15 Urban Fantasy Story Prompts

15 Urban Fantasy Story Prompts

Everyone loves a good blend of fantasy and modern day life, here is a list of 15 prompts to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. The pollution in your hero?s city is getting really bad and there starts to be reports of creatures in the smog that are not happy with the factories. Your hero goes to investigate.
  2. An elf has been friends with a human for their entire life and goes to a nursing home to visit them for one last time. Describe their conversation and how the elf feels watching the humans life pass by so quickly.
  3. A Times Magazine interview with a witch on her complaints about declining birth rates and the harm to the ?cursing newborns? industry.
  4. Your hero works for the IRS and has to go investigate a wizard in regards to back-taxes. Too bad they have an enchanted house your hero has to work their way through in order to talk to the owner.
  5. A vampire works as a Walmart door-greeter during the night time hours and a vampire hunter tries to get them alone in order to vanquish them- just as the other employees defend their coworker.
  6. A sphinx hosts a late night game show that is losing ratings. She starts to use real riddles with real consequences as a result. Your hero is a contestant where the stakes have become much higher.
  7. A werewolf becomes an astronaut and goes to the moon for the sake of science in order to see if they will become a wolf or a man when they reach the surface.
  8. Zombies are used to work in coal mines because they can?t get black lung and are already technically dead, but your hero starts to have flashbacks of their life as a lawyer and starts an undead revolt for better working conditions.
  9. A fairy wants to become an actor in the human realm, but can?t lie which makes acting incredibly hard. Describe their first day in Hollywood and struggles of not being able to realize their dream.
  10. Your hero has a very special item on them and must go to a pawn shop to get rid of it. They travel to a trinkets shop that is run by a dragon and must bargain with the creature in order to sell the item and also not get eaten.
  11. A siren works at a hotel lounge as a singer and a human rival tries to get rid of her in order to take the stage all for herself.
  12. A nature druid is a local drug dealer that your hero is trying to apprehend, but every time your hero walks into their apartment they forget why they?re in there and ends up somewhere completely different. What is happening to your hero?
  13. Your hero is a deep sea fisher and finds an unknown magical fish. In order to talk to it they hunt down a mermaid that can translate, but what the fish says changes everything.
  14. A shapeshifter keeps seducing the same person over and over again in order to get it perfect and sweep the person off their feet in the ?best? way. However, they are caught in the act and must explain themselves.
  15. The hero has had an online internet friend since before they can remember. However, when they finally meet at a video game contest it?s revealed that they?ve been friends with a literal troll. The troll ends up winning the competition, but has stayed out too late and now your hero must save them from the sunlight before it turns their friend to stone.

Bonus prompt: Your hero encounters a minor god in a junkyard and must deal with them. Image below.

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