A Perspective on the Afterlife and Pets

A Perspective on the Afterlife and Pets

One way to consider death is to explore the notion that it is a pause between living in physical and nonphysical forms. Your pet will continue loving you and being loyal even after they continue to the afterlife in spirit form. This relationship goes beyond obligation.

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You may not feel that you are sensitive enough to be aware of your pet?s presence right after death, but your pet may make its presence known to you in a quiet and reassuring way.

They can do this by giving you:

  • a brief sighting of them out of the corner of your eye or in a cloud formation;
  • a glimpse into their life by way of a dream;
  • an opportunity to hear them meow or purr; and/or
  • a feeling in your heart that they are close to you.

Case Study ? Kate and Willa

My client Kate had a beloved cat named Willa that died of cancer. Kate told me, ?Willa died in her sleep in May from terminal cancer. I continued to hear and feel her in the house for days after her death. I could feel her brushing my legs at dinnertime, and I could even hear her purr every night at the same time.?

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At first, Kate felt a mix of fear and excitement that she was having these experiences. Once she understood that Willa wanted to make sure Kate was okay and remind Kate of her loyalty, Kate allowed herself to explore the possibility of being receptive to future messages.

Months later, she emailed me and shared, ?Every time I am stressed about work, Willa comes into my dreams and purrs in my ear. I get the sense she is telling me that I am doing okay. This makes me feel so much better.?

When Kate first started to work with me, she had many questions about the afterlife. She feared that Willa was disappearing into nothingness. When she understood that death is the juncture between two worlds, a portion of her grief dissipated.

This is not to say you won?t feel suddenly desperate or alone at the death of your pet. The silence and stillness of their body can be a traumatic experience and bring up many unexpected emotions. Yet, when you can witness through an energy connection that your pet?s body is physically free of pain and suffering, it can help you gain solace by knowing that when they are in spirit, they do not feel pain.

Even knowing this, there are many questions that you may have. I am going to share with you five of the most common questions that I receive from my clients.

Common Questions Concerning the Afterlife

Question #1 ? What happens when my pet dies?

When your companion dies, they move into spiritual energy or existing as a soul spirit. They exist without sickness, pain, or fear. Your pet in energy form is cherished and respected for the work they did with you on Earth, which is extremely honorable. Since they are living in spirit, their role is to prepare and transition for their next role.

Right after they die, there is a transition period that can take up to two weeks. This may be the time that you see, feel, hear, and/or sense their presence. Know that it is okay. They are just making the transition in their own way and reminding you they love you.

Question #2 ? Why did my pet behave the way they did before dying?

If your pet exhibited any new behaviors days, hours, or minutes before dying, this was their way of transitioning their energy. There will be a period of time when they are in-between bodies, which means they are partly in the physical form and they haven?t quite made the full transition into death or the spiritual form.

Question #3 ? Does my pet that died have a special message for me?

The answer is YES! When a pet dies, they are still contactable and often want to continue to contact their people for many years. Even though they are not in the physical body, their spirit is alive and well. You can still see, hear, or sense your pet, even if for a fleeting moment.

When they do contact you, there is purpose in that connection, so having an animal medium help you sort out this message can be helpful. You can consider your pet as your lifetime guide or guru, helping you to find peace amongst the chaos of being human.

Question #4 ? Will my pet come back to live with me?

They can and they do! They will come back as an animal companion. Animals do not reincarnate as humans.

Also, parts of their ?personality? can also come back as part of another pet?s personality.

A pet named Fern definitely came back to Sally years later after Fern went to the afterlife. Sally got a new dog from her local humane society. She named her Banjo and as Banjo grew and developed her personality over a few months, Sally started noticing very similar traits to Fern?s, like using her paw to push a ball while lying down. Sally had many pets, and Fern and Banjo were the only dogs that had this behavior.

Question #5 ? Does my pet know that they are going to die?

Yes, they do! Pets are fine-tuned and highly evolved beings. They are part of the divine plan to help us be better human beings. They are okay with death, so when they die, it means that their work with us is complete, according to their Earth plan, and that they taught us what we needed to know.

Even though your pet knew they were going to die and entered into a new soul-spirit life, they are always accessible to you. By quieting your soul or spirit, you will be able to contact them and hear what they have to say. My clients are often calmed and relieved when they get their special messages from their dear animal friends.

Keep in Mind

Connecting with your pet in the afterlife is a healthy way to cope with your grief. Listening to what your pet has to say in spirit form will strengthen your forever bond in a new way.

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