7 Best Black Characters on ‘The Office,’ Ranked

7 Best Black Characters on ‘The Office,’ Ranked

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7. Martin Nash

In ?The Convict,? this former white-collar crook (played by Wayne Wilderson) trolled Michael by convincing his co-workers that jail is better than working at Dunder Mifflin. (Although to be fair, some might prefer hard time to Kelly?s incessant chatter.) He only appears in two episodes, yet inspiring the character of Prison Mike solidifies his spot here.

6. Val Johnson

The Office shows a glimpse of Black love, as this warehouse foreman is clumsily courted by the ever-cool Darryl (Craig Robinson).

5. Lonny Collins

Ever wonder why most of the warehouse staff was Black? Lonny (played by the late, great Patrice O?Neal) subverted workplace dynamics in the limited screen time he got, routinely belittling Michael and actually shutting Kelly up for once.

4. Charles Miner

Although Idris Elba only hung around for a few episodes, the no-nonsense company VP played the perfect straight man to The Office?s silly starring cast. Scranton wasn?t quite ready for Stringer Bell.

3. Karen Filippelli

No disrespect to Pam, but Jim is a damn fool for dumping Quincy Jones? fine-and-funny daughter Rashida.

2. Darryl Philbin

The warehouse head honcho didn?t let his move on up to the office stop him from clowning Michael every chance he got.

1. Stanley Hudson

The original only Black guy in the office, Stanley is Squidward in human form ? a demeanor that endears him to at-home viewers similarly perplexed by the shenanigans that take place at Dunder Mifflin. His Eeyore-like monotone and resting apathy face are #unbotheredgoals. Just get that man his book of crossword puzzles and a freshly baked pretzel and leave him the hell alone.

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