5 Legit Vendors to Buy Adrafinil From (So Long Amazon!)

5 Legit Vendors to Buy Adrafinil From (So Long Amazon!)

A quick review of 5 reliable vendors of adrafinil and a couple of natural alternatives to consider.

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Most people reach for a cup of coffee to get a nice boost of mental energy that keeps them going for hours. Less sophisticated people, like all-night gamers, may opt for a zesty energy drink to go with a few slices of pizza and whatnot!

And then there are the so-called biohackers who like to experiment with more exotic brain-boosting supplements and drugs, aka nootropics, for the purpose of non-medical cognitive enhancement.

Adrafinil is a nootropic compound that is touted as an over-the-counter cognitive enhancer. This isn?t a product you?d typically find on the shelves of your local Walmart, CVS, or even Amazon, which begs the question: Which stores sell authentic, high-quality adrafinil supplements?

I have been examining online vendors of nootropics for a few years now, and I?ve seen several new ones pop up every now and then, while others disappear overnight! Only a few of them stood the test of time and maintained a good reputation for several years.

Oh, and in case you?re wondering why you can?t find any Adrafinil sellers on Amazon, it?s because they have banned the sale of most synthetic nootropic supplements a while ago, which forced sellers to either stop offering these products completely or continue selling them through their own website.

The following is my short review of five of the best places where you can safely buy adrafinil in capsule or powder form.

1. Nootropics Depot

There is a reason you see their name pop up on almost every page that discusses nootropics vendors. ND is one of the most established and highly regarded companies in this niche offering the largest selection of both natural and synthetic nootropics you?ll find online. After most stores having lately jacked up adrafinil?s price or even discontinued it, ND continues to offer great quality and service at a reasonable price.

Tip: If you subscribe to the free Nootropics Depot newsletter via this link, you will receive a coupon code to your email that offers a 10% discount (valid for one order only).

2. HR Supplements (Hard Rhino)

A long-time supplier of bulk nutritional supplements with a good reputation for their products? quality and neat packaging. They carry both adrafinil powder and capsules with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) available on their website. HR Supplements used to go by the name Hard Rhino. They are better known for their bulk sports supplements, and they also carry several synthetic nootropics that are worth checking out.

3. Pure Nootropics

This is a small business run by a few people who appreciate their customers and provide outstanding service. They test each batch of raw materials for purity in a third-party lab, but their adrafinil stock has constantly been running low/out lately.

4. Nootropics.com

This company sources their raw materials from the same supplier used by Nootropics Depot. Both sell quality products, but nootropics.com have been known to have stricter quality control. Their prices are premium though, so price-conscious shoppers may want to check out the more affordable vendors mentioned above!

5. Health Naturals

This is the online branch of a Brunswick County-based health food store called Live Oak Nutrition. They may be a lesser-known brand among the online community, but they offer many fine quality products that are worth giving a try. They only ship to the U.S. and Canada.

Recent Regulations and Price Hikes

You may have noticed that most vendors have recently jacked up the price of adrafinil, and some even decided to discontinue selling it. What happened is that there have been some regulatory changes in manufacturing countries (China and India), which put restrictions on the production of many synthetic drugs, including adrafinil and other nootropics.

All U.S. and European suppliers source the raw powder from Chinese and Indian manufacturers, and due to recent regulations, supply has dramatically dropped, which naturally led to increases in price.

With increasing production cost, operational risks and tighter regulations, it is probably only a matter of time until most reliable companies stop selling this product, and some already have. It is a good idea to start looking for natural, long-term alternatives, which is what we?re going to talk about next.

A More Natural Alternative

Not everyone may be comfortable with consuming a synthetic chemical substance, especially one that has not been thoroughly studied for efficacy and safety with very little information about its long-term adverse effects on the brain and body.

Add to that the fact that adrafinil needs to be metabolized in the liver, which could stress out this vital organ and possibly lead to liver damage in the long run.

If you are looking for a supplement you can safely take on a regular basis, then adrafinil doesn?t quite fit the bill. On the other hand, most natural supplements usually have a very weak or even no effect at all. But there is one that sure does work effectively, and that?s caffeine.

You are not likely to find any other natural stimulant supplement that is more powerful than caffeine. In fact, caffeine is the world?s most commonly used psychoactive drug.

However, the biggest drawback of caffeine is the unpleasant jitters and other side effects that come with it. But there is a simple solution that many people have found helpful, and that is to combine caffeine with l-theanine.

L-theanine is an amino acid that is naturally found in green tea and other plants. It is what gives green tea its relaxing and soothing effects. It reduces stress and promotes relaxation without causing sleepiness.

L-theanine works synergistically with caffeine, i.e. it enhances its benefits while reducing the unwanted side effects. This has become a very popular nootropic combo that is used to boost energy, focus and alertness. There is also some scientific evidence to support this.

I strongly suggest that you try caffeine with l-theanine before you try any other riskier compound that may not be more effective or reliable in terms of consistency of effects.

I?d recommend caffeine + l-theanine capsules by Nootropics Depot, which come in two formulations:

  • 100mg Caffeine + 200mg L-Theanine: This has a moderate stimulant effect with a more relaxing effect.
  • 200mg Caffeine + 100mg L-Theanine: This has an extra kick of energy.

Alternative #2: Energy Caps by LiftMode

This is an energy-boosting formula that contains some of the most potent natural stimulant compounds in addition to caffeine. It gives you a nice mild boost in the morning or before workout. Here are the active ingredients:

  • Barley malt extract: Barley malt extract contains the alkaloid hordenine, which studies suggest can promote alertness, arousal and vigilance by acting as an inhibitor of noradrenaline uptake. [ref.]
  • Phenylethylamine HCl: Phenylethylamine (PEA) is a natural alkaloid that functions as a central nervous system stimulant. It is often used to improve mood, attention and performance, however, there isn?t sufficient clinical evidence to support these claims.
  • Rhodiola Rosea extract: Rhodiola rosea is an adaptogenic herb that has many uses in traditional medicine. It can be used to reduce stress [ref.], improve mental performance [ref.], enhance memory function [ref.], and combat anxiety. [ref.]
  • Caffeine: Everyone is familiar with caffeine and what it does! It?s one of nature?s most powerful stimulant substances.
  • Yohimbine HCl: Yohimbine is a stimulant compound found in the bark of the yohimbe tree. It is commonly used as an aphrodisiac and athletic performance enhancer. Many people also use it to help them lose weight, although there is no conclusive scientific evidence to back up these suggested benefits.
  • Piper nigrum extract (piperine): Piperine is a natural compound found in black pepper (piper nigrum). It is often added to different dietary supplements as a bioavailability enhancer. Several studies show it improves the absorption rate of other herbal and natural compounds when combined together.
  • Vitamin C: This essential vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that supports many functions in the human body. It is important for an overall healthy body, and among its numerous benefits, it may help fight cognitive impairment, especially in the elderly. [ref.][ref.]

You can learn more about Energy Caps at LiftMode.

Many believe in the efficacy of natural/herbal remedies over man-made drugs in the long run. While herbs and natural substances may not be as fast-acting as synthetic drugs, they do not mess up the chemical balance in your brain/body as drugs often do.


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