12 Best Second Phone Number Apps for Android and iPhone

12 Best Second Phone Number Apps for Android and iPhone

A second phone number app is a dialer provider that gives you a second line. This line works like your first number. It lets you make outbound calls and people can also reach you on this line.

Of course, if your phone has a second sim slot, you may just get another sim and use it. But if you?re using an iPhone for instance, then you might not have that option. In such situation, a second phone number app is your best option.

Also, when you no longer need the second number, you can easily get rid of it. Alternatively, you could also keep it for permanent use. The choice is yours. Interestingly, some apps have free versions or a trial period. It?s a good idea to try out any second phone number app you want to use before purchasing it. That way, you can avoid being stuck with an app you don?t like.

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Why Would You Need A Second Phone Number App?

So, why would anyone need a second phone number in the first place? Well, there is a plenty of reasons I can think of and they don?t all have to do with dating sites. Below you will find a few reasons why you might need a second phone number.

To Help Maintain Your Privacy

First on our list is your privacy. This is probably the most important reason why most people get second phone numbers. With a second phone number, you can easily keep your main phone number private. The second phone number app gives you a number you could give everyone. This way, you can keep your private number for family and close friends.

It Gives You More Control Over Your Life

Again, a second number is a way to maintain control over your life. Things can get pretty crazy in a hurry if you have to use your main number all the time. So, for business, online adds or web signups, you can use your second phone number instead. This is a great way to keep your private line for private stuff. By the way, not only second number apps give you more control over your life. You can also use special call recording apps that are very helpful when you need to remember all the details of your business conversations.

It Reduces Stress

Another good reason to keep a second line is to save you the stress of multiple phones. Imagine carrying more than one phone around all the time, it can get pretty stressful real fast. Chuck the extra phone and get a second number app instead. That way you enjoy the convenience of one phone with an extra phone number.

The Best Second Number Apps Out There

Now, there are several second number apps out there and it can get a bit confusing. That?s why I?m here, to help you navigate through the confusion. There are 12 carefully selected best second phone number apps below. They each have their pros and cons, but right now, they are the best you can find for Android and iPhone.


Interestingly, Burner is at the top of the list of best second phone number apps. Originally designed to help you create a temporary number, it also has options for a permanent number.

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What you get:

  • 14 days of limited talk time and text messages;
  • a monthly plan with a permanent number is available.
  • starts at $4.99/month;
  • up to three lines;
  • is available both on the AppStore and Google Play.

Google Voice

Naturally, Google Voice makes the list. With this app, you can easily route calls to your computer, home, office or mobile number. You can also route to a different location.

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What you get:

  • a second phone number;
  • easy call routing;
  • calling and texting;
  • transcription of voicemail messages to text;
  • the plan is free;
  • is available for iOS users.


Now, with the Hushed second number app, you have free trials for a few days. This has both paid and free options and here?s what you get:

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  • a second number for calling and text;
  • free for 3 days then starts with a 7-day plan;
  • allows call forwarding;
  • voice messaging;
  • paid plan starts from $1.99;
  • is available both for Android and iOS users.

Free tone

Free tone is another second number app that makes the list. This has both paid and free plans and if you?re calling Canadian or U.S numbers, it?s free.

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  • Free and unlimited calls for US and Canada numbers;
  • paid plan to other countries;
  • uses VOIP for service delivery;
  • is available both on the AppStore and Google Play.


Similarly, Iplum is another app that you can use for both local and international calls. It has a pay-as-you-go option so that you could only use what you need.

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  • Local and international use;
  • multilingual;
  • can port your existing phone number;
  • dedicated voice mail;
  • call forwarding;
  • picture and video messaging;
  • caller ID;
  • buy credit as needed.

The app is also available for Android and iPhone users.


This app gives you a free U.S. number which you can use to text or make calls to any mobile device or landline in over 230 countries.

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  • Free US number;
  • uses a dedicated VOIP network for high definition voice calls;
  • instant messaging;
  • subscriptions are done monthly or yearly in the U.K, U.S, and Belgium to mention a few;
  • is available on the AppStore and Google Play.

Second Phone Number+

Again, another good app on our list is Second Phone Number+. With this app, you can get a real US number to make calls & texts to other U.S. numbers.

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  • You can use the app with HD Voice via 3G, 4G or WIFI to save money on phone calls;
  • the app offers 3-day free trial, then charges $6.99 per week;
  • supports calls and texts to only U.S. numbers;
  • in-app purchase;
  • for iPhone users.

Ring 4

Another really good one is Ring 4. This gives you an international or local number in 20 countries. Also, when you make or receive calls with U.S. number, you do so at free-roaming charges, which is great.

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  • Local and international number;
  • receive calls with U.S. number at free-roaming charges;
  • recording of incoming and outgoing calls;
  • texts with emojis;
  • ?Don?t Disturb? mode;
  • block unwanted callers;
  • for both Android and iOS users.


Enjoy a US number in any area code, but don?t just stop there. You can also have international numbers in several countries with Telos. So, here?s what you get with this app:

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  • U.S. phone number as well as international numbers in many countries;
  • limitless texting and calling;
  • call forwarding to any mobile or landline;
  • auto-reply messages, voice mails and call blocking;
  • compatible with Android.

TextMe Up

Now, if you happen to need multiple numbers, you can easily get them with TextMe Up. It lets you manage as many numbers as you want and switch to whichever you need at any given time.

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  • Multiple phone numbers;
  • call numbers in over 200 countries;
  • texting including group messaging;
  • voice call;
  • photo and video sharing;
  • monthly plans.

Android users can download the app here.

Whats Call

Again, what if you want to call users who have no internet connection? Whats Call is an app that lets you do this. It has lots of features and different options for making calls including credits.

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  • One-touch recording for outgoing and incoming calls;
  • caller ID and call blocking;
  • earn credit for free calls;
  • payment plans;
  • Android app.

Interestingly, the app offers you an opportunity to earn credits that you can use to make free calls which you earn by watching free adds, completing tasks, playing games, and inviting friends to use the app.


Although most apps have both the free and paid versions, Sideline is different. It did have a free version, but that is no longer available. Now, there?s only the paid service, but it?s definitely worth trying out.

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  • Get a number using any area code or port an existing number;
  • unlimited texting;
  • voice calling;
  • voicemail;
  • uses your carrier network so that it works even when there?s no internet;
  • optional VOIP;

The app is compatible with iOS.

In Conclusion

Finally, there are several second number apps out there, but I curated the best here. They each have their advantages and disadvantages, but they do what they say. You might need to have a second number for whatever reason. It isn?t always convenient to get a second phone or sim, so try any of these best second number apps.


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