7 Reasons Why He Stopped Talking To You

7 Reasons Why He Stopped Talking To You

?It?s not me, it?s you.?

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You?re here because you want to find out why he stopped talking to you.

But first, tell me if this sounds familiar.

Your conversations are endless, he treats you right, and he seems like the guy you?ve been looking for all this time. You had a great time with him, and it looks like you hit it off.

You try calling or sending him a text, but he doesn?t answer. Not a big deal, right? Is he probably busy spending time with his mom? Maybe he?s volunteering at an older people?s home? Or perhaps he?s trying to figure out how to solve world hunger?

You notice that he hasn?t replied in minutes. Minutes turn into hours. Hours turn into days. And I don?t know what else to tell you if days turn into weeks and worst, months.

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I. He?s trying to make you want him more

Not the biggest surprise for most women because let?s face it, you guys do this to us too! Although it seems like a petty move on his part, try to understand why he?s doing it. You might not believe me, but this is a good thing. Why? The reason is that if he didn?t like you, he wouldn?t be trying to make you want him more.

You see, the truth is that in this day in age, we get tired so quickly. We?re smothered with work, school, and other obligations; the last thing we want is to feel suffocated by you. If you see that he?s taking longer to reply or is becoming distant, try to use that time to work on yourself.

Trying to force something to happen is just going to make things worst. Without saying anything, let him see what he?s going to be missing out on? Show him that you?re not the kind of girl that he can pick up whenever he wants. Now, let?s look at the 2nd Reason Why He Stopped Talking To You.

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II. Someone Else Has His attention

Don?t get it twisted, just because he talks to other people doesn?t always mean that someone else has his full attention. Sometimes we talk to someone else so that we wouldn?t get tired of you. Think that?s weird?

What?s even weirder is that sometimes we become more attracted to you by looking or talking to other females. I don?t understand why this phenomenon continues to exist, and it?s just the wiring of men. But on worst occasions, there might be another woman that interests and distract us. There may be obvious reasons why, but the most common reason we could trust is that this other person is ?different.?

Trust me, after all the times I?ve had my heartbroken, and I know that it hurts. It feels like apart of us ceases to exist. All of a sudden, life becomes this awful place that we couldn?t see when we were love drunk. Remember this; if he?s easily swayed because of the newness another person has to offer then, you dodged a bullet. Let her have him. You already know how that?s going to end anyway.

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III. Your lifestyles are opposite

The third reason why he stopped talking to you might seem unsettling, but more often than not, this can be a huge problem. You know that cliche quote about how, ?Opposites, attract?? Here?s a new one for you, ?Opposites, subtract!? I have a friend named Amanda (not her real name because of obvious reasons) who struggle with substance abuse disorder.

She?s been clean for nearly three years, but even at that time, she tells me how she?s still addicted. She met this guy, and things eventually started getting serious. After a few months, she discovered that he was heavily involved in abusing drugs and alcohol.

She liked the guy, but she knew that her sobriety was in jeopardy by being with him. I know this story might not relate to anything you?re going through, but it shows us that opposing lifestyles can affect a relationship. You shouldn?t ever have to compromise who you are and what you live for anyone. Most guys won?t admit that they think about the future but, if he truly doesn?t see you being a part of his, then that?s a big reason why he stopped talking to you.

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IV. He?s just not that into you

You might find out that the reason why he stopped talking to you is that he is just not that into you. This can be inconvenient when you?ve spent so much time getting to know this guy. Don?t be so hard on yourself, though. It doesn?t mean that he was never into you; sometimes, feelings change. Maybe something happened that turned him off.

I know that sounds extremely discouraging, but you don?t want to be with someone that?s that superficial anyway. There are numerous reasons why someone loses interest in you.

Think of it like that job that you tried so hard to get then after some time working for the company; you find out that it?s just not what you signed up for after all. You never know how delicious or awful something is until you taste it, right?

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V. You?re needy and insecure

You know you don?t like it when a guy is a needy or insecure well; we?re no different when it comes to gals. If he starts to become distant, try examining the way you?ve been with him.

Have you ever accused him of something?

Have you been comparing yourself to people from his past?

Do you always bother him when he?s just trying to have a night out with the guys?

If he doesn?t answer a text, do you follow up with a call?

There are certain red flags that not just guys but everyone looks for. When we get stuck dating a needy or insecure person, it?s almost as if we?ve adopted a child. We find ourselves having to prove that we love you, that we?re not cheating on you, that you?re way better than our ex, that we?re not hiding anything for you, and so much more.

It gets exhausting and is entirely unhealthy. If you?re needy and insecure, it?s obvious why he stopped talking to you. Don?t look at it as a complete loss because there is a lot you can learn from this experience.

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VI. He?s going through something that has nothing to do with you

This is probably the most overlooked reason why he stopped talking to you. He might be going through a crisis in his life. He might be suffering from anxiety, depression, or some other kind of illness. Don?t take it personally if he excludes you and decides to fight this battle on his own.

You see, we have this image that we have to show to the world every single day. We fight to hide every weakness we have because society says, ?Be a Man!? There are these constant phases we go through in life, and we lose people during these trials.

People say we?ve changed or lost our minds, but we?re merely just growing. If he?s going through something, be patient with him. All of us guys eventually realize that there are battles that we can only fight on our own.

These battles help us to become men. They build our character, so we become better boyfriends, husbands, and fathers. It might seem like he doesn?t need you now, but give it some time, he?ll come around.

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VII. You already gave him what he wanted

This is probably the most dreadful but common reason why he stopped talking to you. When a woman gives it up too fast, some men automatically label you as ?non-wifey-material.? At the moment of climax, guys have this unexplainable moment of clarity. It becomes hard for us to look at you the same. It?s as if all the love we were feeling for you was released as well. Some guys live for these one night stands, so you can?t be surprised if you never hear from him again. Men are visual creatures in nature.

We like what we see, and we especially wish for what we haven?t seen yet. When you give it up to him too fast, that element of surprise and wonder goes out the window. It?s essential to take time and build up to that moment. Remember, when we were younger, we looked at our relationships like a baseball game?

First base was kissing, second was touching, third was tasting, and you already know what fourth was! If it?s a one night stand and you?re okay with that then by all means, do you booboo.

If you want it to last, don?t give it up so fast.

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