4 Major Switchblade OTF Types that You Should Know

4 Major Switchblade OTF Types that You Should Know

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There is no doubt about how efficient and feature-some a switchblade OTF is. A switchblade OTF knife is known by several names- push button, automatic, springer, flick and ejector knife. This type of knife has a sliding blade in the handle that can open using the spring mechanism. Switchblades have been used even in the past centuries, precisely from the mid-18th century and so switchblades can be said to have a historical significance. The switchblade mechanism was first used in folding spike bayonet (automatic) that was mainly used on coach guns and flintlock guns. It was first invented and created by the craftsmen of Europe.

In the journey from the past mid-18th century to the present 21st century, switchblades have undergone an enormous transformation. There is a change in the mechanism, features and designs, all depending on the utility purpose of the user. The two most important features flaunted by a switchblade are:

  • The blade is contained inside the handle
  • The blade will come out of the handle once the user presses the button or switch on the handle.

Let us look at the various types of switchblades for in-depth knowledge:

  1. Side-opening knives (folding)- As the name suggests, the blade of this switchblade ejects from the side of the handle. It has similarity with regular folding knives, in which also the blade comes out from one side.
  2. OTF (Out-of-the-Front) switchblades- This is different from the previous one because this type of knife ejects from the tip of the handle. The blade doesn?t come out from the side like the side opening knives. Also, the blade is sharp on both sides. So if you don?t know how to use this knife in the proper way, you have the risk of injuring yourself!
  3. Single action OTF- If you are looking for an affordable OTF choice, single action OTF knife is the best option. This type of knife is composed of lesser parts and hence the price gap. Moreover, you can take out the blade but it won?t go in with the press of any button- you will have to manually press the blade inside the knife. One more plus point of this knife type is that it comes with a stronger spring set than the double action OTFs.
  4. Double action OTF- Knife users consider this knife type as the most convenient one since it is easy to open and close. With just the push of a button, you are able to take the blade out and again with a push of the button, the blade obediently goes inside. These knives are easy and safe to carry as they don?t have the chance of opening out accidentally. Double action OTFs are better than the single action ones because the former comes with more features and enhanced quality rather than the latter. Double action OTFs are also considered as easily-daily-carried (EDC) item as it can be carried without getting identified.

Conclusion- Switchblade OTFs are on its way of becoming popular among the users for its great variety, features, designs and affordability. Contacting a reliable knife dealer would help you to own one of these prized treasures.


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