all you need is to visit the Roku channel store

2. Enter the bravo TV on the search tab

3. Once you get the search result, then select the add channel option

4. You will receive the channel activation code on the screen, once you add the channel

5. Visit the bravo website and enter the activation code for the channel activation

6. Check whether that the channel icon is visible on the Roku screen

7. Then proceed to enjoy the streaming on the bravo channel

If it proceeds you for the account creation, follow on the onscreen instruction to create the account

Troubleshooting issue on activating the channel

1. If you have not received the activation code, then check that you have followed all the steps for the channel activation

2. Check that you have the proper wireless network to get the code

If there are any issues regarding to Activate Bravo on Roku then contact our customer support team +1?844?839?1180 and visit our site bravotv activatenow


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