33 Vlog Ideas for Beginners

33 Vlog Ideas for Beginners

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If you are thinking of making a vlogging channel the only thing keeping you away from actually taking the plunge might be vlogging ideas. When you look at the channels of successful vloggers, you might feel overwhelmed with the creativity and the consistency of the videos. Uploading a video every single week or day can be daunting but more than that, coming up with a video idea can be a factor why you have been pushing the idea away.

You need at least 10?15 video ideas before starting the channel. You don?t want to dive into the vlogging world unprepared and end up not having enough content to put. Remember, consistency is the key. Once you commit to your viewers, you have to deliver, there is no other way.

Now, you might be wondering what sort of videos you should make? Don?t worry, I have got you sorted. This article will help you in deciding your niche and also in planning out the initial videos for your channel.

Vlog Ideas

1. Daily Vlogs

Daily vlogs are the most popular kind of vlogs in the market these days. You take your viewers along with you in your day. Daily vlogs are also like daily diary entries

A Day in my Life: These kinds of videos are really interesting. Make one where you share your day from the moment you wake up till you go to bed.

Morning/Night Routine: Share your morning or night routines with your viewers.

Bucket list: Share what is in your bucket list.

What I Eat in A Day: Share what you eat throughout the day.

Clean with Me: Share the cleaning process with your viewers, while giving them tips if you have some up your sleeve.

2. Travel Vlogs

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Travel vlogging is also a very entertaining niche. If you are a travel fanatic, just bring a camera the next time you take a trip somewhere. People love to see the world. Everyone has ?traveling the world? in their bucket lists. Monetary or personal problems can make people not achieve this goal. People tend to watch travel videos because through someone else?s lens they are able to watch the world.

Explore: Show the famous sights. Explore along with your audience.

Facts: Tell some interesting facts you have come to know about the location.

Personal Opinion: Share some personal likes and dislikes. First-time travelers also watch other people?s videos to get a general idea of the location. Make sure to tell the best and worst bits of your travel

What did you learn: If you have learned something tell that to your viewers.

What?s in my bag: Share with your viewers what do you keep in your bag while traveling.

3. Informative Vlogs

If there is something you can?t stop talking about, making informative vlogs could be your thing. Be specific about your niche. Maybe you are really good at crafts or you edit photos in a specific way and people love it.

DIYs: Make some DIYs and share those with the viewers. Everyone is searching the internet for DIYs these days, take them along with you when you sit down to make a new craft.

How to edit: If you are really good at editing videos or photos then tell the audience how you edit your videos or photos.

4. Tech Vlogs

If you are tech-savvy or if you have an inclination towards gadgets, this could be your niche. In this fast-paced world where new technology is being made pretty much every single day, people do need help in working out how to work an electronic device.

How-to Videos: Make how-to videos. They are the videos where you share a solution to a problem. How to use the best tags in a video? How to earn money from home? How to earn social media followers?

Setup Videos: Make videos where you show how to set up something for example, how to set up a laptop, a new phone, etc.

5. Motivational Vlogs

Are you the type of person who can motivate other people easily? Well, making a motivational vlogging channel won?t be a bad idea for you.

Daily Motivation: Share daily motivation so that your viewers come back every day to feel good.

Mindfulness: Teach your audience how to be present at the moment.

How to feel motivated?: A lot of people struggle with this. Teaching how to feel motivated is a great idea for a vlog.

6. Educational Vlogs

If you are really good at say Maths, then you can make your viewers? life easier by sharing your knowledge. School and college students are always searching for YouTube videos.

Subjects: Teach school subjects. Kids or parents are always in search of easier explanations.

Vocal Coach: Do you have a knowledge of music and how voices work. Be a vocal coach and teach your audience.

Language Teacher: Do you have a great command on English, Spanish, French or any other language. Make videos on that because people are always looking for ways to learn new languages.

7. Challenges

Challenges have been popular on YouTube since its inception. The good old Cinnamon Challenge, Chubby Bunny Challenge and how many crackers you can eat in a minute have been pretty popular. One more challenge that took YouTube by storm was the Ice Bucket Challenge. And the old rule of thumb is ? you can never go wrong with Challenge videos.

8. Music Vlogs

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Music is the common ground for everyone. If you have a flair for singing, make a Music channel.

Share: Share your music with your viewers.

Journey of a Song: Share how you write the song, what motivates you, how you record the song, how you hire people.

Behind the Scenes: A lot of people are curious to know how things work in a recording studio, or how music videos are shot. Sharing these things will help you gain a lot of public attention.

Pointers: Show how you scope out locations for your music videos. What things do you keep in mind while searching for a location, what kind of vibes do you want?

9. Opinion Vlogs

Let?s be real, we all have got opinions about one thing or another. We all want someone to listen to our opinions. Making an opinion-oriented vlogging channel is a great idea. Here are some ideas you could use:

Current Affairs: Share your take on the current affairs.

Trending topics: A lot of things keep trending in one way or another. Use those topics to share your opinions on.

New Releases: Share your opinions on the release of something new. What you think about the release of a new makeup product/ new app/ something electronic, etc.

10. Reviews

If you are the one-stop for people who want to know how something was, then reviewing things could be a thing for you. Some video ideas could be:

Movie Reviews: Everyone loves watching movies, right? But, when it comes to deciding a movie for a movie night, no one wants to watch a movie they don?t know anything about. Make a detailed movie review by telling what you liked, disliked and what could have been better.

Book Reviews: Same goes with book reviews. People are always in search of knowing the perspective of other people. How did they take the books ending or theme? So, if you are into reading books, review them!

Food Reviews: The Kalen Allen or OMKalen, does that ring any bells to you? Well, he is a fine example of how you can review foods and have a fun time. Just hop on that train and have fun with your viewers.

Gadget Reviews: Who doesn?t search the reviews before buying a new phone or laptop. If you think you have got it in you and you know the ?know-how? of gadgets, then startup.

Theater Reviews: Are you a theater lover? Review the plays you see and engage with your viewers.

These are some of the ideas that will help you start your vlogging career. Remember, it?s never too late. Just start the channel and don?t forget to have fun.

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