A Beginners Guide To Shed Building: Shed Building Plans

A Beginners Guide To Shed Building: Shed Building Plans


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I Could hear a car pull up on the driveway?I could see my chest pouding; At the moment all I could think off was to hide?

I heard a loud noise

??BOOM?? I was terrified

My heart was beating faster than ever before ?I could feel the river of sweat running down my face

The door opened?.

ANYONE HOME??! A loud female voice yelled

I knew it was my wife Carol?

I got a lump in my stomach as I knew I had to tell her ..I was the reason we had to change our plans for the weekend..

You see, Just 2 months earlier my wife was talking about how much she wanted us to buy a shed to our backayard for our guests at our annual summer get together at our house.

I actually thought it was a great Idea..But it was no way I was gonna buy a shed

I mean..I had alot of friend that had sheds in their backyard..and they built them by themself.

I thought about if for a couple of days?

I and came to brilliant conclusion of building the shed by myself as my wife & my kids was leaving the country to go visit her mother in Canada for a month..

??-How hard could it be?? ,I thought to myself

I knew how much this would mean for my wife and kids ..and I had actually promised them now to build it ?and I knew how dissapointed they would be if I didn?t have it done when they got home.

It was actually great motivation for me..I mean imagine yourself..the face of your family or friends after you built your own backyard shed..How much they would look up to you..for actually geting things done .

The next day I went to our local woodworking shop for some shed plans .

When I asked how much the shed plans cost?.My jaw literally dropped..

He said : -They go for around 1100 $, sir

I didn?t buy them as you might imagine.( And I don?t recommend you do either)

But he let me see a example of a plan for a smaller cabin,and It?s unbeliveable how complicated they were,I realised I would never be able to understand and follow one of those!

I told my wife about how hard it would be to be able to start a project like this..and that was the first time I could see genuine disapointment in her eyes.

And I realised this is the first time I have broken a promise to her.

That was a wake up call for me.

The next few days revolved around searching all over the web for cheaper plans that I would actually be able to understand..even thought I wasn?t a very big internet guy..I thought I?d give it a chance.

Here?s the thing with plans on the internet?You can?t judge a book by its cover -You will realise that very quick.

I found alot of websites that seemed suspicious..to say atleast!

But here?s the deal ?The plans in the store for 1100 $.. were made by some big company (I believe located in texas)

While the plans on the internet were mostly created by small business owners who didn?t have thousands of dollars to invest on web design and stuff like that..

So that?s when I took a chance and bought my first product online..Its a decision I very happy about ..since I saved a lot of money and time !

Now imagine again how proud your wife,girlfriends ,kids,realtives will be ..if you only take action and build the damn shed or cabin! I can promise you,It?s the best feeling in the world!

I can make that promise,Because thats the reaction I got..I got my masculinty back..and I could feel how my wife noticed it to ?It made me a better more confident person..I was a handyman in her eyes now lol !

As the project was finished,My wife and my kids were so happy ..I realised how much this project meant to them !

The lesson from all of this is?you have to take chances..I wouldn?t have been able to build a small shed for my family If I got the plans the old fashioned way and bought the ones in my local store.

-No ?I would have been wasting alot of money !

But yes.. It?s a lot of crap on the internet..

but If you filter through the crap like I did..you gonna hit the jackpot..and save alot of money and time ..especially if you are like me and never been into woodworking before.

Why do I recommend you to buy plans online instead of your local store?

Because These Programs Are ALOT Cheaper and Effective And Will Give You Fast RESULTS!

Yes thats the truth ? These internet product are way easier to understand and follow?even as a beginner..

Well? Most of them..

I would recomend you STAY AWAY from Teds Woodworking program?Not a great program ?.

But I?m gonna recommend you TWO products I used myself that really helped me !

These product are NEW and Fresh on the market and In my opinon The Best Ones You Can Find Online right now!

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now I hope you enjoy the rest of my guide:)

A shed is a simple roofed single floor structure that is used for storage of garden tools, shelter domestic animals, performing out hobbies and also as a workshop. They can also be referred to as outhouse, outbuilding or shack. They are mostly situated in the back garden. Sheds vary in their sizes from large sheds to small sheds depending on their purposes. Storage sheds are mostly small in size but industrial and farm sheds are mostly large depending on the volume of the goods they hold. Sheds can be built from different materials like wood, metals, and plastic. The types of shed construction include metal sheathing, plastic sheathing, and complete wood construction.

Amazingly, sheds can be used for time spending and relaxation purposes. There has been an increase in the number of people who enjoy building sheds. In various countries as New Zealand, there are even magazines that are produced frequently on sheds where people are educated on shed building, purposes, and many other uses. Furthermore, there is annual shed of the year contest in countries as the United Kingdom where the best shed is identified. In this guide, we will take a look at the different ways in which a shed is built, the different types of shed and their purposes, the advantages and disadvantages, mistakes made in shed construction, different styles used in shed building and the benefits of the e-book that one gains as a beginner in wooden shed construction.

In this shed building plans guide, I will show you through the construction of a wooden shed, but firstly, we will have a look at some of the different types of a shed and their purposes. They are mainly classified into:

A. Small Domestic Sheds

They are the simplest and cheapest sheds one may find. They are easily assembled by regular people, they do not require initial construction knowledge. One may find the DIY kits and plans for these type of sheds. The most common type of sheds is plastic and wooden. They are mainly used to store garden tools, tractors and store items that are considered unsafe to be stored indoors such as gasoline and agricultural chemicals.

B. Large Domestic Sheds

They are more expensive compared to the small domestic sheds and have large working spaces. They are fitted with modern housing equipment like windows and electrical outlets. They accommodate more activities such as repairing equipment and relaxation. They are used by some people as outdoor offices. They can be customized by adding ventilation systems, benches, and electric lighting.

C. Specific by use

They include:

Wood sheds ? they are commonly used to store firewood and protect it from adverse kind of climate.

Boat sheds ? they are used to store lifejackets, privately owned boats, and such related items. They are mostly located near water bodies.

Miscellaneous ? these sheds are rarely found in the modern days. Initially, they were used by the military to store their ammunition.

Agricultural sheds ? they are used to store agricultural machinery and food supplies. There is also the shearing sheds where they are specifically modified for large-scale sheep shearing.

Bike shed ? it is a type of an open shed where bicycles are protected from the harsh climatic conditions as rain and snow.

Garden sheds ? they are the type of sheds where garden equipment as loan mowers are stored.

Railway sheds ? are divided further into engine sheds where locomotive engines are maintained, goods sheds where cargo is stored, train sheds which cover the trucks and snow sheds which covered the train rails from avalanches.

Wooden Sheds.

Wooden sheds are made out of wood as the term suggests. They are more natural looking and blend perfectly well with the environment. As much as sheds made from wood are the most visually appealing, they are the most delicate as wood is susceptible to many factors that may ruin it at a faster rate. We will begin by looking at the step by step shed building plans used to build wooden sheds. The guide is designed to give you Lego clear instructions that one can easily understand and follow without a problem! It doesn?t require you to have any initial construction knowledge, you can start building your shed today once you?re done reading the manual. Hope you enjoy going through it!

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How to build a shed ? First Step, Foundation and floor fame.

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There are many ways and methods of beginning a foundation for your shed, but so as to keep this manual simple we will begin by looking at the procedures followed while building a shed. The types of the foundation include a concrete slab foundation, a sunken pillar, and wood skid. The e-book is helpful to those who might not be interested in shed building from the scratch. It takes time to explain in detail the materials required and the step by step methods required to give one the moral to build the shed. It also explains the easy steps in a very fun way. Furthermore, the process of building your shed on your own is quite a fun task as one watches the shed start from nothing to something beautiful and useful. Isn?t that exciting? At least one feels useful after performing such type of a task that feels to be quite a huge burden. The following steps are derived from the e-book on steps used to build a foundation:

1. Dig the building site and add a four-inch layer well-matched gravel. If desired you may add an allowance to the base for the optional wood ramp. The gravel is packed thoroughly to ensure that it is leveled.

2. Cut three 4 by 4 treated timber skids at 144 inches. Arrange and level the skids on the gravel bed.

3. Cut 2 by 6 rim joists at 144 inches and ten joists at 93 inches. The joists are then marked to on to the rim joists. The edging is then assembled with the 16d galv. Common nails; be sure to crisscross each joist for capping and fix it with the crowned edge up.

4. Set the floor frame on top of the skids and measure the diagonals to make sure it is square. The metal clip is then installed at each of the joists alongside the two exterior slips, using 11/2 inch joist hanger nails and 16d galv. Common nails, toenail each joist to center skid with 16d galv. Nails.

5. Install the tongue-and-groove for sheathing, starting with a full sheet at the corner of the frame. Use 8d galv. Nails drove every 6 inches along the edges and every 12 inches in the field.

Secure the joists to outer skids with angles. Drive hanger nails into the joists and 16 d nails into the skids. Frame and raise the walls, then fasten adjacent walls together at the corner studs.

Tools required ? the Second step

For one to be successful in a given task, one of the major requirements is the tools which are used to perform the task. The following are the tools required:

? Pair of work gloves ? to protect you from small objects that may hurt your hands.

? An electric drill with various attachments ? the attachments are modified to suit the size of the hole being drilled.

? Claw hammer ? used to drive the nail in wood and also remove the unnecessary nail from wood.

? Carpenter?s pencil ? to be used to mark important measurements on the wood.

? Jab saw ? Used to cut small unnecessary objects in building materials

? An array of fasteners ? they include nails and screws.

? Clamps preferably C- clamps. They are used to fasten objects tightly to prevent movement or separation.

? Measuring tape ? to take important measurements.

? A level.

Shed building Plans ? Third step, Lumbering

Whether treated or untreated, wood that is being exposed to the outside elements is very prone to decay. The guide will highlight the fundamentals of exterior wood preservation.

I. Wood quality

Since the shade is an outdoor structure, it will face various weather elements like sunshine, rain, snow, wind and other factors as insects and moulds. If you are not sure on the wood selection, it would be better to seek advice from a wood expert who will guide you through the best wood you would use to build your shed depending on the climate your region experiences.

I would advise you to aim for the type of wood that is resistant to deforming, fading, pets and dampness. Once at a local lumberyard, request for the heartwood, which is the innermost part of the wood in a tree. Unlike sapwood which is the outer most wood found in a tree, it is resistant to harsh conditions. The following species of wood are suitable for shed building: Cedar, Cyprus, and Redwood. Before buying the wood, check thoroughly that it has been well processed. Be cautious of wet wood to avoid shrinkage after you have already bought it and also Greenwood which may cause you inconveniences. The most common type of outdoor wood is pressure treated and consists of pine and fir.

Avoiding Decay

As I have said earlier, wood is normally exposed to everyday elements which lead to its decay and destruction. Here are some of the tips, from the best shed building plan e-book, for ensuring your wood lasts longer:

? Stagnant waters ? As much as the wood is coated to protect it from water, it would still be advisable to keep the wood away from stagnant waters. This is as the wood coating is not a permanent coat and so is the wood is exposed to water it will get damaged over time. The best way to avoid water paddles near the shed is building gutter systems on its roof which directs the water to a tank or a pool.

? Conservation ? one of the best ways to conserve the wood while at home is by spray treatment or applying wood polish using a brush. The following are the easy steps you may follow for to apply brush or spray treatment:

1. Wear rubber gloves, face mask to protect your eyes and an overall cloth to protect the rest of your body.

2. Using a sandpaper, smoothen the inconsistent wood parts and the joints.

3. By the use of a rag, ensure the wood is clean, dry and dust free.

4. Smear the liquid treatment twice to form a two-level coat. This is most especially done so as to ensure the wood is thoroughly protested especially at the joints, holes, and cracks.

There are two types of wood treatment. They include:

Water treatment: consists of oil or water-based liquids. They prevent fungi growth but do not prevent termites from eating up the wood.

Preservative treatment: Consists of chemicals. They prevent the growth of fungi and keep away termites from destroying the wood.

Staining: There are two types of staining. These can either be natural where the stains are purposed to enhance the beauty of the wood or unnatural means which involve activities like painting the wood. In natural means, one has to keep maintaining it frequently as they last for approximately two years while unnatural means last as long as up to eight years without needing any maintenance.

The Fourth Step, Shed building plans

After the concrete is all ready, the sole plates are then joined together with the anchor plates which protrude out of the foundation. Use the carpenter?s pencil and measuring tape to mark about one and a half inches from the board end continually every sixteen inches till the further end. These marks guide where the studs will be placed. Mark where the anchor and the mudsill meet up with a different marker from the one used initially. The studs are then taken and galvanized nails are driven through the marked areas into the center of the board until they reach the stud bottom. The studs should be secured to the baseboard.

After that, they played at the top plate across the opposite end and it should be secured to the studs with nails and screws.

The Fifth step, Wall building

The walls are then set on the anchor bolts, you should create a few buttresses which keep them in an upright manner for a temporary period before they are fully erected. With the walls secure but not completely sturdy, check whether they are well aligned to the plan.

You may use the Pythagoras theorem rule to check for alignment since you already have your measurements. Check and recheck to be sure that everything is rightfully placed.

Once everything has been double checked, pick the washers and nuts for the anchor bolts and secure them.

Check the corners of the shed to see if there is any space that is left. You can fill the spaces with fillers due to security reasons.

So as to increase the stability of the structure, double the top plates using additional measured boards. That enables the structure to withstand the pressure from the roof once it has been installed.

The Six step, roof framing.

There are many types of roof design that you can use to add to your shed. But since you are a beginner, I would advise you to build a simple roof structure so as to avoid the frustrations that can come with building complex roof structures. Complex roof structures also require additional tools and greats skills hence, it is time consuming and a bit expensive compared to the simple roof structure.

Due to the simplicity of the roof structure, I will guide you through the building of simple rafters. Boards of the same length and size are kept at intervals of approximately 12?15 inches along the length of the top plates. It is advisable to place the rafters directly over the wall studs.

It is recommendable that the rafter is a size smaller compared to the ridge board. The slope of the roof can be as steep or gentle as you wish but note that a steeper slope is harder to work on but it will increase the volume of the shed.

For the roof frame to be more compatible with the rest of the structure, the common rafters are cut so that it meets the ridge board. The rafters should be perpendicularly cut so that they fit into each other smoothly.

The Seventh step, completing the roof.

The first two rafters are taken and secured with nail or screw to the first end of the ridge board. The process is repeated with the opposite end of the ridge board. As long as everything is running smoothly, the remaining rafters are mounted in their encoded positions.

Once all the rafters are mounted, climb down the ladder to get a view of the progress you have made so far.

The Eight step, door installation.

Do not forget to prepare a door once you are done with your beautiful structure.

The easiest way to mount a door is to buy one from a nearby seller. The only problem would be that bought door tend to be of only specific sizes only and might not fit accordingly to the frame you had assigned for the door. So if you are to buy a door to ensure that you have made the right measurements on the door frame.

Remember since you are mounting a door, that means that you will be getting rid of one of the support columns which could be dangerous. To compensate for that, one should ensure the door has a strong header to support the heavyweight.

Note that it is recommended that the door frame should be half an inch larger compared to the door to ensure that it fits easily and also to provide a room where fresh air can get into the shed.

With these basic easy steps, your structure is complete. You may modify the interior of the shed according to how you will be using it. You may modify it by addition of shelves that you can mount on the walls of the structure. The added shelves also increase the storage capacity of your shed. You may also consider adding a lighting system to your shed, it is highly important. In the next phase of the guide, I will take you through the mistakes that are made in shed building so that you are not stranded in the mentioned silly mistakes.

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Common Mistakes made in the shed building Plans

? Improper geographical placement ? this is one of the huge mistakes one may make while shed building. It may be too close to your house hence obstructing your beautiful view from your living room or your kitchen as you are cooking. The last thing one would want is not like your house because of a simple thing as a view, so be careful with where you place your shed. One may also build the shed too far away from their house which again is an inconvenience. Who would want to walk from your house to your shed to get some tool you need and you have to trek some long distance? You may also need your shed someplace you can see due to the security reasons. You would want some stupid thief taking your stuff without you see them, would you? Or walking down a snowy lane during a chilly night just so you could get something from your shed. Before building your shed consider all the factors whether positive or negative and then come up with the place in your compound with the most advantages compared to disadvantages.

? Wastage of space ? this is one of the greatest mistakes one can make. It is mostly caused by poor construction planning. You may such a mistake also by taking measurements poorly. You should consider all the activities and purposes that you will use your shed for before starting the construction. In that manner, you will be able to come up with a shed design that will suit its purpose and your wishes. One may also consider building a double floor shed to save on your compound space. You wouldn?t want to deny your kids their playing ground! You may also want to construct a different structure in the future then you get hindered due to the little space left or unless you would have to dig deeper into your pockets to modify your shed.

? Lack of harmony ? building a shed that does not match the design or the color of your house would make the compound look a bit odd. It is advisable that you choose a suitable architectural design and color that will closely match with your house. That gives your compound a great look and also makes it look like both structures were built at the same time. It also gives you a sense of satisfaction and hence you will not have to waste money in the future to make one structure resemble the other.

? Failure to account for climate ? some people build sheds without considering the weather patterns experienced in the area. The shed ends up being exposed to harsh climatic conditions, continued exposure of the shed to such adverse climatic conditions lead to its destruction. This then leads to one spending much more money to repair the shed. The most common way in which people fail to protect their sheds from is rainwater and snow by failing to have the necessary protecting tools such as gutters and drainage trenches. Gutters are important as they direct rainwater away from the shed hence protecting the shed from getting destructed by rainwater and melting snow that is on the roof. Drainage trenches direct the water that falls directly to the ground away from the shed. These methods keep the wood used to build the sheds dry and hence they do not absorb moisture that may encourage the growth of fungi on the wood. As we have seen earlier, it is also important to coat the wood with protective coats as paint to prevent them from coming into any contact with moisture.

? Failing to add protective coats ? as we have seen in the previous point, protective coats do play a big role not only in ensuring the durability of your shed but also keeps your shed in its good shape. Protective coats also protect your shed from termites which feed on its wood.

? Spending too much money on unnecessarily expensive sheds ? sheds the main purpose is to house outdoor and garden tools that cannot be stored in the house. Some people spend a lot of their money on large and stylish sheds which to my opinion in unnecessary. Spend your money wisely. You can save a lot of money on shed building by avoiding to hiring a huge manpower in the construction. You may even save some of your money by enquiring price rates of the items you need at various lumberyards, you will be able to know who have the best quality products at affordable prices.

? Purchase of two small sheds ? it is dangerous to underspend just as it is to overspend. This is because you may underspend and the shed purchased may end up being of little use below your expectations. This will prompt you to build another shed and that will lead you to overspend. A shed may look simple on the outside but it is how you customize your shed that will determine the volume of goods your shed can hold. When building your shed it is important you identify each and every section of your shed, allocate the tools to each section and then modify the shed to hold each and every tool at its place. In that manner, you end up maximizing each and every space in your shed and also utilizing your shed to its maximum capability. It is also recommendable to have adequately spaced sheds where one can perform outdoor activities like car repairing in the shed when the weather is not favorable. Before starting your shed building, think of all its purposes and all the outdoor and semi-outdoor activities one could perform during unfavorable weather condition or any other related circumstances.

? Violations of building codes ? before the beginning of construction of your shed, it is important to check for the building conducts set by the authorities in your town. You are not supposed to begin any construction works before applying for a permit from the local authorities. This helps you avoid a lot of time being wasted in lawsuits, paying fines and such inconveniences. If you had already begun building your shed before your permit is authorized by the authorities, they will demand you to start all over again. That leads you spending more money on the construction of the shed. During fitting of electric lighting, you are supposed to involve a legally certified electrician to avoid the long arm of the law and to avoid accidents as electrocution and even fire. The same laws apply to gas and water pipes installation.

? Time underestimation ? people normally underestimate the time taken to build any given structure. It is a normal occurrence when building delays, the delays may be caused by issues as inadequate tools and climatic changes that would not allow outdoor activities as the building. Building any kind of structure may take longer than expected. It is therefore important to do things at a fast rate to reduce the number of delays that one has to encounter and also reduce frustration brought about by delays. Completion of construction is also advantageous as one gets to start using the structure sooner than expected which to some extents save on your finances.

? The ceiling is too low ? these may tend to be one of the least concentrated on problems as they happen least when one expects. It is important to be aware of the low ceiling so as to save on your funds in putting a higher one. Ensure that each and every measurement is taken carefully and is also executed. The best way to determine the height of your shed is by scanning through the items you are planning to store there and use the tallest. As mentioned earlier, the installation of steep roofs might be risky but in the long run become an added advantage as they create more space inside the shed.

? Use of crooked studs ? while building the shed, one would build a shed with crooked studs which may render the shed unstable. It is advisable that as one is building a shed to ensure that all the studs used are straight and uncompromised. That will ensure that the body frame of the shed remains strong enough to hold its own weight and be durable enough for a long time.

The next section of the guide that I will take you through is the best ways and designs one may use to build an ideal shed according to one?s desires. We all have different tastes, so it is important to go through some of the designs used so that one may pick the design that suits you better. I will discuss the different best sheds designs and their benefits.

The best designs that one may use in shed building plans include:

Gambrel styled shed ? it is a very common type of shed. Its roof is highly steep and is four sided. This type of shed at some point resembles a hexagon. This type of shed is preferred as the shape of its roof makes the interior of the shed to be spacious hence creating more space where a lot of garden and outdoor tools can be stored. In this type of shed, one may have a workshop in the shed. They can even accommodate a car due to their large spaces.

Gable shed ? they are also common due to their stylish two-faced roof that meets at the center forming a peak. Their roof shapes are conducive as they provide adequate space, but not as much as the gambrel styled sheds. They provide adequate spaces for storage of garden tools. They also accommodate larger items as motorcycles. The property that makes these sheds become common is their stylish shape that blends in well with any compound with a house of any design.

Lean to sheds ? it is the easiest type of shed to build as they are built on a wall that was initially existing. You only have to build three remaining sides of the walls and the roof which makes it easier and less stressful. These types of sheds are near the house and can be used to store things such as loan mower, grill and yard toys.

Saltbox sheds ? they are a very attractive type of sheds which one would not mind having it anywhere in the compound. Due to its shape, it can be used to store larger amounts of items and can be used in different ways depending on their size as they come in different sizes. They are also used as children playhouses. As in the gable shed, this type of shed has two faces of roofs which meet at the center to form a peak. The only difference between the two sheds is that the saltbox sheds one of the roof sides is significantly shorter than the other.

Wood sheds ? these types of sheds are made of wood. They are the most common type of shed compared to metal and plastics. They are the most conducive as they can be used as children playhouses, outdoor office and still storage of garden tools. They are also easy to modify and renovate as increasing their size. They are preferred to other types as they blend well with the environment and give the environment a good natural look. However, they must be maintained regularly from insects as termites which feed on wood.

The following sheds are classified according to the nature of their roofs. They include:

Clay tiled sheds ? as the name suggests, these are sheds that their roofs consist of clay tiles. The clay tiles make the wooden sheds look visually appealing. Nevertheless, one has to plan for the clay tiles from the foundation of the shed so that it can support the roof due to the bulkiness of the roof. The wooden walls need to be strong enough to support the roof. It would be advisable to hire an expert to install the clay tiled roof to avoid complications.

Green roofs sheds ? these types of sheds are made of roofs that grow plants such as mosses. The roof is put a protective membrane which protects the other parts of the shed from getting the moisture after the protective membrane, the roof contains the medium which supports plant growth. They are quite visually appealing as they are rare to find.

The following sheds are classified according to their size. They include:

Small sized sheds ? These type of sheds are small in size and do not involve activities as that of a workshop. They are simple and precise. You can only store your garden tools.

Medium sized sheds ? it is larger than the small-sized sheds. It has space that one can store garden tools and any other outdoor items you may need to store. Unlike the small-sized sheds, one can move inside this type of shed freely.

Large sheds ? they are larger in size compared to the other type of sheds we have mentioned above. They have enough space that one can accommodate outdoor tools and still carry out activities. They can be used as offices. However, if used as an office, one will have to be careful while carrying out their activities to avoid substances that may hurt or prick them as they are moving around.

Extra-large sheds ? they are the largest sheds one can have in their home compound. They can store any sort of vehicle, garden tools and an overflow of items from your house. They are ideal for storing any sort of items and still use them to carry out your official duties and personal activities without any form of congestion.

The type of sheds described below are classified according to their main uses:

Garden office shed ? it is a type of shed which you can build when you need to find time for yourself and also to carry out your own activities. You can carry out your office activities from here since there are no distractions. They are suitable for people with large families and would like to get away from all the noise and distractions that may hinder someone from working smoothly.

Firewood storage sheds ? mainly used to store firewood from elements of weather such as rainfall that may destroy them. The most common type of firewood shed is the lean on shed. It is also the most suitable as it allows free circulation of air, therefore, preventing dampness of the firewood. It is also near the house so the firewood is stored near your house and may access anytime you need them.

Tool storage shed ? they are used to store the tools that a homeowner may need to maintain their home compounds. They may be installed with ramps at their entrance to make it easier for storage of heavy items. They are also conducive for storage of bicycles and yard tools. Your compound, therefore, looks neat as the untidy yard tools are kept indoors.

Personal belongings storage shed ? as you are growing older each and every day, you may tend to accumulate so many items that congest your house. You may not want to throw or give away any of the items accumulated as they probably hold a sentimental value to you. The best way in which you can solve a headache is by building yourself a shed which you can be storing your personal items as you continue accumulating them.

I will take you through the best ways in which you may build your shed to ensure that it is strong to withstand all the weather changes and maintain their good shapes in a long time. The instances I will share with you are more techniques from this ebook for building a better shed. Some of these techniques are:

Post and beam ? it is a type of a foundation that is mainly built on a sloppy ground. It consists of posts that are buried in deep holes. Once all the posts are leveled, you easily attach pressure treated beams to the poles then build a leveled stage where the shed will have a great support.

Gravel pad ? it is mainly suitable for heavy equipment. However, this type of foundation is suitable on a leveled ground. If you intend to put such type of foundation, then you will have to create a protective barrier that will prevent the gravel from moving.

Cement blocks ? it is a type of shed where the foundation is built of cement and the foundation raised to appropriate levels. The shed is then placed on top of the cement block. This type of foundation is suitable for leveled grounds. You should not place heavy items in this type of shed as its support is not as strong as one would anticipate.

As we have seen there are numerous design which you may use to build yourself a shed of your choice. The truth is there are numerous shed designs which come up every year which we cannot discuss details but only mention them. These examples of sheds include attached firewood storage, Ivy, Windows, Double door, Decorative door, Porch, Shutters, End entry side entry and many others.

Advantages of Sheds.

Nobody builds a shed for no reason. We all build a shed because we have a planned purpose for it and also because we understand the advantages that come with having a shed of your choice within your compound. Some of the advantages include:

Keeps your tools organized ? a since various tools are kept in a shed, you will always be prompted to always organize them in the shed. You also become more organized. Instead of leaving your tools outside and having to take time looking for them will become an abandoned habit.

Saves on time ? you will not waste any more time looking for tools around your compound when you need them. You will just head to the shed and get them which saves time.

Saves on more space inside the main house ? you may decide to store some of the home appliances which you rarely use in the shed hence increasing your space in the house.

Increase the durability of your tools and appliances ? they increase the durability of your tools as they are kept safe in the shed. The home appliances and furniture that are rarely used can be kept safe and hence increase their durability.

Disadvantages of sheds

Can be space consuming ? as much it is greatly useful, it can be space consuming leaving you with a small backyard. This then restrains the activities you can be carried out on your backyard.

Sickness and allergies ? you can get sick and allergies if you do not maintain your shed. Lack of maintenance is caused by neglect of the shed because it is detached from your main house. Don?t neglect your shed so that it becomes useful instead of becoming a nuisance to you.

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