50 facts about the INTJs! (from an INTJ)

50 facts about the INTJs! (from an INTJ)

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?You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.? ? Harlan Ellison

Also known as ?The Mastermind? or ?The Architect?, the INTJ personality is one of the most rarest type in the population (and in the MBTI), but, why is that? Well, to be honest, it is for their remarkable personality (full of contrasts).

The INTJs wants to understand how things works, looking to the future instead of dwelling on the past, perfectionists by nature, holding themselves and others to high standards, but behind that emotionless face, there is a special mind.

Now, 50 facts of an INTJ that just an INTJ can say ?how accurate!?

  1. Among world population, it is said that INTJs represents only the 2%, and the women, represents just the 1% (almost 75,000,000 in the world).
  2. Famous INTJs; Scientists: Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Stephen Hawking; Philosophers: G.W.F. Hegel, Jean-Paul Sartre, Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Luther; Writters: Ayn Rand, Lewis Carroll, Isaac Asimov, C. S. Lewis; Entrepreneurs: Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg; Politicians and economists: Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, John Adams, Alan Greenspan, Dwight Eisenhower; Militars: Augustus Caesar, Sun Tzu; Musicians: Ludwig van Beetwhoven, Varg Vikernes, Rogen Waters; Actors & pop-culture: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jodie Foster, Julia Stiles, James Cameron, Ashely Olsen; Fictional characters: like Sherlock Holmes, Walter White, Bruce Wayne, Hannibal Lecter and maybe Dr. Gregory House.
  3. Popular hobbies for the INTJ: reading, cultural events, taking classes, appreciating art, computers and video games, and independent sports such as swimming, backpacking, or running marathons, and to do lists (like this).
  4. About political party affiliation, a survey made in America founded that: 19% of INTJs were Democrat, 40% Republican, and? 41% yes, exactly, Independent.
  5. They are self-confident and are considered the most independent type.
  6. From all the MBTI Types, INTJs were the second most argumentative (just after ENTJs).
  7. About entrepreneurship, INTJs and INTPs seem to be more successful in High-Tech firms.
  8. According to a New Zealand database of MBTI records, scientists tended to be INTJ or INTP type.
  9. The average time that an INTJ will plan out their life, is of 33 years!.
  10. The INTJ are the most loyal customers. A study tracked how long the people of each type had maintained a business relationship with an automobile dealership, it was founded that the INTJ in average about ?customer organization relationship? was of 18.0 years (the average customer relationship of other types lasts only 5.7 years).
  11. A 1997 study of 1,925 working MBA (Master?s of Business Administration) students found that INTJs were the type second most attracted to the MBA (ENTJs were the first).
  12. It is common to know that INTJs is hardworking, meticulous, stubborn and strict about principles ? thus they ?naturally? meet a number of the official DSM symptoms for OCPD (Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder) by default.
  13. About spiritual beliefs, it was founded that INTJ male and female atheists where the second MBTI types with 14.4% and 11.7% respectively (just after ISTJ with 41.4% and 40.8% for male and female). Furthermore, many of the INTJ believes in a ?superior power force?, not called ?God? necessarily.
  14. An online poll about Myers Briggs + Zodiac Sign Combo, at July-28?2017, from 803 persons shows that the most common Zodiac Sign is Scorpio (12%), followed by Virgo and Cancer (11% and 10% respectively). The less common, is Aries, Pisces and Taurus (5%, 6% and 7% respectively).
  15. Among types, INTJs shows least likely to suffer heart disease and cardiac problems.
  16. INTJ doesn?t shy away from complex problems, but emotions and unpredictable behaviors can make them nervous.
  17. Excellent career choices for an INTJ (with small teams): Budget Analyst, Insurance underwriter, Tax examiner, Actuary, Architect, Biomedical, health and safety, Biochemist, Editor, Photographer, Optometrist, Network administrator, Police detector, Software developer and nuclear engineer, meanwhile they should probably avoid: receptionist, telemarketer, teacher?s aide, production worker, dental hygienist, medical assistant, social worker and home health aide (yes, those rutinary works).
  18. In crowds or small groups, INTJs tend to mesh the best with idealists and other rational personality groups.
  19. Many expressions of the INTJ are misinterpreted because many situations are taken from a neutral perspective, creating a ?neutral face? that is typically seen as a scornful look.
  20. It is very known that the INTJs prefers to ignore and avoid the social niceness of small talk and pointless conversation (even if we know that it is necessary for the trust construction from both sides).
  21. INTJs always have a plan (or two) (an a plan for the plan if the plan fails!).
  22. Just behind ENTJ, ESTJ and ESFJ, INTJ is one of the most ?money makers? personalities of the MBTI types.
  23. Personal values include Achievement, Home and Family (because you know, small groups and quiet places).
  24. INTJs thinks critically and clearly, and often have an idea about how to do something more efficiently!
  25. INTJs embody a host of contradictions, but wisely an INTJ knows how to council the paradoxes.
  26. Good points for INTJs: excellent planner, maintains composure under pressure, excellent problem solver, organized, quick, imaginative and strategic mind, independent and decisive, hard-working and determined, persistent and thorough, reliable and consistent, open-minded, loyal and honest, forward thinking, creative, self reliant and responsible, industrious and trustworthy.
  27. and the Bad points: Overly analytical, Highly judgmental, taking criticism, intolerant, narcissism and arrogance, lack of empathy, emotionally disconnected, cynicism, depression.
  28. The better that an INTJ can give to you, is their time: the most valuable, worthy and with no return thing that we have. INTJ prefer quality, not quantity. That?s why INTJs are selective in their relationships.
  29. Their personal Achilles heel: the relationships (particularly, the romantic ones). This does not mean that they do not feel, just that they do not express it like everyone.
  30. The INTJs are built like arthropods, and have an exoskeleton, but they are a lot more sensitive than you realize. Why do they do that? For their own protection, of course. From what? from intense emotions from the others.
  31. The INTJ driver is the Perspectives: it is the way that they can to make inner mental process to find and give form to patterns (and solutions).
  32. For what an INTJ will be grateful with you: keep things clean, be concise, don?t harass or disturb his free-alone time, play to their interests and hobbies, kill all stupidities you have (or hide them? even if we know that we?ll find them anyways), keep things somewhat logical and orderly, trust them when you can, be honest and please, do not lie (they can smell it from kilometers), make acts of service, do something good (and help them to believe in humanity again), and understand that sometimes INTJs tend to respond to conflict with logical and reason, rather than the desired emotional need.
  33. INTJ can be fiercely loyal: once you have their attention, you will have it forever (until you mess it). INTJ wants you to succeed, INTJ will educate himself on you, helping you to achieve your goals and trying to understand you! but please understand that we need our alone time! This is not about you, this is about us (for real).
  34. The best way that an INTJ can show you love, it is spending time with people, taking care of the ones we love, making sure the home is comfortable, enjoyable and with a positive affect on the psyche. The INTJ knows what you like, what you love and what makes you feel bad, so, if you do not like them, it is because they do not want it (believe me).
  35. What really, really means that INTJs likes you, is that you are in their future plans, tries to improve your environment and chooses time with you over his alone time. I?ll say it again, they chooses time with you over his alone time.
  36. What a better gift for an INTJ that something that they want, and how could you know it? Easily: ask them! (or if you do not want to, books, money or tech-machines to improve their time, productivity and efficiency is always welcome!).
  37. INTJ share only Triumphs: They tend to not share journeys, projects or paths when it are not complete. Do not take it personal if they do not talk to you about his projects in the early stages, it is normal.
  38. To an INTJ, everything has sense, and if it does not have it, is because we have not find it yet. Easily.
  39. INTJ are a confident and original thinker: They believe strongly in themselves, always looking for novel ways of looking at life. In general, extremely capable and intelligent individual who strives to always do their best and continue to move in a positive direction. INTJs are considered one of the most intelligent types from MBTI (what kind of intelligence? logical, mathematical and sometimes intrapersonal).
  40. Our most deadly weapons: indifference, silence and? absence. INTJ wont scream at you, they will ignore you (and you will doubt of your own existence!).
  41. INTJs rarely get mad or get into chaos and drama, but when they do, THEY DO! INTJs knows that everything is in the mind, and if they lose their control, they can lose everything that they have done (with chaotic and collateral damages).
  42. INTJ understands that the growth means to get out of the comfort zone, so? if they do something complex or weird from them, or for you, it is because they really, REALLY want to improve (or appreciate you if they make something unusual from them). They do love challenges, complexity, and if they like you, they will try to ?solve you?.
  43. What INTJs hate? (it is a large list): mistakes (from theirselves), small talk, repeating same thing over and over again, feeling guilty for procrastinating, having overly high standards for yourself, working without clear goal, people who force others to accept their views and opinions, family gatherings, illogical presumptions, overly emotional people, alone time interruptions, when people are chronically late, incompetent authority, being touched by strangers, receiving phone calls and talking on the phone in general, when friends nag for attention, unnecessary rules, when people ask for an opinion and get offended by it, conflicts instead of logical arguing, unoptimized systems, the lack of more people with INTJ personality in your surroundings, invasions of privacy, random people, social awkward situations, crowded places, inconsistency, irrationality, surprises, when people interrupt your speech and arrogance from others (yes, we can have it!).
  44. INTJ wont share with you easily what there is in his mind at the first time. They need time to know that you are capable and suitable of and for understand what they are thinking, and do not being misunderstood by what do you feel and for what do you believe. You need to pass many mental, logical, psychological, emotional and intelligence tests that, of course, we do over the time.
  45. Yes, INTJs test people without they know about it. If an INTJ considers you as a friend or it is near to you, CONGRATULATIONS! You passed the tests.
  46. What a INTJ Men look for in Women? Intelligence, independence, open-mind, emotionally stable, individuality, loyalty, humor, encouraging, quirky and attractive (yeah, we know how the brain works). And what about INTJ Women look for in Men? A confident, flawed, loyal, trusting and independence. Money, success, status? What a shame, we can get it by ourselves.
  47. People constantly assuming that INTJs are shy when really they just aren?t interested in wasting mental energy conversing about 90% of the topics that are brought up over the course of a day.
  48. INTJs loves when people is directly, and express exactly what they think, want or need. We are humans, not clairvoyant!
  49. INTJs just ?know? things.
  50. Stimulate the mind of an INTJ, and believe me, you will got them.

Do you think there are other signs of facts more representative for an INTJ? Share them with us? and make an INTJ understands him better!


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