4 Most Popular Eye Tracking Softwares in the Market

4 Most Popular Eye Tracking Softwares in the Market

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The eye-tracking industry is the next big thriving industry, with the promising results it can bring about in ascertaining the behavior of an individual is exemplary. Today many market research companies are using this technology to provide insights to their clients.

With the growing demand of the tech, there is an increase in the number of companies entering this domain with new solutions. In this blog, I will be mentioning the 4 most popular software present in the market for eye tracking solutions.

The Process of Eye Tracking

Why do we need the software for eye tracking? Well, the answer to this question is to analyze the video that we get from the glass recording hardware. To dive deep into the perception behaviour of the shopper and key points to focus on the companies regarding their product.

Usually, the process followed is, for any study participants are made to wear the glasses and then they are told to do the gaze any product, roam around the mall or just gaze thorough any website, to record their pupil movement through the infrared sensors on the glasses. Once the recording is done, it is then exported through the software. This is where this eye-tracking software comes into play.

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Most Popular Eye Tracking Software

1. Tobii Pro Lab

Tobii is the world leader in eye-tracking hardware and software. The company has state-of-the-art technology when it comes to eye tracking. It deals with some of the esteemed clients around the world. The software provides a one-stop solution for the analysis of videos, suitable for glass recording, screen-based tracker as well as VR headsets with integrated eye-tracking.

However, the limitation being that it will be compatible with the Tobii hardware i.e. videos made through the Tobii eye-tracking devices. The tool is comprehensive and offers a plethora of functions to the user to dive deep into the analytics of eye-tracking.

2. SMI BeGaze

Until 2017 SMI was the second to the Tobii in the market share before getting acquired by Apple. However, they are still providing the support to their software SMI Begaze, but there is uncertainty as to the time period of the usage of the software as after a certain point of time the support will come to an end.

The software provides the analysis platform to the users of SMI hardware, working pretty much as the Tobii pro lab. Users of SMI Begaze have to look for an alternative to the tool in the coming future given the skepticism over the continuity of support from SMI.

3. iMotions

iMotions develops and provides bio metric platforms, neuromarketing, psychology, VR, and engineering solutions to its clients. The company is working in the eye-tracking segment for the past 15 years and is coming up with some new cutting edge technology to revolutionise the industry. iMotions is famous for aggregating data from different channels together (like GSR, EEG, etc.)

4. SmartGaze

Amidst the various eye-tracking software, lies one tool that offers one-stop solutions to all the eye tracking needs. Smartgaze is an AI-enabled automated eye-tracking coding tool. It is compatible with a maximum of the eye-tracking hardware in the market be it Tobii, SMI, Pupil Labs. It provides seamless integration with all.

SmartGaze uses state-of-the-art AI technology to code wearable?s Eye-Tracking videos automatically without compromising on accuracy. It enables the users to get the desired results on the analytics of the study/human behavior. Smartgaze allows you to save an 85% reduction in turnaround time of the study, therefore bringing down the cost by 40% and increasing the efficiency by 60%.

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Today, eye tracking is an evolving industry and as more demand is created, new developments are taking place. The industry leaders are coming up with new technologies to study human behaviour and their correlation with the real-world environment. With the tech giants increasing their curiosity in the field the future of eye tracking is promising.

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