6 Different Types of Patio Covers to Know

6 Different Types of Patio Covers to Know

Patios and Decks are great outdoor spaces, allowing you to enjoy the natural landscape of your home, while also maintain a sense of enclosure or closed space. For many homes and homeowners, the patio is an essential part of the home and it should be completely integrated in the design and architecture. Some homeowners build patios as part of an extension of the home, while others believe in a standalone outdoor space.

So, are you looking for a roof to cover the outdoor space like deck or patio? Or are you thinking about getting a patio built in your new home? But, before you call out your patio cover company, it is important to gather all the information about types of patio covers and available materials.

Here are six different types of patio covers, varying in colors and styles to get you started.

Materials of Patio Roofs

1- Wooden Patio Covers

If you want to invest in simple and elegant patio covers, then the wooden covers make up the top choice. Wood is around for centuries as a construction material and is known for its natural colors and patterns. Wooden patios are still popular around the world. If your home or the roof is built from wood, then it is the best to invest in wooden patio covers as they will blend in the design.

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However, the wood requires regular maintenance, treatment for weather-resistance, and polishing.

2- Aluminum Patio Covers

In the metal covers, aluminum is the most commonly used material for its durability, lightweight, and flexibility in design. Aluminum patio covers are low-maintenance and are durable for a long period. Along with this, there are various options in designs, styles, and colors. You can apply any type of faux finish on the aluminum covers to adopt a style and look of your choice.

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Aluminum has high water and weather resistance which means it can withstand harsh weather, rain, and dampness without any significant wear and tear.

3- Acrylic Patio Covers

Acrylic or vinyl patio covers are also available in variety of finishes and colors. These covers are made up of plastic material and can also withstand harsh weather conditions. These covers are low-maintenance, easy to clean, and resistant to damage. However, if you do not apply polish or paint, vinyl can discolor under high exposure to UV radiations.

If you are looking for a patio cover to shade your driveway to protect car from the scorching heat, acrylic patio covers can be a good way to reduce your vehicle insurance. If your car is safely parked under a shade, it can help in reducing car insurance premium. So, you can get reduced premium without hassle.

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Style of Patio Covers

1- Solid Patio Cover

If you are looking for a covered patio for winters or live in an area with heavy rain and snowfall, then the solid patio cover is the safest choice. It will completely cover the deck or patio and protect you from weather.

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2- Latticed Covers

These are the partial covers for your patio and come in different sizes and shapes. In this, different lattices are combined together to form a pattern which is appealing and elegant.

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3- Pergolas

The third type of the style in patio covers is the pergolas. Made up of wooden or metallic beams that extend from the supporting walls or column. As the light falls, pergolas create an intimate environment with interesting shade.


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