5 Types of Media

5 Types of Media

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Media is the biggest source nowadays and it gives information to the public at large. There are a lot of sources in which media playing a vital role. We can watch all the latest bulletin on it. It is considered as the fourth pillar of state after legislature, executive, and judiciary.

Five Types of Media Broadcasting Print Media Movies Internet Games

1) Broadcasting: The main sources of the broadcast are television and radio. We can watch all types of events which are happening on earth. Usually, people are interested to watch the news regarding spiritual, politics, sports and so on. Radio is also the source of broadcasting we can hear all kinds of news on it and also enjoy the music on it through changing the channels.

2) Print Media: Print Media is also an important source of information. It includes Newspapers, Magazines, and books, etc. We can update with the latest news via that print media platforms.

3) Movies: It is one of the oldest platforms of media and people went to the theaters to watch it but know people can watch movies at home via safelight and cable in HD resolution.

4) Internet: The Internet is one of the newest sources of media. The majority of the users prefer the internet to watch news quickly. It is more fast and capable in compare to any other source of media. Internet changes the world and connects the people also deliver the users to keep in touch with the latest inventions and news. The Internet also gives you a chance to express your ideas all over the globe.

5) Games: It is only grown in youth with high dimensions and more graphics. Games are the form of electronic media devices. Now games are also available on mobile phones and people are easily accessible to them.

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