9 Signs a Leo Man Likes You

9 Signs a Leo Man Likes You

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If you like a Leo guy, it can be difficult to know if he likes you or if he?s just doing a show. However, if you know what to look for, it?s easy to tell what he thinks and feels about you. Read on for signs a Leo man likes you.

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Signs a Leo Man Likes You

1. He approaches you

it is uncommon for a Leo man to look for people despite the fact that he loves attention. Instead, he wants people to come to him. A lion has a touch of royalty. He doesn?t approach others. He gives them the privilege of an audience with him.

When a Leo man is in public, he appears to be in the general court, with a crowd around him, while enchanting and entertaining them.

If a Leo man is interested in you, he will visit you. He can even leave his courtiers to speak to you alone. So if you are not part of his audience and he approaches you to speak to you, this is a clear sign that he is interested in you.

2. He will tell youA Leo man is not one who hides his feelings. In fact, he tends to express his feelings in a big, dramatic way. If a Leo man is interested in you, he will tell you directly.

If he is not interested in you, he can still pay attention to you and praise you, especially if you pay attention in return. On the other hand, he will not tell you that he has an interest in you if he doesn?t. Even though being quite a showman, a Leo guy is usually truthful with regard to matters of the heart.

If a Leo man didn?t tell you directly that he was interested in you, but you think he might be, you can always ask. If you do this, he will tell you exactly how he feels about you.

3. He will tell everyone elseNot merely will he tells you if his feelings, he?ll tell all others. He will perform a good show when he is in love. Do not display your discomfort too much If you?re introverted or shy, he needs an audience, you have to accept that if you want to be part of his life.

On the other hand, you don?t have to say much. He is completely happy to talk and be the star. Just smile kindly and understand that this is one of the signs that a Leo man is interested in you.

He doesn?t share his deeper thoughts with anyone. Most people only see his sense of drama and his sense of fun.

However, if he is interested in someone, he wants to share his thoughts with her and start discussing topics such as philosophy, religion, and spiritual matters.

He?ll want to read your comments about stuff like that. You won?t have to go along with him if you do not. He prefers someone to have their own ideas and not to agree with him simply to please him.

Even though these kinds of interactions may not feel romantic to you, they?re one of several indicators that a Leo guy has an interest in you.

6. He will take off his maskWhile a Leo man enjoys attention and has an extravagant style when in public, he likes to take off his mask privately. This means that if you spend more and more time together, he may be less attentive and demonstrative.

This does not mean that he has lost interest in you. On the contrary, it could very well mean that he feels so comfortable with you that he can come off the stage and take off his mask.

When you are together, He may become quieter. or perhaps he may wish to hang out with you without necessarily communicating. Also, you can get the feeling that he becomes distant.

This could be confusing and you could be worried. If you wonder where you are with him, you can ask him. If you ask him, you have to accept his answer at face value. A Leo man has a strong sense of honor and is offended if you don?t believe him.

7. He will want his freedomIf a Leo man falls in love, he can get restless. He?ll be worried about losing his freedom, and he could go through a phase of wanting more space and freedom. It is not uncommon for a Leo man to cancel a couple of times before finally settling down with someone.

However, this is only a phase and in many cases a sign that his feelings are deepening for you. A Leo man wants to be safe and he takes relationships very seriously. Physical attraction produces all these stressed feelings in him.

In this case, it is important that you keep up. If you make things too uncomfortable for him, you can lose him. Step back and give him the space he needs. If he really cares about you, he?ll come back. Once he does so, he will be ready to get involved with you and your relationship.

8. He will continue to see youAs explained above, there is likely to be a phase in your relationship with a Leo man when he begins to withdraw. You will know, among other things, that this is a sign of his growing interest if he keeps in touch with you and wants to see you.

If a Leo man has really lost interest in you, he will stop seeing you. He won?t call you or ask you. He?ll break up with you and be serious.

When he is going through a phase, he often calls you or sends you a text message, especially when you are not calling or texting him. He?ll still want to go out with you, and even though he tells you he wants more space, your relationship may not really change.

That is a very good sign. Basically, a Leo man wants security in his relationships. The longer he sees you, the more he?ll get used to you in his life. Once he?s used to you in his life, he?ll want you to be part of it forever.

9. He will show his unconventional sideIrrespective of his politics, he is commonly more conservative in his lifestyle. He normally doesn?t like to question social norms and conventions, and his social status is important to him.

However, a Leo man has a rebellious side that only comes out when he is in a relationship. he?ll start to show his nature If a Leo man is set on you,

He can suggest or say stuff that will give you a sock. He possibly has some unconventional marriage and family life ideas which he will tell you.

If this happens, don?t fret about his thoughts or ideas, even if you don?t share them. Step back and accept this as a sign that he is seriously interested in you. You can always negotiate what you want over time.

What forces a Leo to block ?nice women? soon after dating them? PLUS: how to make him see you as a ?relationship material? even if he has vowed to never buy into relationships?READ MORE

9 Signs a Leo Man Likes You

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