A Complete Review About YesStyle | Is It A Legit Company or A Scam?

YesStyle allows the shopper from across the globe to access Japanese and Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. But the question is do you know if this YesStyle is a legit company, reliable and safe to use?

Before entering in the credit card information to any new website the first thing that we all have in our mind is that is it safe and legit. This review will give you a comprehensive overview of the website and its product.

According to the privacy policy all personal information is encrypted by SSL (which means Secure Socket Layer), which means that YesStyle server is kept secure from the third party interference. This is generally represented by the ?HTTPS? prefix and green lock icon. Reviews also found that these visual cues appear when shoppers begin the checkout process or when they create a free account. Additionally, the website allows for payment via PayPal, which provides an added layer of credit card protection while shopping online.

YesStyle is a globally recognized e-commerce company which was founded in 1998. The company has since earned a wide range of recognition like:

  • It is named as one of the top 500 web retailers by internet retailer
  • A most popular merchant by Yahoo! HK
  • Top serviced award by Yahoo! US

The website has over 300 fashion brands from Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong, Shipping beauty, fashion and lifestyle products to over 70 countries and territories across the globe. With a clear established presence in e-commerce, shoppers can rest assured that YesStyle is a legit company and definitely not a scam.

It is also found that the company appears to be committed to day-to-day transparency with its customers. Therefore also they have one section on the website for news and announcements which keeps shoppers up-to-date on things like shipping delays and temporary change to customer service hours. Actually, it shows how trustworthy the company is which has clear communication with its clients which is an important factor when ordering merchandise online from an overseas manufacturer.

Shipping and Return of the YesStyle

YesStyle reviews found that the shipping rates are both clearly stated and affordable, making it easy to get Asian clothing online. Also, there is added benefit found that switching from one to another currency was a very simple process, making it easy for the shoppers from all around the world to estimate their YesStyle shipping times and costs.

Its return policy differs from one item to next, since not all items will be eligible for size exchanges or unwanted item returns. According to the website YesStyle, all eligible return requests must be submitted to customer service should be done within 14days after the product is received. Shoppers have a total of 30 days after requesting return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) to ship their return. According to policy shipping fees for returns will be the responsibility of the customer, with the only exception being returned that are deemed defective. Reimbursements are issued via store credit to be applied for another purchase.

The catalog has an impressive range of products with a wide variety, from Korean-style fashion and jewelry to cult Japanese skin care products and lovely stationeries items. Many items might be shipped in 24 hours but some could take up to 21 days, so take that into an excuse. There are lots of special offers such as free gifts.

The price is ok, it?s certainly not the cheapest you can get on the internet, but with the reputable site and the vast range of products that you can get in a purchase, I would say the price is worth the inconvenience. But do not get fooled by the discounts, the price would always be around the same level from time to time regardless of the ?flash deals?.

Customer Reviews for YesStyle.com

In TrustPilot the company has over 24000 reviews out of which 74 percent of reviewers have left the comment as excellent and thus the company scores 9.3 out of 10 on TrustPilot. The majority of YesStyle reviews are overwhelmingly positive with shoppers praising the company for their cheap prices and high-quality products, particularly where beauty products are concerned.

A common thread among YesStyle clothing review is that the product is authentic a term used for both beauty and fashion product. Unlike other sites, the company does not manufacture its own clothing online, instead YesStyle sources product directly from name-brand retailers.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the company YesStyle found that the customer service department makes a consistent effort to publicly respond to and resolve a customer complaint, supporting trust and transparency. This is a really recommendable point.

Sitejabber has als3200 reviews about YesStyle and has given 4.5 stars out of 5. Approximately 89 percent of the reviews were highly satisfied with their shopping experience. Reviewers have applauded the site for its wide range of affordable high-quality cosmetic and skin care items. Shoppers also point out the product reviews from other customers extremely helpful.

Some positive reviews

? It?s a good website!! They have really cool trendy clothes and good Korean beauty brands for cheap prices. Most of the clothes that I have ordered were good quality and you can even get gifts with EACH purchase. The only problem may be that for free shipment they don?t give you a tracking code but know I?m used to waiting at least like 3 weeks (I live in Peru) to get my purchase.

? Great products! Have trendy clothes and accessories, as well as great deals on makeup and skincare. It?s my go-to site to order Korean makeup products and the quality of clothes and accessories are pretty good. Always read reviews, as one should on all online sites.

? I love how this website gives me access to Asian brands, whether they are for cosmetics/skincare or fashion. The only thing I don?t necessarily like is that the refund is in store credit only and that you have to pay for the shipping cost. So I have to be mindful of what I buy and really like item because I can?t just return it for free.

? I had a great experience shopping here for the first time. I love that they had a category for cruelty-free products, and each item?s page was detailed and thorough. I also like how easy it is to move items back and forth between the cart and ?saved? section, and that the website gives you a warning if something in your cart will take a long time to ship, so you can save it for later and get everything else on time.

Some negative reviews

There are very few reviews which are negative for the YesStyle Company with shoppers reporting an issue with shipping and customs as the most pressing issue. Many negative reviews on undelivered packages stem from the post office marking the package as undeliverable. Other critical reviews are people are unhappy with the quality of the item that they have ordered.

? Placed an order at the beginning of September for some skincare products. It was indicated on the site that you should expect your order up to a month. So within 20 days, I contacted YesStyle with the inquiry when I was about to get my order. Within a day I got a response that my order was at the courier depot and basically I had one day left to pick it up from them (which is one hour drive from where I live). Yoddel (Courier Company) never tried to deliver the order and never left any note with me. Then within two days, Yesstyle informed me that my order was sent back to them as it was not picked up! Absolutely ridiculous! When I contacted them again showing my disappointment I just was ignored! So save your money not be scammed! Zero customer service. I wish I never ordered anything from these scammers!

? I ordered from them and never received any product and any words for the delay. In fact, they don?t even respond to email explorations asking about shipment status. I paid for accelerated processing with 3?5 day delivery time. I was charged before the order was shipped and there was no sure ship date. I feel that if they cannot promise 3?5 days of delivery time, they should give an option to cancel.


The site is very much reliable and has a vast variety of products for all women. Based on the reviews the majority of shoppers would say that YesStyle is a reliable site in terms of expected product quality, shipping and customer service.

It is worth mentioning that the critical reviews seem to come from the shoppers who have delivered to Canada and UK region, while the US-based shoppers seem to be generally pleased with the overall reliability of the retailer company. So shoppers ordering from Canada and UK should ensure that their addresses are correct and that they fully understand the company?s policies on customs charges, as these factors can impact whether the company is seen as a reliable site.

While there are plenty of websites like YesStyle to choose from, these sites do have long track and strong foundation of positive reviews about what the company has to offer. If you do not make a few sacrifices in shipping times and customer service responses, YesStyle could be your next favorite spot for the latest trends in Asian beauty and fashion.

Originally published at apparelric.com on October 22, 2018.


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