6 Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Collarbone Tattoo

6 Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Collarbone Tattoo

Are you planning to get a collarbone tattoo? We share with you the 6 essential things everybody should know before getting their collarbone tattoed.

Tattoos are more popular than ever before.

In fact, approximately 21% of all Americans have at least one.

Clearly, tattoos have hit the mainstream. No longer are they reserved for sailors, biker gangs, and skinheads. These days, every man and his dog seems to be tatted up to the rafters!

However, despite their prevalence, the decision to get one is still worth mulling over. After all, they?re meant to last a lifetime! It?s worth taking a moment to think a tattoo though.

Tattoo placement is a particularly important consideration. Factors like pain and visibility vary according to where the tat is on the body.

Of all the places to put it, the collarbone is one location to think carefully about.

Considering getting a collarbone tattoo?

Keep reading to discover 6 essential things to think about before getting it done.

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1. Visibility

Visibility is often a primary concern for people getting tattoos.

Now, if this isn?t your first rodeo it?s going to be less of an issue. Someone with masses of tattoos is unlikely to be bothered about hiding the latest addition!

However, other people might not want their tats on display at all times. After all, they often have personal significance. You don?t go around sharing your secrets with everyone. Hiding tattoos might serve a similar function. Heck, the tattoo itself might be secret!

It?s about choice. You get a tat somewhere that?s easy to hide it, and people won?t see it- unless you specifically decide to show it off. Likewise, rates of tattoo regret are unfortunately high! If you didn?t like the tat, or some horrible mistake was made in the process, it wouldn?t be on show to the world.

None of that?s possible with a collarbone tattoo.

Sure, you could wear turtlenecks every day. But, let?s face it, that wouldn?t be ideal. A tattoo here will be on show a lot. It?s a commitment. You?ll see it in the mirror every day. Everyone else will see it too.

Make sure you love the design before getting it done!

2. Attention

This one?s related:

What?s a symptom of that visibility?

Answer: attention.

Anything that?s on show on your body is going to be noticed by others. That may be the exact reason you want your collarbone tattoo! It?ll catch peoples? attention and draw their eye. Likewise, you can expect to have the same conversation over and over again about your cool collarbone tat!

If you feel uneasy being scrutinized, then this might be worth considering. Obviously, it?s your body. That means you?re well within your rights to do what you want with it.

Having a collarbone tattoo doesn?t give a passer-by license to look. But, in reality, whether you want them to or not, people are going to see it and comment on it. Make sure you?re okay with that.

3. Pain

Pain is another primary concern for most people getting their first tattoo.

Tattoos aren?t as painful as you might assume them to be. If they were, then not half as many people would get them.

That said, some locations on your body are definitely more painful than others.

A rule of thumb is that anything close to the bone will feel more uncomfortable. That means knees, ankles, ribcages, and, yep, you guessed it, collarbones will be more painful than others.

If you know you have a low pain threshold, then think twice about opting for a tattoo here. The worst thing that could happen is to get halfway through and have to stop. You?ll have a half-finished tattoo for everyone to see and comment on for the rest of your life!

No-one wants that.

4. Placement

Let?s say you?ve decided on a collarbone tat.

The next thing to think about is the exact placement of it. Many opt for tattoos on the bone, under the bone, or above it. On the bone is likely to feel most uncomfortable!

Likewise, you could extend the tattoo into other areas: the chest, shoulder, and neck could all come into play. The design will play a large part in what makes the most sense to you.

Try outlining the tattoo in pen onto the different parts. Take photos of each and assess which one looks best for you. Doing so will guarantee you?ll like the actual finished article.

5. Design

Tattoo placement and design go hand in hand.

It?s like the composition of artwork on canvas. The layout of the foreground plays a major role in the overall aesthetic. It?s important to use the space effectively to maximize the look of the tat.

Likewise with a collarbone tattoo. Consider the area of your body and think carefully about how to fit a design around it. Indeed, everyone?s body is different. For example, the bones in the collar area may protrude, or they may not. Here are some top tattoo ideas to spark some inspiration.

Of course, there?s no real limit to the designs available. It?s your body and your money! Do what you like. That said, common examples include wording and feather-shaped designs that follow the line of the bone.

6. Movement

Remember that your tattoo often moves with your body.

It depends on the design and exact placement of your collarbone tattoo. However, this may be something else to think about.

That?s especially true if the tat extends to the surrounding area. Your shoulders and neck are always moving. This would have an impact on the aesthetic of the tat. It would alter according to you your body position.

Think about how the tattoo might change with the moment of your upper body.

Time to Get Your Collarbone Tattoo

There you have it: 6 essential things to know before getting your collarbone tattoo.

Tattoos are immensely popular these days. But the decision is still one to take seriously. After all, you?re choosing to permanently mark your body. Rushing into a tattoo is rarely a good idea!

As we?ve seen, this is particularly true for collarbone tats. Hopefully, this post has provided some food for thought for anyone considering getting one.

Still set on your tat? Contact us today to book yourself in or pop by our Las Vegas Tattoo Shop for a consultation.


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