A Day Without A Whopper: McDonalds and Burger King Come Together for a Good Cause

A Day Without A Whopper: McDonalds and Burger King Come Together for a Good Cause

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After Chicken Sandwich Wars 2k19, it touches my heart a little to see competitors giving each other a helping hand rather than tearing each other down (even if it was hilarious to watch).

Though McHappy Day has been a Mcdonald’s tradition for years, a day when $2 from each Big Mac and signature burger sale benefits the Children With Cancer Foundation, they got a little extra push this year. To help encourage customers to support McDonald’s in their efforts, Burger King announced a ?Day Without Whoppers.?

In 101 Burger King Argentina locations, customers were informed that they would not be able to order a Whopper, but they were encouraged to head over to Mcdonald?s for a Big Mac Instead.

Even THE Burger King himself went and bought a Big Mac.

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According to the graphic released by Burger King explaining the results of the campaign, it was a record McHappy Day for Argentina, outselling last year by 73,437 Big Macs.

When the fast-food industry is as cutthroat as it is, it?s certainly refreshing to see a move like this, no matter how simple, to try and demonstrate some sense of altruism to the company, rather than simply greed.

Sure, they knew exactly what they were doing and knew that it wasn?t a huge sacrifice in terms of sales (in fact, their sales will probably boost a little going forward from the positive press), it is still nice to see this feel-good ?moment marketing? that is just meant to make us smile and restore our faith in humanity a little bit. And people have definitely taken notice: though this initiative occurred in Argentina, it has received attention on social media all over the world.

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