5 Resume Design Principles To CreateThe Perfect Resume

5 Resume Design Principles To CreateThe Perfect Resume

Job hunting is a difficult task for more than most people. You could be a genius in your field of work and still have difficulty getting your dream job. What most people fail to understand is that to get a job, knowledge and experiences aren?t the only important things. There are many more factors atplay and Resume is one of them.

A perfect resume and a bit of confidence as well as knowledge is enough to land you your dream job. If you have the skills and the expertise but still facing trouble getting a job it is time to take a careful look at your resume.When creating a resume people pay close attention to the content and overlook its design. However, resume format is just as important as its content and it may be just the thing to catch the employer?s eye in an interview.Here are 5 resume design principles which will help you create the perfect resume.

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1. Catchy yet professional font

Keep the font of your resume unique and eye-catching. The font you choose reflects your personality and gives the interviewer a clear idea of who you are.

A unique font will help your resume stand out from the rest. However, make sure the font you choose isn?t too fancy and comical. Keep it simple yet different and make your resume shine.

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2. It should be visually pleasing

Over cramming information in a resume is very suffocating and a huge downer. Your resume should be a visual treat for the eyes.

Do not hesitate from adding blank spaces, graphics, charts or even images and color. It will only make your resume more attractive.

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3. Resume Format is important

It is important to follow a particular format which is acceptable in the industry. Selecting the correct resume template is a very necessary task.

You can download resume formats which are widely used in the industry.

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4. Keep it brief

The key to an impactful resume is to keep information brief. This allows interviews to skim through your resume easily and take in all the information in a single go.

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5. Proofreading is a necessary evil

You might want to wrap up your resume writing quickly and believe that you have the perfect resume format, template and content. However, once you proofread only then will you realize the mistakes you have made, be it grammatical, spelling or adding unnecessary information.

Take your time in proofreading as ?precaution is better than cure?.

Employers try to find a needle in a hay stack in job interviews. You can be that needle if only you have an unparalleled resume not just in terms of content but design as well.

Follow these principles and create a flawless resume which can get you the job of your dreams!

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