3 Cool Easy Painting Ideas That Will Inspire You

3 Cool Easy Painting Ideas That Will Inspire You

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If you are new to painting or just looking for inspiration, there are fun projects for you to try. The world is full of creative people. This does not mean that you are expected to be your best creative self 100% percent of the time.

Everyone needs inspiration from time to time. This is why it can be beneficial to draw inspiration from others. Kickstart your creativity by seeing what easy painting ideas that other artists are trying.

Some days, inspiration can just strike us. Other days, we need a little nudge in the right direction. Rather than merely painting circles and waiting for your next big idea, we have compiled some fun alternatives.

These easy painting ideas can help get you going even on days when you are not feeling creatively full. You can try new skills or just do something fun. As long as you leave inspired, it was a great choice.

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Painting trees is an easy painting idea that has been a staple among painters.

1. Growing Your Talent By Painting Trees

Over the ages, artists have always loved trees. A strange phenomenon occurs where artists across all eras just love to paint them. For a new painter, this might seem like a frightening challenge. For an old painter, this might seem boring. However, the options that are available when it comes to painting trees are endless. There is always something new to try.

A Popular Painting Tree Exercise

A popular tree painting option includes the painting of trees without leaves. This trend has been popular across various forms of painting for ages. You can see a wide collection of these paintings here if you are looking for some new inspiration.

The techniques involved in this kind of painting focuses on the reaching of the branches. It can be a fun challenge for warming up. It is one of many easy painting ideas that are always something to behold.

This easy painting idea is great for someone looking to warm up. For someone who enjoys watercolor painting, trees are an excellent way to get started. Something about the way that watercolors move is a great match for trees. You can find an amazing comprehensive guide to creating these masterpieces here.

They even cover the way to paint multiple kinds of trees. This is a great way to practice building skills, and the final project is always beautiful. You can experiment with colors here for added fun.

If the first two seem a little below your skill level or you want a challenge, try real trees. Painting real trees is a great way to test your skills and work on blending colors. You can find a wonderful guide here that will help you achieve this.

Painting realistic trees is a great skill to have that will make for better paintings over time. This is also an incredibly therapeutic process that can help strengthen your skills. You might be surprised by what you end up creating.

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You can paint a wide variety of patterns from geometric patterns to floral patterns that will help you warm up your skills.

2. Steady Your Hand By Painting Patterns

If you are looking for easy painting ideas where you can get paint on paper without much thought, patterns are what you need. Painting patterns is a great way to steady your painting skills without necessarily forcing you to do anything crazy.

This can be helpful for warming up by allowing you to get your hands and wrists moving. It is also something simple that can have some very cool results in the end. Patterns are a great and simple way to add to any design scheme to your home.

A Methodical Process to Getting Fancy Results

If you want a methodical process with a surprisingly fancy-looking result, pixel painting is an easy painting idea. This process, which is outlined very well here involves painting a pixelated color scheme using similar hues.

For something that sounds like it should exist in Minecraft, the end pictures are captivating. This is a repetitive process that will ultimately lead you to have a very cool painting for your wall. As a bonus, you can use any photo for inspiration.

If you are looking for something a little more basic, painting lines can have surprisingly great results. All you need to do is select your colors and then decide what order you want them in. You can spend your time striping an entire canvas, and in the end, you will have a quaint painting.

This can be done either using tape or rulers to keep the lines smooth. Or, for added flavor, you can do it by hand. This is a great warm-up that will help you get in the creative mindset.

Though it?s not technically like painting a pattern traditionally, splatter paint is great fun. This process involves taking a blank canvas and flinging paint at it.

It is an incredibly therapeutic process that can help you get inspired. Since this process is off the rails, you can let your creativity fly. For a bonus, you can make cool signs like these.

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Tracing is another idea to help you steady your hands, as a result, improve your paintings.

3. Tracing To Get Across The Finish Line

For some painters, the problem is that they love painting but aren?t the best at drawing. While painting and drawing rate arguably different, both can matter here. If you want to paint your favorite superhero, it can be hard if you aren?t great at recreating.

However, you have other tools on hand to help you through this. To practice steadying your hand, consider using tracing for paintings. These easy painting ideas will give you an entirely new skillset.

A Common Misbelief

A common misbelief that people share is that you have to be able to paint everything by hand. This simply is not true. Various tracing options allow you to get the image you want done in the style of your hand.

This allows you to get the best of both worlds so that you can attain your dream image. Using various tracing techniques, you can have amazing results.

When it comes to easy painting ideas, tracing is an invaluable tool for getting good results. You can find a complete guide here to help you with the process. This gives you the ability to practice with images that you know and love. It?s an excellent way to get your inspiration going.

Word art is a great thing to use tracing. While you might not have perfect calligraphy, someone somewhere does. This means that you can use remade letters or blocks to trace onto your paintings.

This is a great way to make professional-looking images with consistent lettering. The results can be perfect for adding a bit of flair to any room. Here you can find a full guide on how to do this.

You can make any kind of painting by using tracing techniques. It allows you to get what you want and make it your own at the same time. If you are worried about it, you might be surprised to learn that painters have done this for ages.

Tracing is an excellent tool when it comes to practicing and can help you perfect skills. It is also a great way to warm up and let your creative well fill.

If you got value from these and are interested in knowing more, check out these 5 Simple and Easy Painting Ideas That Will Inspire You.


Every once in a while we all must rely on others for inspiration. Fortunately, painting is a much-loved hobby and there is no lack of it in the world. If you are looking to take your painting experience and expand it, these options will help get you started.

You might be looking for something easy or challenging, and there is always something for both. These fun projects can help get paint on the canvas when you are feeling stuck. Don?t hesitate to branch and make these processes your own.

Sometimes, true inspiration lies in changing what exists. If at any point in doing this, you get an idea, chase it. There is no shame in following your passions, even if it means you have to finish these later. Just find what you are looking for and go for it! These easy painting ideas are merely meant to get you painting, and the rest is up to you!

Is there anything you paint to get the creative juices flowing?


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