7 Tips On How to Hit the Heavy Bag the Right Way

7 Tips On How to Hit the Heavy Bag the Right Way

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If you have just bought a heavy punching bag or just start hitting the bag, you should read these tips. You will learn what you should pay attention to when you have a heavy bag workout to get the best results from your training.

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1. Attention

One mistake that beginners usually do is that they do not focus on the bag or focus on it too rigidly. Do not focus on only on one point, but see the entire bag. Always watch the target, follow your blows with your eyes.

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2. Don?t Push the Bag, but Hit It!

Punch the bag and do not push it. Do not let the bag to swing. Your punch is going to be good if you focus on the center of the bag and not the surface. While you throw a punch imagine your arms are going through the bag. On top of that, if you push the bag your arms get tired faster.

3. Balance

When you punch the bag, keep your balance. Do not fall forward to the bag. Pay attention to the footwork while you train. If you pay attention to these, your punches will be much more powerful.

4. After Attacking, Move Away

Beginners usually forget the footwork. It is good for nothing if you just stand in front of the bag and punch it like a mad.

It is important to move away after an attack. When you finish a combination move away with your legs. For this, the balance is also necessary.

Why Boxing Footwork Is More Important Than Punches

Those who start boxing, or other martial arts, like to focus only on improving the punches, but they do not really care?


5. Stop at the Moment of the Punch

During the heavy bag training, we should move in every direction, but when we blow a punch, you should stand in a stable boxing stance.

6. Don?t Wait

Throw a few and easy punches even if you rest. If you have ever seen a boxer, they almost always hit the heavy bag. They have a rest for only 2?3 seconds, and they throw the next punch or combos.

Most of the beginners let themselves to rest for 8?10 seconds. If we think about a real fight, you do not have so much time to rest. As soon as, you stop throwing the punches, your opponent starts to attack.

So, keep hitting the bag. It is not necessary to punch it with full power all the time, though.

In the world of boxing, reaction time is everything. Without question, it plays a key role in effective offense and defense in the ring. Which is why the greatest boxers the sport has ever seen are also known to have incredible reaction time; never failing to fascinate fans around the world with their incredible counter-striking skills or their uncanny ability to evade swarms of punches.

8. Less Power, Better Breathing

The heavy bag training is similar to running; a lot depends on your breathing. There is no need to punch with a massive power instead pay attention to proper breathing.

The more powerful punches will come with practice since your technique will be better.

Control the bag, and it will move at your rhythm.


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