7 Terminal Commands That Will Just Make You Smile

7 Terminal Commands That Will Just Make You Smile

These tutorials don?t always have to be practical

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Shell command is a powerful tool for improving a developer?s productivity. There are also some really funny command tools that will make you smile after a long day of work.

You can play word games in terminals, create a beautiful ASCII picture, and more. Let?s have a look.

1. sl

This isn?t a typo. The command is indeed sl.

$ sudo apt-get install sl # Linux$ brew install sl # MacOs

If you run it, you will see a train coming from right to left. The result looks like this:

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2. fortune

$ sudo apt-get install fortune # Linux$ brew install fortune # MacOs

fortune will display quotes, funny predictions, jokes, or even poetry in the terminal.

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You can find more details on fortune?s webpage.

3. cowsay

$ sudo apt-get install cowsay # Linux$ brew install cowsay # MacOs$ cowsay hello

cowsay will display a cow with the words you input as arguments.

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It?s funnier to combine it with fortune through a pipeline:

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4. toilet

toilet can be used to make a beautiful ASCII picture with your inputs. All kinds of colors are available.

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5. oneko

oneko is my favorite command on this list. The program will show cats that chase your mouse cursor, as seen in this video. I couldn?t find a version for macOS.

$ sudo apt-get install oneko # LinuxLinux / Unix Desktop Fun App Oneko: Cat-and-mouse Chase

6. xeyes

This is an application that comes with a package of x11-apps. It?s not just for fun either. It?s also a useful utility if you have a big screen and a small cursor.

$ sudo apt-get install x11-apps # Linux$ xeyesImage for post

7. cmatrix

cmatrix shows flying text in the terminal, just like you can see in The Matrix! The source code is available on GitHub.

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Have fun and happy coding!


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