60 Day Vegan Weight Loss Meal Plan: Overview- Support- Meals Day(s)1–30

60 Day Vegan Weight Loss Meal Plan: Overview- Support- Meals Day(s)1–30

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I appreciate you taking the time and giving me a shot at helping you achieve your weight loss goals. I started my journey in 2009 at 235 pounds. It took me 3 years to lose 85 pounds. I did it with diet and exercise- but really, everything changed when I chose to start eating a vegan diet.

I?ve tried many things over the years. I even let go of veganism- went back to pescatarian and gained half of those pounds back. I was able to lose them again by going vegan- then fell off and went back to vegetarian. Yep, you guessed it- gained weight again. So, I am vegan forever now- it?s what works for my mind and body- it?s where I grow and flourish- so, I am here to stay!

It?s definitely a lifestyle but let?s go slow. Let?s start with easy food. Let?s start with 60 days and from there, you decide how to move forward and actually- this is a great place to address this: there are only 30 days covered below. Let?s start easy, small and easy meal prep, easy transition- then, I will release meals 31?60 which will be a little more intense- but still easy.

I don?t want this to be one of those pieces that people talk about- ?OMG 37 paragraphs of story before the recipe!?

So- let me wrap this part up with a few insights:

  • I don?t know everything- just what worked for me, what continues to work for me, and what my advice did for the people I?ve guided. That said- I have a village of dopeness! There?s a diverse group of people that signed up to do this so- I wanted a diverse group of inspiration- you will meet them at the end of the piece ?!
  • A few of you are not vegan so- I want to have a flexitarian that you could reach out to for additional meal ideas in case you hate what I?ve come up with- keeping in mind that this is a totally vegan plan. Some of you have families so- I want to have someone that cook?s vegan food for a full house to inspire you. Some of you are on this journey for education on vitamins and minerals via plants so- I want to have someone with a specialty in this area to guide you. Some need workout inspo and tips so- I want to have someone very encouraging for you. Some may be considering procedures paired with a plant diet so- I want to have guidance in that area for you.
  • This is a totally vegan plan- no animal of any kind. Nothing that comes from animal- so- no eggs, dairy, butter, gelatin, no lactic acid, etc. If it came from a heartbeat- it doesn?t belong.
  • Many of these ideas are meant for meal prep: soups, certain salads, certain bakes, etc.- those pans will last for a few meals- taking prep and thought out of a few of your meals ?.
  • Portion control- we are all different and so, I cannot tell you how much will make you feel nourished and satisfied- but I trust that you know when you are doing the most. At the end of the day, you will get out of this what you put into this.
  • These are tips, from my experience- this plan isn?t a guarantee that it will work for you- but hopefully it will aid you and help you get to your goal.
  • If you have certain medical conditions and concerned about the plan- please discuss with your doctor.
  • No vegetable oil on this journey. Coconut oil and grapeseed oil only.
  • Regular or sugar free plant milk (these are the ones that are usually 60 calories per serving or less).
  • When you feel hungry- drink water first. Many times, we think its hunger but, many times it?s just our bodies asking for water.
  • Please drink water. It?s the first thing that should go in your belly.
  • The meals below are for your first 30 days- I will be adding more meal ideas going into days 31?60. But- if you find happy in what I have below and want to use these ideas in rotation for the full 60 days and beyond- please do!
  • You can always do what works best for you- meaning, you can use lunch ideas for dinner and vice versa- you can eat dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner- live within these means but design it in ways that make you happy.
  • Before you eat- ask yourself- ?am I really hungry?? Meaning- are you eating because you simply ?can eat? or are you eating because your body ?needs to eat??
  • I would appreciate you all sharing with me at the end of 30 days (Sept. 1) how many pounds and/or inches you have lost and then again at the end of the 60 days.

Meals! Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner/ Snacks- Day(s) 1?30


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Water first- the very first thing in your body every day is water. If you skip breakfast- or any meal- stop that immediately. If you wait until your body is fighting you for food- I promise, you?ll overdo it and your choices will be bad.

  • Coffee drinkers- this is cool. On this journey though- all that sugar is a no go. Use agave instead of sugar and cinnamon (or similar spice) to give it the additional flavor that creamer provides. A tiny bit of vanilla extract could be a win here!
  • Oatmeal with fresh fruit topping (the photo above shows this with blended fruit)- or granola with fresh fruit topping- or yogurt with fresh fruit topping. It?s not ok to use both oats and granola combined.
  • Whole avocado on toast- or whole avocado by itself- or whole avocado topped with tomato chunks- or heck, maybe you like the idea of oats and avocado ?.
  • Canned pumpkin over toast- or alone with a little cinnamon and nuts on top- or mixed in with cooked oats.
  • Potato, tofu, tomato bake with bell peppers, onions- basically any veggies you want. Literally chop it all up- add a little seasoning- bake in one dish combined and covered- and here you just created a dish that can feed you for a few days ?.
  • Flourless pancakes- the key here is oats in place of flour and a ripe banana in place of egg and sugar- still use your baking powder, vanilla and cinnamon- but of course- NO BUTTER- use coconut oil instead. You can use this same recipe to make muffins ?.
  • Smoothie! Using yogurt instead of milk. Sip it- make it a bowl- throw it over a little bit of cooked oats- heck throw an avocado into the blender with the fruit.
  • If you have a juicer- fresh fruit/ veggie juice works great too!


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  • Chickpea salad/ mashed chickpea. I love this because it?s delicious and very filling! It just takes a can of chickpea/garbanzo beans, drain and mash them, add a little Italian dressing and garlic powder, chop up some peppers and onions, and add a little relish. You can eat alone- with nut crackers, on a corn tortilla, over your lettuce/salad.
  • Cucumber salad; chop that baby up, use a little Italian dressing, add tomato, avocado, onions- basically your favorite raw veggies- heck raw fruit will work too.
  • Sauted mixed veggies- or maybe you want to eat them raw. Italian dressing will save you. It adds so much simple flavor to foods. If you?re not really a cook- Italian dressing will save you.
  • Tofurky slices with a side of fruit or veggies. Remember meat roll-ups as kids? Could just be my upbringing (lmao). Any who- a quick protein roll up with a responsible side will sure snatch your appetite away.
  • Soup and salad- make your own soup with veggie broth and water- this way, you control sodium. Add your fav veggies- you have soup. Pair with leafy salad.
  • Avocado topped with beans or beans topped with avocado. Beans save many days- they are also CHEAP. Canned beans are fine.
  • Beans and a side of fruit or veggies
  • More veggies than pasta salad. Load this baby with veggies- and here you have a dish for a few days. And of course- topping with Italian dressing is all you need.


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For reasons not remembered- I saved all of my calories for this meal. Maybe it?s why it took 3 years to lose, maybe not; but- I didn?t eat this meal after 6:30p.m. This was at the time my bedtime was somewhere around 11p.m. verses 8p.m. ? .

  • Raw fruits and veggies in between a cooked carb. Make it a sandwich, a wrap, topping for a bunch of lettuce, and/ or throw over a little cooked pasta. Maybe you want to swap the cooked carb and make a side of cooked veggies to go with the raw- that?s fine too.
  • Loaded mushroom caps. I don?t like raw mushrooms so; I always cook mine. I saut and/or bake. If you like them raw- it?s fine to eat that way. Add some other veggies like corn (well this is a starch- but works), chopped carrots, spinach, boiled potatoes- whatever your pleasure- on top of the cap. Go all out and make it a sandwich- using 2 caps as the ?bread?.
  • Veggie burger patty (and not something overly processed- more like a black bean/actual veggie burger) with a side of sweet potato (made however you love it- just not deep fried), and your favorite green veggie. You can turn this into a loaded potato.
  • Sauted/ boiled cabbage- with a fruit- like apple, pear, or maybe you prefer a veggie like peppers or squash. Cook the cabbage- eat the chosen sidekick raw- or flip it- cook the sidekick and eat the cabbage shredded and raw. You can even eat the whole cabbage head.
  • Sweet potato or white potato, black bean tacos with corn tortillas. Can sub the potato for mushroom (for those on this plan and on the road- reach out to me for more sub ideas- there is always a way ?).
  • Cashew base tostadas. Soak the cashews for a day or so. Drain, blend until hummus like, and season with taco seasoning and other pleasures (watch the salt). Use cashew blend as the base on the tostada shell. Load with other veggies. This is great for ppl on the road with access to blend.
  • Grits (ya?ll know I?m a southern girl), topped with a protein and a green veggie. Tip: chopped celery, onions, and peppers go really good with grits. Try it with avocado!


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Portions matter- snacks can turn into meals- don?t let that happen. Eat to satisfy and nourish, not to be stuffed and bloated.

  • Nuts
  • Fruit
  • Veggies
  • Trail mix
  • Flourless muffins (same recipe as the flourless pancakes above)
  • Dried fruit- like cranberries/cherries (works great for candy cravings)
  • Smoothie bowl and/or nice cream
  • Baked peaches/ apples/ pear- no crust- use pie concept for flavor- no sugar- use agave instead.
  • Granola
  • When you really really need it- there are a few vegan ice cream options with low cals. Same with chocolate- though a Spectrum, Decadent Blend- Cocoa, coconut, and chia shake is always a win!

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A Few Questions That You May Have

Why is this plan basic and nothing but fruit and veggies? Because- this is what your body needs. You also need to eat with purpose. All of these ideas are fruit and veggie at the core because those 2 are life- energy- water- vitamins- minerals. However, but you should be consuming sea moss for minerals? it has 92 of the 102 in the body.

Will I be hungry? Maybe for the first week, depending on your current diet. Your body needs a little time to adjust. If you are hungry- remember to evaluate your water intake- you may be thirsty and not hungry. If you are truly hungry- eat. Eat a fruit or a veggie. They are always safe. People have this whole idea that fruit is sugar and bad for you. Stop it. Unless you have a condition where fruit hurts you (and that is way beyond my knowledge), don?t be scared of eating fruit every time you are truly hungry.

Will this be expensive? I know! These groceries are high as heck! It shouldn?t break your pockets because it?s mostly produce. Make the selections that work best for your budget. The dollar tree has frozen fruit and veggies. Aldi?s is always a win. Food banks usually provide beans and canned veggies. Farmers markets are also pretty affordable with really good selections.

What if those around me don?t support me? Some have zero choice in their living circumstance. I recommend telling your household that you are going to be on a journey and that you need support. No tempting tactics- no ?oh you don?t need to do that?- tell them that love to you means support from them. It?s ok to set those boundaries. If you have choices- change up your social environment. Unsupportive people are dangerous and that?s why I have a support circle for you!

I really can?t cook/don?t have the time to cook; how will I do this? By trying, by being intentional, by picking you first, by planning, by loving yourself so much that how can/will you is no longer a thought. Reach out us- we have solutions.


Harts of Eden!

Image for postHarts of Eden

Meet your vitamin and mineral source! I?ve learned so much! Dom Hart is an alternative and holistic health coach/specialist that is an amazing source of knowledge for getting vitamins and minerals via fruits and vegetables. It all starts with what we feed ourselves. Food is medicine and so- I would definitely check her out for tips and inspiration on all thing?s vitamins and minerals! Here?s a little from Dom: ?Drink water! 32 oz before 9 am- you can do it! If the Earth relies on the rain for hydration, so do we! We rely on that same rain to fill the springs from which we receive ours. Receive the rain!?


Image for postPhoto by Lydia

Meet your flexitarian! Lydia eats a variety of diets and has success in full plant diets and weight loss. She will have healthy idea alternatives for those of you not vegan that may struggle a bit (still giving you vegan options- just a different take). She has lost over 100 pounds and says this: ?My weight loss journey started with a new mindset to set small goals. I realized that in order for me to be successful I had to do what it takes to get there. Small steps and changes: create a banging music playlist list that will make you want to move, tacos on taco Tuesday- swap sour cream for guacamole and instead of taco shells have a taco salad, they already stuff chips in your face at the table- just grab a couple and crush in salad, and place yourself in a healthy circle that supports your journey. This may hurt friendships and relationships in the process but sometimes separation is needed to attain the weight and healthy lifestyle you desire.?


Image for postPhoto by Lala

Meet your inspo and book of knowledge for assistance paired with a plant diet! Lala started her journey with a procedure and achieved success through a plant diet. She also does water detox challenges and has a great YouTube videos reporting the process and results. Here?s a little from Lala: ?Growing up I?ve always struggled with my weight but once I saw 293 on the scale, I knew enough was enough. About 2 years ago I decided to make a lifestyle change by eliminating animal products from my everyday routine. Within 2 weeks I was already feeling better and losing weight! My favorite motto is ?there?s nothing to it but to do it!? Often, we find ourselves scared to make such drastic dietary changes in our lives because we?ve become accustomed to the everyday lifestyle of a carnivore but, taking those small steps towards a healthy lifestyle is well worth the reward. JUST DO IT, there?s nothing to lose??but weight!?


Image for postPhoto by Anthony

Meet your source for positive affirmations and daily encouragement! It takes a village. We are what we eat, what we watch, and what we surround ourselves with. I wanted to have someone that will cheer you on and remind you of your ability. Here?s a little from Anthony: ?It took me a very long time to start losing weight, but the minute that I began to eat healthier- I started seeing results; and when I say healthier, I mean I cut meat and dairy out completely- plant based baby! I lost 25 pounds! The journey hasn?t been easy, but it?s been worth it and if I had to give anyone advice it would be that you have to change your mind set as well as your eating, be open to new things, and inform yourself. It?s all about the journey my beautiful people! Wish you guys the best in yours, wish me luck on mine! ??&?.?


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Meet your source for cooking vegan for a full house! This plan was created with the things that worked for me and others that I?ve helped. I don?t have children and so- I can?t really help you navigating a full house but, Bianca can! Here?s a little from Bianca: ?Eating a plant based diet has helped me to gain mental clarity, more energy and glowing skin. I lost over 70 lbs. I am fully vegan or plant based but my family is not. Usually I cook a vegan version of the meal that they are having for myself. My husband and three boys are mainly vegetarian throughout the week and I dedicate at least 2 fully vegan meals for the entire family. This helps to cut down on the time I spend in the kitchen and helps cut the grocery bill down.?

Now- let?s work! I wish you all the very best! We are all here so please reach out. It takes a village so, let?s be here for each other!


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