16 Signs A Person Is (Extremely) Insecure

16 Signs A Person Is (Extremely) Insecure

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  1. They believe in ?fake it till you make it? faade.
  2. They visit places and meet people just to click pictures to post on Instagram.
  3. They feel jealous of others? success.
  4. They always blame others. They never admit their mistakes; and when they do, they do it either ignorantly or condescendingly.
  5. They try to find fault in everyone and everything.
  6. They feel bad when their posts on social media get fewer likes.
  7. They boast about their expensive items.
  8. They (passively) want to take revenge.
  9. They try to build a life/career just to show everyone and stick it up on their faces.
  10. They push their presence in groups as a ?leader? by talking loud, making irrelevant remarks and diminishing others.
  11. They actively make fun of others talk or shit behind them ? just to look cooler.
  12. They judge everyone.
  13. They post pictures on Instagram to tell the world that they are having fun and living a rocking lifestyle.
  14. They chase perfectionism.
  15. They pretend to be nice in front of everyone so to be likable. But behind their back, it?s a gossip city.
  16. They are ass-kissing sycophants. They try to get close to the people at the top ? the boss, managers, head ? so to feel important about themselves.

Insecure people have low self-esteem. They lack self-confidence. This usually navigates them in the wrong direction, which ensures they will never be happy and have a content life.

Let?s be less insecure.

And more importantly, let?s stop making others feel bad/small just to feel good about ourselves.

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