6 Housewarming Card Message Ideas

6 Housewarming Card Message Ideas

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In life, there are a few occasion that require serious celebrating: engagements, weddings, babies, and of course, a new home. Buying a house is a big deal. It?s holy-crap-next-level adulting.

Celebrate this big life moment by sending a housewarming card, which also doubles as a housewarming gift thanks to fun Punkpost add-on items. Because you should probably christen their new home with confetti. Just sayin?.

We?re even here to give you housewarming card message ideas because we know it can be hard to find just the right words to express how you really feel. Read our message ideas below, and then pick any Punkpost card to send your housewarming gift. It?s guaranteed to welcome them into their new home, sweet home.

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1. Keep It Simple

It?s ok to be straightforward. ?Congratulations on your new home!? is a perfectly acceptable way to say, well, congratulations on your new home. For your more formal friends and family, stick with that logic and keep it simple, straight-forward and sweet.

?Congrats on conquering your first home!?

?It has been a pleasure being your realtor and helping you get settled into your new home. Being a homeowner is a huge step. Congrats! I hope you will call me if I can be of any service to you or any of your friends. Enjoy the new bubble bath!?

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2. Get Personal

Think about your audience and play to that. Are your friends the raucous, party-throwing type? Let them know how excited you are to break in the new place with a great, memorable party. Help them solidify their place as awesome hosts of parties to remember!

?Congratulations on your new home! I know you are going to be so happy there and make the best memories. Can?t wait for a housewarming party. Love you!?

?Congratulations! I?m so excited for you and your new adventure as homeowner. You?re really killing it with the whole adulating thing. I know there?s still a bunch of paperwork and legal stuff, but let me plan your housewarming party!! xoxo?

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3. Lend a Hand ? or Some Money

For the friends who are buying a fixer-upper, let them know you?re around to lend a hand ? or at least bring the beer and pizza while watching them put up new light fixtures and paint the walls. Feeling generous? Send a Punkpost gift certificate they can use for those many trips to the hardware store.

?We are so excited for you and your sanctuary! Here?s a little housewarming gift for plants? or whatever will help you fulfill your nesting dreams. Congrats!?

?This should really say ?Happy New Kitchen,? but a new kitchen probably feels a lot like a new home. Congratulations on your remodel and continuing to make your little house a big home with tremendous love.?

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4. Invite Yourself Over

Plan to visit? Let them know! You can get them pumped about hosting you by talking about all the fun times ahead, like board games, movie nights and backyard barbecues.

?Congratulations on such a wonderful and beautiful milestone within your relationship and your lives. there are so many new laughs and amazing memories to be made in your new home. I look forward to watching your story continue to unfold. Congrats again, and I can?t wait to pop some champagne! P.S. I?ve already called my room? the one in the front.?

?Congratulations on your closing! I can?t wait to come crash the new digs for games night and family dinners. I?ve already got the Rummikub and wine ready to go! Welcome home.?

?Congrats on your new home. Please send the Wi-Fi password.?

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5. Congratulate Them on Adulting

It really is the pinnacle of being a grown-up. Mortgage, bills, freedom to walk around in your underwear. Be sure to let them know how excited you are about their freedom and adult-ish ways.

?Welcome to San Francisco! There is nothing quite like a new job and a new home in a new city. Congratulations on the new address. Wishing you all the very best in settling in and making it your own.?

?I?m so happy you made it to your new home! I?m so thankful we got to grow up together from our rebellious teens year, weird early 20s and now late 20s, pushing 30. We?re like actual adults now. (Yikes!) You?re my hardest goodbye, and I miss you like I?ve never missed anyone before. But this is so good for you, and I can?t wait to come visit.?

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6. Inject Humor

A new home is the perfect arena to use your comedy skills with some well wishes of everything we can wish out of adulthood.

?Happy new apartment! Wishing you good times, quiet neighbors and ample parking.?

?Congrats on the new apartment! Wishing you all the best jaywalking in your new neighborhood.?

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Send a Housewarming Card Today

If you know someone who just moved into a new home or apartment, now is the perfect time to say congrats and celebrate this milestone with them. Don?t forget that Punkpost also has add-on items, such as confetti, photos and gift certificates. These extras are great housewarming gifts, and your friends and family will appreciate the thought! Head to the Punkpost app or website to start sending your Punkpost housewarming card today.

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