10 Open Source Mail Clients

10 Open Source Mail Clients

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Knowing about Open Source Mail Clients Having the email programs for desktop allows you to work offline, make use of plugins, efficient and fast service, setting preferences for personal and business emails, managing calendar, address books and above all, high security. There are various options for open source mail clients which you may want to consider over the great overall performance.

Here are a few mentioned for you to get a quick insight.


URL: https://getmailspring.com

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One of the top and fastest open source email client which is considered by people globally. It is compatible with Windows, Linux and MAC systems. The demand for MailSpring has increased over the past few years due to its dynamic features. Features include privacy, security for emails, shortcuts, merging mails, management of contacts and customization. Customization allows you to set layouts and themes of your own choice to work on it smoothly.

Claws Mail

URL: https://www.claws-mail.org

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An open source email client who is considered the best for Linux operating system. It is light in weight and works fast for the Linux clients. It can be operated on MAC and Windows by downloading separately. The major work of Claws Mail is done on Linux whereas, it supports the features like editor support, filtering, quality display, MH folder, and external device support as well.


URL: https://www.kde.org/applications/internet/kmail/

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Kontact is a part of KMail which manages the personal information of the user through open source email. It has many tools which support the KMail to provide optimal solutions. The powerful features included in it are filter options, S encryption, MIME encryption, search options, safe logins, spell checkers, spam filters and more.


URL: https://www.osalt.com/evolution Evolution open source mail client is one of the old systems which got used by the Linux clients. It offers the calendar and information management among its top functions. Later it updated to the features like task management, management of contacts, integration of calendar, address book, filtering junk emails, extensions, and plugins, creating notes and much more.

Geary Email Client

URL: https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Geary

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Another top open source email client which works best for the Linux system and widely available in the market. It has a modern interface which is light to use without complex settings. It emerged from the GNOME project and set best for the desktop settings of GNOME as well. It is equipped with features like bookmarks, deleted emails, details of sent emails and more.


URL: https://www.thunderbird.net/

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We all are aware of the Firefox browser which is known for its high quality of speed. Thunderbird open source email client works within Firefox which has up to date interface and latest technologies for smooth operations. It works cross-platform with being popular over the features like integration for chats, management of contacts, folders, file management and more.


URL: https://sylpheed.sraoss.jp/en

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It is a top free open source mail client which gets used by Windows and MAC clients mostly. It also supports the Linux system and equips users with multiple features. The user-friendly interface compels people to use it for a long time with the keyboard being task oriented. It supports aligning the address books, managing emails, filtering out spam emails and more.


URL: www.mutt.org/ Mutt has different nature of operating as an open source mail client which is lightweight and works for the text-based emails only. It is specifically designed for the Linux system but supports MAC and Windows as well. It might be difficult to operate it as a new user, but the frequent usage of this service will make you comfortable with it. It supports the MIME, macros, PGP, building keys and more.


URL: https://www.zimbra.com

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One of the top open source mail client which works smoothly with all the systems like Linux, MAC, and Windows. It can operate all the emails through various sources without any disturbance or complications. All the emails get managed at one place by signing in and accessing them through the namely tabs. The emails get synced automatically with providing the office access to the uses as well. It supports the features like updating emails, managing calendar, contacts, saving notes and more.


URL: www.seamonkey-project.org/

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The browser SeaMonkey supports the feature of open source mail which got developed by Mozilla. The advanced email support for the clients through this software has increased its popularity. It provides the features like IRC chat options, smooth integration, HTML support, editor, development tools, web setting and more. It is also equipped with the code which provides security to the clients while using this software.

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