12 Amazing Free Textures in Illustrator

12 Amazing Free Textures in Illustrator

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For a digital artist, finding the right textures in Illustrator can be the difference between good art and great art. These exciting tools can be used to make a variety of great images that are sure to dazzle and delight you. It allows you to bring a little more to the table when you go to make your next big creation. The textures in Illustrator are good for a lot of things, but downloading a little more never hurt. It allows you to easily customize your drawings in no time at all.

The textures in Illustrator that are available online allow you create thrilling effects. Using different textures can result in more complex and detailed art. As aa bonus you can use them to take a normal drawing and make it more engaging. The textures themselves vary greatly in nature, so you?re sure to find one for every mood. Don?t hesitate to experiment with as many as possible. You never quite know what you?ll find.

1. Weathered Texture Pack

? This exciting texture pack comes with a few different tools for you to make your image shine. You can easily rely on the textures in Illustrator to give your work a weathered appearance. After you?re done, you can easily add text or other effects for a better image. There are plenty of cool ways to use this.

2. Grunge Textures

? Bring your image into a dystopian world where everything is not as it seems. Using this exciting grunge texture, you will be prepared to make all kinds of cool things. You can easily make a thrilling poster for an upcoming concert or make your drawing have a little more angst. Whatever you decide, this texture pack is ready to help you get there.

3. Textured Paper

? If you?re looking to make an image on aged paper, look no further. This exciting paper texture is sure to make your images feel like they?re from another time. This cool texture is easily modified and can help you to make your images look that much cooler. Teleport yourself to an age where people wrote lengthy letters on parchment with this one!

4. Modern Grunge Texture

? On the texture front, grunge is very in. You can easily use this item to bring together the best kind of grit for your image. Make any image more exciting and edgy using this texture pack. It?s perfect for social media image and bringing something unique to your look. There are plenty of ways to use this one, so get creative!

5. Vintage Textures

? Make your memories look like they are out of a movie with these beautiful textures. You can easily take anything and make it look like it was taken by a photographer from many years ago. It is easy to add a little extra mood to any image. It?s also perfect for showing how beautiful an image truly was. Something about vintage looks just makes things seem that much more special.

6. Large Distressed Texture Kit

? This amazing kit of distressed textures in Illustrator includes fifty textures in total. You can look on in surprise as your images are instantly dressed up with any of these. They are completely easy to use, and the kit even comes with a guide. You?ll be happy to apply these to your work and see what comes of it. With this many great textures, free hardly seems fair.

7. Subtle Texture Pack

? For someone who wants to add a little something extra to their images, this pack of subtle textures is great. You can easily bring a little something more to an image with these subtle alterations. They look great without completely overwhelming your photo. It?s an easy way to make your images look less flat without overdoing it.

8. Vector Textures

? These fun vector textures allow you to bring something extra to your images. You can enjoy applying this and seeing how it immediately transforms your work. You can easily manipulate this texture to make compelling ads and exciting images. With how easy they are to use it should come as no surprise that you will reach for these often. They?re perfect for basic texture work.

9. Speckled Vector Textures

? A little speckle can go a long way with these textures. They allow you to add a finishing feel to your images in no time. The uses for this kind of texture spans across various kinds of media. You might even be surprised by just how versatile it is. You can easily make a fun summer banner or add a little something extra to a wedding invitation. All you have to do is get creative and have fun.

10. Wood Textures

? This is a great texture pack to have for special occasions. Something about adding a wooden finish to an image makes it seem more real. You can easily apply this to any of your work for a unique finish that will bring it all together. This texture is great for making ads and dressing up photos. It?s able to be used in a lot of ways, and you?ll always enjoy the refined finish.

11. Vintage Postcard Texture

? These textures are surprisingly common considering how obscure they are. With these textures, you can easily bring something special to your next image. You can immediately teleport any piece of art to the base of a vintage postcard. Feel free to write out a letter or longing or just write something sassy for fun. You can make these as serene or hilarious as you like.

12. Grain Textures

? These grain textures are perfect for so many uses. Not only do they look great, but they can bring so much to an image. They are perfect for bringing together an ideal look for your images. You can enjoy using these for a variety of purposes, art of photography based. These classic kinds of textures are ones that you should always have on hand. You never know when you?re going to meet them.

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Finding the right texture pack can help you take your work to the next level. There are plenty of opportunities when it comes to bringing together great work. You can easily practice and explore Illustrator with a collection of these textures. It?s an effective way to build your skills and make masterpieces at the same time. If you?re looking for a way to spice up your images, start with these.

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