23 Habits That Keep Skinny People Skinny — Exercise Is Not On This List

23 Habits That Keep Skinny People Skinny — Exercise Is Not On This List

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It?s almost impossible to lose weight and keep if off unless you develop skinny people habits.

Your thoughts and habits about relationships, money, and raising children may be working for you. Perhaps you don?t need to change a thing in those areas.

But if you are unhappy with your size; your thoughts and habits regarding food are working against you.

Before Embracing Skinny People Habits

Several years ago, a friend asked me to come by her house to pick up a snack that she bought for my son. She is one of the kindest people I know. However, shock and awe just about knocked me to my feet when she showed me the snack.

There were three gallons of punch in three different fruit flavors, two family-size bags of chips, four extra-large bags of candy, three huge packages of cookies, and one little-bitty red apple.

Huh? Snack? I wanted to know if she had purchased the ?snack? for a party, a football team, or the neighborhood. Did someone give her all that junk food and she needed to unload it?

I explained that I appreciated her generosity, but was curious about her definition of ?snack?.

She did not understand my inquisition, explaining that she enjoyed snacking, that it was ?not that much?, and that she had plenty more.

I guess she told me?snap, snap. I left that alone, took the snack, and shared it with many people.

After a few major health scares, my friend embraced the habits that keep skinny people skinny. She changed her thoughts and attitudes about what is ?not that much? and in two years, the girl lost more than more than 200 pounds!

Because of the renewal of her mind, it is highly unlikely that she will ever regain the weight. Her eating habits have completely changed and she has redefined the meaning of ?not that much? in her thinking.

The Mind of Skinny People

Reaching goals require new attitudes, behaviors, and a new way of thinking. You don?t get to your next level or your desired place by thinking about things or doing them as you always have. If you want something new, you have to do something different.

If you want to get skinny and stay skinny, it is necessary to do what skinny people do.

People who have always been skinny and those who get skinny and stay skinny have habits, thoughts and attitudes that are different from people who are always on a diet, always talking about a diet, or always feeling the need to diet.

Can Your Thoughts Make You Gain Weight?

The main reasons stubborn excess weight is able to harass people and cling to them is because of their persistent thoughts about excess weight as well as their habits and attitudes toward food.

Those who believe they are destined to always have weight problems will always have weight problems. Those who believe it?s hard to be disciplined will have difficulties with discipline. Not because it has to be that way, but because your perception establishes your reality.

Many of our experiences are born in what we have strong emotions about and give continuous thoughts to. We live and continue to live what we believe in our hearts.

If your diligent thoughts are about being overweight, you develop habits that align with those thoughts; habits that will keep you overweight.

In other words, toxic thoughts about weight absolutely cause weight problems.

Dr. Caroline Leaf, cognitive neuroscientist who teaches people how to change their thinking, thus change their habits, tells us that ?putting toxic thoughts into our brains is like putting poison into our pasta.?

She explains in a post that:

Putting healthy thoughts into our minds is akin to that dash of fresh basil on top of the simmering bed of rich, luscious lasagna. Moment by moment, each and every day, as we think, choose and wire thoughts into our brains, we are poisoning or strengthening our immune system, body and mind.

?But it tastes so good and it?s right in front of me?

It may surprise you to know that skinny people like the taste of food as much as those who are not so skinny. The difference is that they don?t always eat just because it tastes good and it?s in arms reach. Nor do they eat as often or in the same quantities.

Below are 23 skinny people habits that you may not be aware of if stubborn excess weight has attacked you.

1. Skinny people do not regularly condemn themselves or hate themselves for enjoying what they eat. That is toxic thinking, which leads to toxic behavior.

2. Skinny people seldom buy giant family packs of snacks for themselves. When they do, they take a serving out of the bag, close the bag, and put the bag away.

3. Skinny people pass on the supersize burgers, fries, and drinks. They choose size regular.

4. Skinny people eat until they are full, which is different from eating until the plate is empty.

5. ?People in Africa are starving? is not a reason that skinny people have for stuffing themselves.

6. Skinny people eat veggies. They don?t use carbs as substitutes.

7. Sugary drinks are not part of the daily diets of skinny people.

8. Skinny people enjoy themselves, even when they are not eating. Food is not a necessity for having a good time.

9. Purses, cars, seat cushions, desk drawers, kitchen counters, beside the bed, and pockets are not places where skinny people always have snacks.

10. Skinny people choose to stop eating before they have to unbutton their pants to breathe.

11. Skinny people find comfort in ways other than eating.

12. Skinny people enjoy television shows without snacking.

13. Skinny people sit and enjoy their meals more often than they eat without thinking about what they are doing.

14. Despite the ease and convenience of fast foods, skinny people sometimes cook.

15. Fast foods are not their major meal source. Actually, skinny people look at fast foods as more of a treat than a meal.

16. Skinny people drink water, even when they?d rather have some other beverage.

17. Skinny people don?t indulge in one or more king-size candy bars in one day. They usually stay away from king-size.

18. Skinny people finish one meal before thinking about what they will eat next.

19. Skinny people eat. They don?t confuse their systems with starvation diets.

20. Skinny people aren?t regulars at all-you-can-eat restaurants.

21. Skinny people usually quit eating for the day before 8pm.

22. Skinny people will go to bed hungry if it?s late, rather than running out for a quick bite of fried chicken wings and fries.

23. When skinny people first notice fat creeping on them, they do something about it. Those who wait until they feel like it or until the holidays are over or until they have more time or until New Year?s or until Monday or until?don?t remain skinny people.

Although exercise is not on this list, it?s important to note that when skinny people workout, only occasionally do they seldom sabotage it with a celebration of donuts and a hot fudge sundae.

It Comes Down To This

The latest diet craze is seldom the answer to weight loss woes. Rarely is a different workout program the best solution either. The biggest problem with them is they don?t renew the mind.

If you work to change your body, that is great. However, maintaining the new svelte you, requires a change in your thinking ? which brings about changes in habits and attitudes.

Developing skinny people habits will help you want to get, stay, and enjoy whatever size you choose to be.


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