8 My Little Pony Toys That Are Now Worth a Fortune | Gemr

8 My Little Pony Toys That Are Now Worth a Fortune | Gemr

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Having These Ponies Would Make Your Collection Adorable ? And Valuable

Collecting My Little Pony toys is an adorably rewarding experience. There are a lot of rare ponies to find, but there are some that top the charts. Inexperience pony hunters might assume the Sea Ponies are hard to find, or the pony friends. The truth isn?t so strangely shaped ? It?s pony shaped!

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Get ready everypony because we went to equestria and hunted down the eight ponies which would make your collection not only the most magical, but also the most valuable!

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Mimic the Twinkle Eye Unicorn Pony

The rarest pony that was sold in stores is well known to be Mimic the twinkle eye Unicorn. It?s not really known why, but Mimic had a really small production run. Because of the small run she has become one of the most sought after ponies around. If you want one expect to pay as much as $200 for one in good condition!

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Baby Sugar Cake Mail Order Pony

An adorable little happy birthday from My Little Pony! All the mail order ponies are rare and hard to find, this little cutie is just the first of many we?ll talk about. To get the mail order ponies you had to collect proofs of purchase off the backs of other ponies (horseshoes) and send them in with a set amount of money, then they would send your new pony to you. Baby Sugar Cake might be small but if you kept her in perfect condition she could get you as much as $250 (if you could bear to part with her)!

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Baby Gamertime Mail Order Pony

The second baby mail order pony and its another happy birthday from My Little Pony! It?s looking like a real party up in here! Pinkie Pie would approve. This little cutie is worth a bit more than her yellow counterpart. Gamertime sells for an impressive $275 in good condition.

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Mommy and Baby Mail Order Ponies

This is our only pony set on our list, but we couldn?t bear to part them. This mommy and baby set was another mail order pair. You got them together and they should stay that way (they are a family after all)! One of them is worth more than $100, but together? If you have them in good condition these ponies can sell for as much as $350!

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Sweet Scoops Charm

This little charm is the only non traditional pony on our list. It came with the mail order Sweet Scoops pony (don?t worry she made the list too). While many people kept the Pony, The charm was attached to a bracelet and often went missing over the years. Because of this, this tiny little charm sells for as much as $400!

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Greek Baby Moondancer

This variant of Baby Moondancer was made in the Greece and that makes it pretty special. She is incredibly rare and hard to find. This My Little Pony baby could make you as much as $500 if you had one in near mint condition. Good luck if you?re looking for one, they don?t show up for sale very often.

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Sweet Scoops Mail Order Pony

The mail order Sweet Scoops is one of the most sought after My Little Pony Toys in the world. She is pale purple with a bright pink mane and is exceedingly rare. If you were wise enough to send away for this sweet little pony you could be looking at a payday of $850 if you kept her in good condition! If you were to find her with the charm, there is no telling what the pair might sell for!

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Rapunzel the Mail Order Pony

This is the holy grail of US My Little Pony Toys. For some reason not many people sent away for her, making her very, very hard to find. This pink pony had an incredibly long mane in yellow and gold with streaks of pink tinsel. Getting one in the first place was hard enough, but keeping it in good condition since the 80?s was even harder. A Rapunzel in good condition can sell for as much as $900.

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Originally published at gemr.com on March 7, 2018.


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