25 Creative Restaurant Name Ideas

25 Creative Restaurant Name Ideas

25 Creative Restaurant Names That Really Stand Out | LimeTray’s Restaurant Management & Marketing?

If you aspire to open up a restaurant, we are sure you’ve spent a lot of time pondering over what you would like to?


If you aspire to open up a restaurant, we are sure you?ve spent a lot of time pondering over what you would like to name it. After all, a creative restaurant name goes a long way in attracting customers. A name that is fun, out of the blue and easy to remember, makes the probability of a customer visiting your restaurant much higher! Moreover, customers are likely to discuss an unconventional restaurant name among themselves, thus spreading the word all over town.

So, you need to put in a lot of thought into naming your restaurant. There are different ways you could go about it:

  • You could derive the name from the cuisine you plan to serve.
  • You have the option to pick a name based on the dcor or ambiance of your restaurant.
  • It could simply be a name based on a pun or a rhyme, that is funny and catches the eye.
  • If you plan to introduce an all-new concept that is fresh and different, you can incorporate that into the name as well.

Naming a restaurant is an extremely crucial step when it comes to getting your business up and running. But if you do it right, it makes subsequent processes much easier!

Here are 25 innovative examples for restaurant names that you can get inspired by.

1. Muggle Corner

Everyone loves a good pop culture reference. The Harry Potter fanbase is one that is huge and spans across all ages. A place named ?Muggle Corner?? is bound to attract people who are fond of this iconic set of books and movies. It also offers a ton of options when it comes to dcor. There could be Butterbeer on the menu, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff emblems on the walls, the Goblet of Fire on display- the possibilities are endless! The guys below wouldn?t approve though.

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2. Falafel Fix

Falafel is one of those few things that almost everyone seems to like. It is the perfect healthy solution to a serious food craving! So, a place that offers options for falafel, hummus, and shawarma is an excellent business idea. Moreover, the name ?Falafel Fix? uses alliteration and is fun to say, thus making it easy to keep in mind.

3. Ramen Station

Over the last couple of years, people have become more and more open to trying new, exotic food. A restaurant for Japanese ramen or Korean ramyun would be the perfect place for a fun, spicy meal. You could offer traditional options on the menu along with dishes which have a desi twist too! With all the Korean pop music fans out there today, this endeavor is sure to work well with the youth.

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4. Puzzles

Think of a bar, caf or restaurant themed around games. Whether it?s Jenga, Uno, board games, Pictionary or even complicated puzzles, anyone who comes here is bound to have a fun-filled evening. Imagine a group of people having good food and drinks, making merry with the plethora of games offered to them! The name, of course, does complete justice to the concept.

5. Amritsari Masala

Punjabi food is just the kind of indulgence we all need every now and then. A name like this one conveys the rich spices involved in preparing scrumptious Punjabi cuisine that could make anyone?s mouth water. You could design it like a traditional Dhaba and offer typical Punjabi dishes on the menu, from all kinds of paranthas to lassi and butter chicken!

6. Pupsicle

A humorous twist on the word ?popsicle?, this could be a great name for a dog caf. Picture a number of adorable puppies and dogs in your go-to outlet for ice cream- the perfect place for all dog lovers to be at! You don?t have to worry about company with the presence of these lovely animals around and as a bonus, you get good ice cream too! Also, the funny name is sure to strike a chord with the target audience.

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7. 50 Shades of Coffee

A caf that offers every variety of coffee under the sun to all coffee lovers out there! Think of different coffee beans sourced from all over India, different roasts and multiple options for added flavors. When you have something this innovative and appealing to offer to people who practically live for coffee, it is bound to be a hit! The name sparks curiosity, which is enough to drive customers in.

8. Beyond Tacos

When it comes to Mexican food, it is almost exclusively tacos that we first think of. A place named ?Beyond Tacos? would offer exactly this- the wide variety of Mexican cuisine that is out there apart from tacos. Make sure your menu is one of a kind and that it takes into account all kinds of dishes that might please your audience!

9. The Smoothie Bar

Health and fitness is the rage nowadays. With people growing more and more health-conscious by the minute, there is a fast-growing need for eat-out options that cater to their needs. Smoothies are delicious, healthy and quick to serve. A smoothie bar is a great idea for the next fitness lover to just swoop in, pick up a smoothie and be on the go! The name is simple and to the point ? just like the concept.

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10. Layers of Heaven

For many of us, a good old bakery is just the place we go to when we?re feeling low. The perfect sweet treat is often just the right fix. ?Layers of Heaven? is an excellent name for a bakery that offers a variety of decadent desserts to its customers. Picture pies, brownies, doughnuts, eclairs, and all that glory?heaven, indeed!

11. Davy Jones? Locker

Davy Jones? Locker is an idiom that is often used to refer to the bottom of the sea. If you?ve seen Pirates of the Carribean, you?ve definitely heard of this phrase. It is the perfect name for a restaurant that offers a variety of seafood to its customers. Think of quick, easy food items like fish fingers to fancier, elaborate ones such as prawns. A catchy name like this one that gets across the concept easily is sure to tempt people.

12. Loki?s Lounge

This is your ideal superhero-themed caf or restaurant. Named after the Marvel character Loki or the god of mischief, you could make the dcor all about the movies or the comics. With the huge fan following that exists out there, Loki?s Lounge will get a ton of attention.

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13. Satrangi Chaat

Indian fast food never goes out of style. After all, who wouldn?t want to devour a plate of chaat, bhel puri or gol gappe after a day of work? Satrangi Chaat is a cheery, colorful name that conveys a ton of chaat options offered to its customers. It could be an excellent choice for the name of a fast-food joint where anyone can swoop in for a quick bite, any time they like! Moreover, with the huge chunk of food options to pick from- everyone is bound to get their pick.

14. Veggie Wonderland

As more and more people are getting interested in adopting vegan lifestyles, a restaurant that offers entirely vegan options would be the perfect solution. A veggie wonderland denotes a plethora of veggie options that are extremely healthy, ethical to the environment and of course, delicious! Focus on building your reputation as an ethical and vegan brand and get ready to be seen and heard by all the health-conscious people out there.

15. Espresso Cafe and Bistro

This one?s pretty straightforward- your go-to point for espresso or coffee! Many people among us rely on coffee to start our day. Espresso Cafe and Bistro could cater to this need and also offer bagels, doughnuts or cookies along with assorted coffee, making it the perfect caf for brunch or the best place in town for a cup of coffee!

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16. Kebab Capital

Who doesn?t love a good kebab? Kebab Capital is a catchy name and gives the sense of being the best possible place to go to for a kebab feast. You could offer a huge range of meat as well as vegetarian options and market your unique restaurant to the general public.

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