3 Sites that are better than Groupon.

3 Sites that are better than Groupon.

I love Groupon but I want more. 3 sites that have even more deals.

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Looking for alternatives to Groupon? Just want to see more websites like Groupon?

Groupon started in 2008, and was one of the first (or at least one of the first successful) daily deal sites out there.

They promised huge deals to savvy local shoppers, and floods of traffic to local businesses. But, like most things that are too good to be true, that?s not exactly how things panned out.

Between claims of false advertising, artificially inflated savings, scams, and other Groupon horror stories floating around out there, it?s perfectly acceptable to want to branch out a bit to see what other coupon sites are out there.

In Groupon?s defense, things have gotten better. Can Groupon be great? You bet. Can Groupon be frustrating at times? Absolutely.

So if you?re wondering what other coupon sites are out there that are worth your time, you?re in luck.

We?ve got 3 of the best coupon sites on the web today that you can start using as an alternative to Groupon.


Dealspotr is the number one alternative to Groupon when it comes to finding coupons ? and for good reason.

Dealspotr is the largest and most accurate coupon code database on the web. Dealspotr has more unique coupon codes than Groupon, and Dealspotr?s coupon codes are more accurate.

Other coupon sites show large overlap in coupons because they source their coupons from the same old data sources. Dealspotr, on the other hand, is crowdsourced and has thousands of deal contributors, so they have working codes you won?t find on other coupon sites.

Dealspotr?s community is its driving force, which means their number one goal is to make sure you ? the community ? get an accurate and comprehensive selection of coupon codes.

That?s why other consumer-centric companies like Facebook and Wikipedia have thrived, and that?s why Dealspotr is such a valuable source for deals and coupons.

Here?s some data from a study comparing the top coupon sites:

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As you can see, Dealspotr has more valid coupon codes than any of the major coupon sites in the study.

To use Dealspotr, just go to Dealspotr.com and start by either typing in the name of a brand you?re interested in, or clicking ?Interests? or ?Brands? in the top navigation.

If you just want to see the best deals out there, you can hover over ?Deals? and click ?On Fire Deals? or ?Hot Deals?. Those sections will show you the best deals as voted on by the Dealspotr community.

Another great feature of Dealspotr is the ability to subscribe via email to brands and interests. This allows you to get email notifications when new deals are posted under one of the interests or brands you?ve subscribed to.

To try Dealspotr for free, click here.


When you?re looking for sites like Groupon, you can?t go without mentioning RetailMeNot.

RetailMeNot started in 2006, and has since proven to be a worthy competitor to Groupon and other couponing websites like Coupons.com.

As you can see from the data below, RetailMeNot comes in close second to Dealspotr when it comes to average number of unique working discount codes per store among Groupon alternatives.

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RetailMeNot is similar to Dealspotr in that you can search for brands, but they don?t have a way to search for brands by category. For example, when you browse by category on RetailMeNot you get a list of deals from all brands. You won?t be able to get a ?bird?s eye view? of all of the brands within that category, and the average % off brand in that category offers.

You?ll also probably notice RetailMeNot is not quite as easy to navigate as some of the other coupon sites, but you can browse by category, check out free shipping deals, and see gift card deals.

If you scroll down on their homepage, they also have recommended deals and top deals, but it?s not as comprehensive as Dealspotr?s Hot Deals and On Fire Deals.

Finally, perhaps one of the coolest features RetailMeNot offers is what they call their Deal Squad.

The Deal Squad is just that: individuals who will help you find the best deal on a particular item online. You just go to the Deal Squad page and paste the link to the product you want to save on. You should then get an email from a real person (at least it looks like a real person) letting you know they?re scouring the web to try to find the best deal on your item.

After a while, someone will get back to you letting you know they either found a better deal or that you found the best deal out there. I think it took maybe a day before someone got back to me when I tried it out.

It?s a pretty cool service, and one worth trying at least once, even if it?s not practical to do every time you shop online.


Coupons.com started way back in 1998, and offers digital and printable coupons, among other promotions.

Think of Coupons.com as sort of the Sunday paper of the digital age (my words, not theirs).

They offer primarily manufacturer coupons that can be ?clipped? and then printed. They also offer promo codes, cashback offers, and loyalty coupons.

Coupons.com is useful for finding manufacturer coupons, and as you can see from the data below, Coupons.com falls just above Groupon but still below Dealspotr and RetailMeNot when it comes to comparing average number of valid discount codes per store among major coupon websites.

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In my opinion, one of the main benefits Coupons.com offers is the ability to quickly clip coupons and then print them all out at once. No clipping or binders necessary (unless you?re a pro couponer, then you might still need a binder).

So there you have it, 3 alternatives to Groupon you can use to find discounts and save money. Try Dealspotr for free today and join the site with the largest and most accurate database of coupon codes.


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