7 TV Shows about Flipping Houses

7 TV Shows about Flipping Houses

Flipping is a very common practice in the real estate terrain that involves buying a property for the sole purpose of selling it for profit. If you find this fascinating or wish to know everything about flipping houses, the sensible thing for you to do is probably get trained at a reputable institution for realtors and real estate agents.

But that is probably not going to happen because here you are seeking TV shows about flipping houses. Well, since television shows have replaced training institutions as reliable sources of knowledge, here are 7 TV shows about flipping houses that should give you the gist on how the practice is successfully executed.

If you don?t find them helpful, you can always learn the way all professional realtors did.

  1. Flip or Flop

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This television show is about a pair of real estate agents based in Los Angeles who met at a real estate company. Tarek and Christina El Moussa decided to run a house flipping operation in the highly lucrative Southern California real estate market.

The challenges that the couple face are quite overwhelming, and at times, it seems that turning a profit is just impossible.

If you want a TV show about flipping houses that presents a realistic view of what the endeavor entails then Flip or Flop is definitely a must watch. Unfortunate circumstances that often hamper the pair?s chances of turning a profit include overestimation of a property?s worth and unknown damage to an already acquired property. A failed flipping endeavor leaves the couple with a flop and sets them back a substantial amount.

2. Masters of Flip

This is an entertaining television series about a couple who turn to the lucrative world of real estate after a failed attempt to launch their country music careers. Starring Dave Wilson and Kortney Wilson, the show follows the Canadian couple who move to Nashville, Tennessee initially to break into the country music industry but end up renovating old houses and flipping them for profits.

If you?re not too interested in the technical aspect of real estate particularly as it involves house flipping then you will definitely get into this TV show. Its backstory and numerous subplots ensure that each episode isn?t just a formulaic rehash of the same thing. Both casts are also quite good in executing their roles and their performance is one of the best parts of the series.

3. Flipping Vegas

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No, the show isn?t about selling Las Vegas; however, it is a reality TV series that has to do with flipping properties in the popular American city. It stars Scott Yancey and Amie Yancey, a couple that run the huge property brokerage, Goliath Inc.

The show is a perfect blend of real estate technicalities and engaging plots. Lots of the plots in the series do seem to be farfetched though. It is almost obvious that it is added to the house flipping concept to make the show a bit more interesting.

If you weed through all the added subversive plots, though, there is a reliable house flipping guide in the show.

4. Zombie House Flipping

What happens when a house you buy for the purpose of flipping is filled with herds of zombies? Do you kill them or lose all your investment? Well, that is exactly what this show is not about?. Lame.

Anyway, Zombie House Flipping follows a group of real estate agents who go after foreclosed homes, dilapidated and abandoned properties and renovate them just to sell them for profits. It stars renowned house flipper Justin Stamper and his crew of enthusiastic realtors. They dare to touch properties that are basically untouchable and do everything to boost their values.

If you want a house flipping show that is challenging, then this is the show for you.

5. Flip This House

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If you want a detailed TV show that is presented in an educative manner then?you?re not going to find that. Flip This House is, however, the closest you?ll get to a show that actively tries to teach you about flipping houses.

The show, which ran for 5 successful seasons, follows a different team of real estate experts in each season. Using a different team of casts for each season shows that the show?s sole purpose is to break down the practice of flipping houses instead of dwelling on conflicts between characters.

6. Flip That House

There is a business angle to flipping houses that a lot of the shows just don?t dwell on. Most shows just focus on the renovation aspects and the repairs that are needed to upgrade a property. This American television show, however, gives you a detailed analysis of property business particularly as it relates to house flipping.

Each episode of the show shines the light on a different person or group of realtors trying to flip a property. It is definitely an educative and informative show you should check out if you enjoy TV shows about flipping houses.

7. Flipping Out

Alright, so maybe you want to watch a television series on the subject of flipping houses with casts that are lovable. Well, you should definitely check out Flipping Out. It is about a designer who undertakes a flipping project that involves renovating purchased homes and selling them for profits.

It is a highly reputable show that has an Emmy win under its belt; then again, Suicide Squad did win an Oscar so who the heck knows.

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