9 Fun Facts About Boxing

9 Fun Facts About Boxing

Boxing is a rough kind of sport but there are still a lot of people who are fond of it and dream to become professional boxers. The boxing match consists of rounds that last for three minutes. The total amount of rounds varies from 9 to 12. Fighters have a possibility to rest for only one minute between rounds. If you want to know more about this kind of sport, read the following fun and interesting facts about boxing.

9 fun facts about boxing

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Another name

The official name of boxing is not really boxing, it?s pugilism. Pugilism has the following meaning ? practice and skills of fighting with fists.

The appearance of boxing

Boxing was introduced for the first time in Ancient Greece and it was a part of the Olympic Games in 688 B. C.

The youngest boxer ever

Wilfred Benitez was able to win the title of the winner when he was only 17 years old and he is considered to be the youngest boxer in the history of this sport.

Muhammad Ali respected his fans

Muhammad Ali was a well-known boxer and he has never refused to give autographs to his fans. When he was a young boy, he asked for the autograph from Sugar Ray Robinson and he refused. It influenced him so much that Ali promised to give autographs to all his fans.

Kinds of boxing

Boxing is divided into two types ? the professional boxing and the amateur boxing.

Truth about boxing gloves

The main function of boxing gloves is not to protect sportsmen but to make their hits stronger and more dramatic. It is more dangerous to fight with gloves than without them.

Celebrities also love boxing

Liam Neeson, a famous actor, was an Irish amateur boxing champion.

God of boxing

The ancient god Apollo was believed to be the creator and guardian of boxing.

Death in the ring

It is unbelievable but Sugar Ray Robinson predicted that he would kill an opponent in the ring. His prediction came true in 1947 when he knocked out Doyle and he died after the fight.


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