1010 Angel Number in a Twin Flame Journey

1010 Angel Number in a Twin Flame Journey

Signs and angel numbers are one of the most important tools you can use to help navigate a twin flame journey. I feel like we talk a lot about signs and synergies but angel numbers are commonly overlooked.

Remember: No two twin flame journeys are every going to be exactly the same. Just because you don?t see the 1010 Angel Number doesn?t mean you?re not in a true twin flame path.

One of the reasons we do custom twin flame readings is to help look at specific journeys however if you?re reading this I am going to assume you?re seeing the 1010 pattern. If you?re not, don?t worry it doesn?t mean this is a false twin flame based on this alone.

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In short ? the 1010 angel number is very positive sign for a twin flame relationship.

Numbers, numbers and more numbers. Ah, the universe is a wondrous thing isn?t it? If you saw my phone, you?d see thousands of screenshots of numbers, all of which you?ve listed and others which are equally significant to me.

And that?s the key. They are significant to me and I suspect that you notice them because they are significant to you. People attempt to provide substantive and meaningful explanations about specific numbers and their vibrations. ?You?re in the right path?, ?your angels are with you?, ?keep faith? and I agree with all of what they say, but at the heart of it, the meanings are all the same.

The universe is communicating to you and the numbers are confirmation and a reflection of the correctness of your path. Separation or not, if you are communicating or thinking of your twin, the numbers do become more apparent. I mean, the fact is, 11:11 happens twice a day whether we acknowledge it or not. Other numbers appear also irrespective of our notice. Sunsets and sunrises too. But being in alignment with your twin creates this awareness of symmetry, of cosmic synchronicities and you notice them because things are right in that moment.

I won?t provide an answer as to each number because you can just google the number and the word ?meaning? and all kinds of articles will pop up, some more helpful than others. Read them and figure out which ones resonate with you. Look at the circumstances surrounding you seeing the numbers and find the meaning you seek.

Last, but not least is what the articles will not indicate, but I will strongly recommend; every time you see numbers you recognize are significant in some way, send unconditional love to your twin flame. Separation is temporary and your twin flame is forever.

No matter the circumstance, if you see 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, and so on and every 1111, 1212, 121, 69, 96, etc, love so hard you can feel your heartbeat bursting from your chest. Love so hard you erupt in a surge of kundalini energy. Love so hard you shed tears from your very soul. And when you feel like you have loved to the point that there is nothing left to give, love even harder.

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