10 Signs You Might Be a Genius

10 Signs You Might Be a Genius

Just because you failed physics doesn?t mean you lack intelligence. You may be a genius by another name entirely!

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Have people called you smart before? Were you a straight-A student in school? Have you considered if you might actually be a genius?

If you?ve taken an IQ test, but didn?t make the genius cut don?t fret. Just because you failed physics doesn?t mean you lack intelligence or career potential. You may be a genius by another name entirely!

?Multiple Intelligence? is a new-ish theory in the field of psychology. The theory suggests there are nine types of intelligence ? not all of which can be measured on standard IQ tests.

Dr. Howard Gardner, a leading psychologist at Harvard, first put forward the theory in 1983. He believes everyone falls under one or more of these nine categories to some degree.

  • Linguistic (writers, speakers)
  • Mathematical (scientists, financial planners)
  • Naturalistic (farmers, botanists)
  • Visual/spatial (artists, dancers)
  • Musical (composers, musicians)
  • Physical (athletes)
  • Interpersonal (lawyers, politicians, psychiatrists)
  • Intrapersonal (psychics, religious leaders, philosophers)
  • Emotional (actors)

Which type of intelligence describes you the best?

I identify with four types: Linguistic (I?m bilingual and a writer), Visual (I?m a trained designer), Physical (I?m a weekend warrior) and Interpersonal (I work in public affairs).

How about you?

Multiple Intelligence is a seismic shift in how we view potential in children and adults. Traditionally our schools and culture have been skewed towards linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligence while skirting around the other intelligences.

From an educational standpoint, Multiple Intelligence is a game changer as the theory provides teachers with nine potential pathways to facilitate learning.

10 signs you might be a genius

Let?s take a look at whether you might be a natural born genius in a non-traditional area based on your personality traits.

Select as many of the following traits that apply:

  1. You listen more than you talk
  2. You can focus on something for hours
  3. You are a night owl
  4. You adapt to change easily
  5. You know there is a lot you don?t know
  6. You are curious
  7. You are open-minded
  8. You like being alone
  9. You have great self-control
  10. You have a wicked sense of humour

If you can relate to most of the above then you may be smarter than you give yourself credit for! Of course everyone is smart in their own way. Remember that next time you, or anyone else, questions your intelligence.

Thank you for reading!

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