34C Is the Size for Me

34C Is the Size for Me

Why having Big Breasts Sucks?

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Ahh, the conflict of all time what?s better big breasts or little breasts. Some argue more than a hand full is a waste; others say the bigger, the better, the fuller the sweater. Don?t get me wrong, I feel whatever size you are or are comfortable with is great, and if someone doesn?t like it, then poo on them.

I believe women come in all shapes and sizes, and they are beautiful. However, I?ve been a 34C to a 42DDD, and personally, I prefer smaller than larger, here?s why.

My Neck & Back Hurts

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Some articles state that being overweight or having larger breasts can cause neck and back pain. I admit when my ta-ta?s are on the larger scale, I notice upper back pain, and my posture suffers from it. It?s hard enough having more massive breasts, so when you are trying to walk around with proper posture, it looks like your displaying your girls like an Oscar Award.

I noticed a considerable difference in back and neck pain when I had smaller breasts. My trapezoids weren?t as knotted up, so to speak, and I felt lighter.

Bathing Suit Shopping Struggle

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Even when I was a 34C, this was a struggle. Because to find the right size up top, I had to mismatch the bottom. When I was bigger, I opted for a tankini and still had to get a larger size to have the coverage and support I felt comfortable with.

One-piece swimsuits are even a struggle with larger breasts. It would fit my body, but I would spill out the top more than I cared too. I know there are sizes available you can order, but to me, it?s a real drag not being able to buy right off the rack.

Exercising is Harder

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Not that I enjoy running, but feeling like I?m going to get a black eye or two every time I sprint to the mailbox is frustrating. I?m not even going to pretend I can do jumping jacks. Jump Up, and Boobs fall down; in my case anyway.

This goes for most aerobic workout dancing, Zumba, running, etc. It feels awkward when your body feels like it?s fighting you back.

Bra Shopping?s a Bummer

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Good Luck finding a cute bra past a 36D Bra Size, I?ve tried. To have an attractive, lacey bra, you have to give up support and coverage. When my bras are doing the heavy lifting, a spaghetti strap bra isn?t going to cut it ? minimizers to the rescue for this mission.

Sports bras are even a more mystical item in my experience.

The heavy hitters can?t be contained with a weak elastic line. I need something that can hold these puppies while doing all those ?Fun? workouts I mentioned earlier.

The Tent Effect

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Ask any girl or woman that has bigger breasts about finding a flattering shirt or blouse without the inevitable ?Tent Effect.? The Tent Effect is when your shirt hangs from your boobs and makes you look bigger than you are.

This happens with dresses as well. If it isn?t cut closer to the body, it looks like a moo-moo. So much for free-flowing dresses with no waistline. Finding flattering tops that are comfortable is a real chore.

So Long Strapless

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I had ordered a custom wedding dress, but the design was strapless. I didn?t feel comfortable with this style, so my aunt was sweet enough to sew straps on and made it gorgeous.

However, if you were an attendee at my wedding, you would witness my strap bust off in a dance-off to Funky Town with my sister-in-law.

What did I do? Laughed hard, had her remove the other strap, and tried to dance a bit slower paced the rest of the night. Strapless has not been a friendly choice of style for me.

Premature Sagging

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Ugh, this is the worst. When your boobs look at the floor like a sad puppy, it?s one thing to age gracefully, but at 35, I am very self-conscious about this. If you start before it?s too late, you might luck out and have resilient skin that will shrink with your weight loss if you chose to do so.

I use to be a powerlifter and have to admit it did perk up my gals a bit from the lifting. I found this article about breast-firming exercises that I will be starting THIS WEEK!

Feel Good About You

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I want to reiterate what I said in my intro-we come in all shapes and sizes and what is important is what is right for you! This is my personal opinion on my struggle and by no means no disrespect to my well-endowed gal pals! However, I will be working towards not having as much of me around and working towards my 34C size.






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