10 Best Leather Camera Straps

10 Best Leather Camera Straps

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The standard strap that is usually included with the purchase of a new camera might be appropriate for basic use, but many people find them to be uncomfortable and even unappealing. Switching your existing camera strap for one of these leather camera straps can greatly improve the comfort of carrying your camera with you. There may be less irritation around your neck, and you may even add an additional level of protection to help avoid falls.

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1. Andino Lite Single Handmade Sling & Strap (Overall Winner)

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One of the best leather camera straps that you can get your hands on right now, at least in our opinion, would be the Andino Lite Single Handmade Leather Camera Sling & Strap. This is actually a complete system and is also quite unique when compared to other straps that you may find.

Andino?s sling strap is made locally in the United States and is compatible with a variety of cameras, including DSLR, point & shoot, and mirrorless cameras. You can choose between three different colors, and the strap is available in five size options, ensuring you get a strap that is perfect for you.

2. ProInStyle Dual Camera Harness

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If you constantly find yourself using more than just one camera and you are looking to get your hands on a leather strap, then this is a great option to consider. The ProInStyle Camera Accessories Dual Harness Two Cameras Shoulder Leather Strap, as the name of the product suggests, is designed to act as a harness on your upper body. You can attach two cameras to the strap at the same time.

The ProInStyle Harness is universal and compatible with both SLR and DSLR cameras. You can also select between three color options, including black, brown, and light brown. High-quality leather material is used to construct this particular strap, along with metal d-rings for added durability and security.

3. CANPIS Camera Shoulder Neck Strap

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The next option is one of the more affordable leather camera straps that is still made from high-quality and durable materials. The CANPIS Camera Shoulder Neck Strap comes with a nice price tag. This strap is available in both brown and black, ensuring you get a product that matches the color scheme of your equipment and camera bags. Genuine leather is used in this product, and it is also handcrafted.

The thickness of the material measures at 1.8mm, with a width of 28mm. The length of the strap can be easily adjusted to be more suitable for your particular height. This strap is compatible with both mirrorless and DSLR cameras from a variety of brands.

4. SupaDupa Braided Leather Strap

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For those looking for an affordable leather strap that offers something different than the more traditional options, the SupaDupa Leather Braided Camera strap could be an ideal solution. The strap is made from genuine dark brown leather that has been braided. This does not only contribute to an improved appearance but also helps with durability.

SupaDupa?s leather strap can be adjusted to fit your needs and can be used as either a neck strap or a wrist band. It is compatible with a large range of different cameras, including those from brands like Leica, Sony, Canon, and Nikon.


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The TARION TNS-L1 Leather Camera Shoulder Neck Strap is inexpensive, yet still made from real leather and provides you with the durability that is needed in this type of product. The strap has a width of 0.6 inches. The length of the strap can be adjusted, with a minimum of 46 inches and a maximum adjustment range of 57 inches.

The thickness is also superior to many of the other options, measuring at 1.18 inches. You can carry a camera that weighs up to 10 pounds with this strap. The manufacturer has adopted a vintage design for this particular product.

6. TETHER Leather Camera Strap

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The TETHER Leather Camera Strap features a quality genuine leather design, combined with a suede finish. The suede is added to the inside of the strap in order to provide you with a more comfortable experience. You do not have to worry about the leather irritating the skin around your neck. The strap is compatible with DSLR and SLR cameras.

TETHER?s trap is available in a variety of colors, including brown, grey, tan, and black. Each side of the strap can be adjusted by about 10 inches for improved compatibility with your height.

7. Inspire In Time Camera Neck Strap

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The Inspire In Time Camera Neck Strap is a highly adjustable product that is a perfect solution for DSLR cameras. The product has universal interfaces that make it compatible with a range of different mirrorless cameras. You are able to choose between brown and black in terms of color options when you decide to invest in this particular strap.

This product is made from 100% real leather material, providing a heavy-duty design that will outperform and outlast a lot of alternative straps you can choose from. The strap itself can be adjusted from 42 to 45 inches to provide a better fit for your body.

8. Candy Angle Home Retro Straight Handmade Supple Genuine Leather Strap

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Candy Angle?s Retro Neck Strap is another excellent option. This product comes with a low price tag, making it one of the more affordable options that you can choose. There is an alternative option that comes with a longer length if needed. You are also able to choose the color that you prefer most. The entire strap is made from leather, and it is a handmade product, providing an improvement in the overall durability of the item.

9. ONA Presidio

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The ONA Presidio Camera Strap is made from an antique type of material known as Cognac leather. The price of this strap is much higher than the other leather camera straps we?ve shared in this list, but the quality and the unique type of leather used in the construction of the product do make up for the higher price tag. A standard dark truffle brown leather option is available, along with a couple of canvas-based straps.

ONA?s Presidio strap is a handcrafted product that has an adjustable length to suit you better. The strap is equipped with custom rivets and it is compatible with camera kits that weigh up to six pounds.

10. LeaTure Camera Neck Shoulder Strap (Budget Winner)

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The last strap that we are sharing on our list is a perfect option for anyone on a low budget. The LeaTure Camera Neck Shoulder Strap is made from high-quality genuine leather material and is handcrafted for excellent durability.

At the same time, this strap has an attractive design. It is padded with a soft surface at the bottom, ensuring comfort while wearing this strap around your neck. The product has a universal compatibility system, ensuring you can use it with any type of camera ? including Sony, Canon, Fuji, Nikon, and more.

Choosing the Best Leather Camera Straps

By switching the camera strap that came with the purchase of the device to a premium option has several advantages. We shared some of the best leather camera straps that are on the market at the moment in this post. Be sure to look at each of the options that we introduced you to here. Consider your budget and requirements, and see which of these leather camera straps is the perfect fit for you.

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