12 Characteristics Of A Successful Marriage

12 Characteristics Of A Successful Marriage

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If you call yourself happily married, this is one of the traits that your marriage is a successful one. We all know how difficult it is to maintain relationships, especially marriages. It involves a lot of hard work and compromise. Being able to maintain a successful marriage even after the roller-coaster ride that it takes you on, is commendable. So, what are the characteristics of a successful marriage? According to a UCLA study, couples who agree to share chores at home are more likely to be happier in their relationships.

1. They sit and resolve issues together

All married couples have arguments and misunderstandings. One of the characteristics of a successful marriage is keeping an open communication flow between the two. Couples that sit down together and resolve their issues instead of letting things get more complicated are more likely to be happier in their marriage.

Having healthy discussions and listening to each other?s point of view is one of the characteristics of a successful marriage

2. They support each other

Married couples can have different professional goals. They may not belong to the same professional background, nor may one partner have much knowledge about the type of work that his/her spouse does. What matters is how much both support each other?s goals and lift each other up instead. Couples in a successful marriage motivate each other and work together towards achieving other?s goals.

3. They know what they want in future

Couples in a successful marriage have a clear view of where they see themselves in the future. They discuss about their future together and have a clear picture of how they will be spending their life together. This is also an outcome of clear communication. Taking decisions about the future together is a sign of a healthy marriage.

4. There?s a strong foundation of trust

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Trust is the foundation of every relationship. Marriages that are built on the pillars of trust are very difficult to shake. When both spouses trust each other, there?s automatically a sense of understanding between the two. This leads to lesser misunderstandings and fights. When you both trust each other, you tend to share more with one another and this brings you both even closer.

5. They are best friends first

Being best friends is one of the characteristics of marriage. Only when you both are best friends and confide in each other, are you able to be yourselves. In a marriage, spouses who are best friends rely on each other and share almost everything. They share their deepest darkest fears with one another and also their happiest moments. Aren?t they the happiest married couples?

6. They compromise for one another

A major characteristic of marriage is compromise. In a successful marriage, both spouses make each other their priority and compromise for each other. It is about making each other happy and respecting their needs. Only when this compromise doesn?t feel like a burden is it successful.

7. They respect each other

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Spouses who respect each other?s opinions and decisions are more likely to be happy in the marriage. Equality is one of the keys to respecting your spouse. When you treat your spouse equally and make them an equal part of your decisions, you both respect each other more. Respecting your spouse is one of the essential traits of a happy couple.

8. They forgive each other

Spouses are bound to make mistakes in a marriage. Some mistakes can be small like not spending enough time, giving work more priority, etc. while some mistakes can be big such as cheating on your spouse. As human beings, we are bound to make mistakes. Sometimes, one of the spouses make a huge mistake and it?s on the other one to decide what to do about it. At that point of time they have a choice ? to forgive or to end the marriage. Couples who have forgiven their partners and given them another chance are proven to be happier in the marriage.

9. They always keep the spark going

When they were in their 30s to their 60s, they still have the spark going. Such couples always know how to spice their relationship up and keep the spark going. For couples, the most crucial elements of a successful marriage are the elements that keep the marriage going, one of them being love. Couples in a successful marriage never fall out of love. If they do, they always find a way back to each other.

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10. They grow together

No relationship or marriage is perfect. The more you invest in the marriage, the more you grow together. Relationships take time to evolve and get stronger over time. Holding grudges of the past will only hold your marriage back and poison it more.

Only when both spouses are willing to learn from their mistakes and grow together in the marriage, are they able to move past it and focus on building a future together.

11. Persistence and Commitment

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In marriages, there are many lows that will keep taking place. At times, you will feel like giving up on the marriage and lose faith in each other. At that time, those couples who are persistent and keep working hard to save their marriage are the ones that are able to overcome the obstacles in the marriage. Giving up in a marriage is the easy way out. If you really want a long, successful marriage, persistence is a characteristic of marriage that both spouses need to have. Both spouses need to be committed to the marriage.

12. They appreciate each other

Spouses in a successful marriage always acknowledge each other?s efforts. They appreciate each other and try their best to share responsibilities and work together as a team. Appreciating each other helps in boosting each other?s morale and spouses feel loved and happy that their efforts are being acknowledged by you.

If the above characteristics of a successful marriage made you smile thinking about your marriage, it shows that you?re having a pretty successful marriage so far. It is important to be consistent, committed and keep an open flow of communication between the two of you. Instead of holding grudges, find a solution to the problem and sort things out. There?s nothing that can?t be fixed. Always remember that you both are human beings and are bound to make mistakes. How you deal with it and work towards making your marriage successful is what counts.

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