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7 Inexpensive Ridge Wallet Alternatives — SmartWalletInfo

Like Elvis, the Ridge wallet has spawned many imitators. It is a beautiful example of minimalistic design, with outside dimensions that are no larger than a credit card. Tiny screws attach 2 exterior plates to inner plastic layers. Elastic bands, two of them, hold the plates together and grip up to 12 cards in a tight sandwich. That?s about as uncomplicated as it gets.

There is a thumb notch on the lower corner of one side so that your thumb or finger can push the cards partly out. Squeeze the side of the wallet on the notched side and the cards will flare out like an accordion. Then it?s just a matter of choosing the card you want.

Ridge titanium. Ridge wallet alternatives

The wallet ships with either a money clip or a money band that holds currency folded over twice. Use the clip or band for other incidentals, too, like store receipts, your valet stub, or that grocery list from your wife. The Ridge wallet is a model of functional simplicity and so small that its length is no wider than the palm of your hand.

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So why are people looking for a Ridge wallet alternative?

The reason folks are looking for an alternative to the Ridge wallet can be summed up in two words: sticker shock. The Ridge ranges in price from $75 for an aluminum body to $105 for titanium. The price jumps again to $115 for carbon fiber. That?s alot a dough for a wallet that is machine made with a minimal use of materials.

It?s ironic that the cost of the Ridge wallet puts more of a dent in your pocket than the physical wallet itself. To its credit, though, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Dozens of other wallet manufacturers have risen to the challenge of making their own ?knock-offs? at a fraction of the price. It?s not easy to determine whether the quality of Ridge imitators are up to snuff without reading the reviews of actual users. Mark Ward over at Walletopia did a side-by-side video teardown of the Pirna Propre wallet and the Ridge. After taking measurements and performing several tests, he found the quality and craftsmanship of the Pirna to be almost as high.

The wallets in this post aren?t necessarily clones of the original, but the designs are often very similar. I have only featured wallets in this post that a majority of a large sampling of owners report they are happy to own.Keep in mind that the Ridge wallet is a high-quality card holding wallet and the original of this design. It?s the grandaddy to which all of the other manufacturers aspire.

But if the price scares you off, take a look at these 7 inexpensive Ridge wallet alternatives.

Rossm Carbon Fiber Wallet

Rossm carbon fiber wallet. Ridge wallet alternatives.

The Rossm Carbon Fiber wallet may be missing a vowel in its name, but it comes complete with many of the same materials and features of the Ridge wallet. It only weighs 1.9 ounces (without cards) and the outside plates are made with 100% 3K carbon fiber. It ships with extra screws, a screwdriver, and a second inner elastic band in case the original breaks or stretches. Like the Ridge, the Rossm wallet is exactly the same size as the credit cards it holds. It?s only as big as it needs to be.

Pushing your cards out from the C-shaped thumb notch takes some getting used to. But once you repeat the process a few times, it gets easier. The cards don?t eject in a nice fan like the Ekster, Fidelo, or Lefada wallets. But those pop-up type wallets require a wallet that?s 20% larger than the Rossm. Owners like the build quality, the stylish design, and they appreciate the RFID scanning protection for their cards.

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Pirna Propre Wallet

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As I mentioned above, Walletopia found that the construction and materials used in the Pirna Propre to be similar in every way to the Ridge wallet. The credit card size leaves plenty of room for your phone in your front pocket without having to stack the two on top of each other. Unlike the Ridge, the Pirna only comes with a money clip, not a money strap. Another difference is that the Pirna has a one-year warranty compared to the Ridge?s lifetime warranty.

I bought the Pirna Propre for my son for Christmas and he loved it. The carbon fiber finish is beautiful and the elastic band that secures the carbon fiber plates grips the cards securely. He planned to use the money clip to secure the wallet to his front pocket so that it wouldn?t fall out. I suspect he?ll inevitably need it for holding cash, receipts, and the occasional business card. ?Will it protect my cards from RFID scanning?? he asked. Why yes, of course.

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Radix One Black Steel

Radix One Black Steel. Ridge wallet alternatives

The Radix One Back Steel may be the most basic minimalist wallet of all. It uses two black stainless steel plates to create a credit card sandwich. A silicon band holds the wallet together and doubles as a money band. To make it even simpler, there are no screws holding anything together. The wallet expands to hold up to 10 cards and the heavy gauge steel plates give them RFID protection. It?s another ounce heavier than most of the wallets in this post which gives it a more substantial feel.

The other design feature that separates it from the Ridge is the lack of a thumb notch. Instead, there are two wide slots, one on each side, that are opposite of each other. Because you push the cards out from the middle, the cards don?t flare out like the Ridge. Some owners say that they have to remove all of the cards, shuffle through to the one they want, and then reinsert them all. The silicon band holds the wallet together firmly even if you only carry 3 or 4 cards.

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Roco RFID blocking money clip

Roco RFID blocking money clip. Ridge wallet alternatives

Like the Radix, the Roco RFID blocking money clip is another sandwich design held together by a silicon band. However, the Roco uses aluminum plates rather than steel with similar wide thumb slots that are off centered on each side. The wallet will expand to hold up to 20 cards. Many owners love the minimalist footprint and design of the wallet, but complain that getting access to their cards is sort of a hassle.

The silicon band also functions as a cash strap, and Roco includes an extra if the original breaks or loses tension. Though the rigid aluminum plates provide RFID protection and keep your cards from bending, some owners say that the aluminum scratches their cards. The outside edges and corners of the aluminum are nicely beveled, which makes the wallet a more comfortable carry in your front pocket. At just under $15, the Roco is the least expensive wallet on the list.

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Lookiss Carbon Fiber Men?s Wallet

Lookis carbon fiber men?s wallet. Ridge wallet alternatives

The Lookiss Men?s wallet is basically a clone of the Ridge wallet. There are 14 tiny screws that bind the aluminum or stainless steel exterior plates to plastic plates that sandwich up to 12 cards. Like the Ridge and so many others of this design, the Lookis ships with a screwdriver and a package of replacement screws. Why? Because the screws can work loose and get lost. This is a minimalist credit holder wallet, so it ships with either a money clip or silicone band to hold spillovers like cash, receipts, or a Post-it note from your wife.

To access your cards, push them partly out from the thumb notch, then squeeze the side with the notch to flare them out. This isn?t a pop-up style ejector wallet like the Ekster Senate, so you?ll have to work a little harder to choose the card you want. The fastest way to access your most frequently used card is to place it in front of the stack. The Lookiss men?s wallet is available in 21 different colors and configurations.

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Kingsman Royal Carbon Fiber Wallet

Kingsman Royal carbon fiber wallet. Ridge wallet alternative

The Kingsman Royal Carbon Fiber wallet is yet another familiar knockoff of the Ridge wallet. The screw heads and carbon fiber finish are slightly different, and there is no Ridge logo. But otherwise, the untrained eye will see few differences. The carbon fiber has a super strong strength-to-weight ratio and feels good in your hand. Like all of the wallets of this design, getting your cards in out of the wallet takes some getting used to. But the payoff is a tiny minimalist wallet that you?ll hardly notice in your pocket.

The Kingsman Royale protects up to 12 cards from bending and RFID scanning. And it looks good while it?s doing it. The money clip is so strong that some owners have held 20 trifolded bills under it. If you don?t need the money clip, you can remove it with the screwdriver that?s included. If you?re upgrading your old funky bifold or trifold leather wallet, you?ll be pleased to find that the Kingsman Royale is about half its size. Best of all, you?re saving $90 over the price of the Ridge wallet.

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Aoraki Carbon Fiber Wallet

Aoraki carbon fiber wallet. Ridge wallet alternative.

The Aoraki Carbon Fiber wallet is a spittin? image of the Ridge wallet. It comes with an attached money clip, and as a very cool bonus, also includes an extra carbon fiber money clip that you can use separately. There is a lot of value here, especially when the purchase price is less than a third of the Ridge wallet. The interior aluminum plates are hand polished to prevent your cards from being scratched. The elastic straps that bind the two halves of the wallet together are replaceable if they ever wear out.

The shiny carbon fiber finish has a very cool mesmerizing pattern applied to it. Many owners say they get compliments about it from both cashiers and customers in the checkout line. A few people who have owned both the Ridge and the Aoraki say that the quality of the Ridge is marginally better. They also like the option of a money band, which the Aoraki doesn?t offer. All in all, though, this clone of the Ridge wallet will give you all the features you need (including RFID scanning protection) for a fraction of the price.

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