10 Approach Invitations Every Girl Is Sending You

10 Approach Invitations Every Girl Is Sending You

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Dear friend,

How many girls have you approached this week?

You know, after so many letters that I?ve got from guys like you, I have observed that many of my readers are naturally very talented at making short eye contact with girls they like but then, they have no idea how to read even the most obvious hints the girls send them.

And even worse than that, even if they know that there are girls who wait to be approached by them, the ladies usually leave disappointed or with other guys.

Unfortunately, this situation happens to too many great guys, but you know what? Let?s put an end to this! At least for both you and me, but also for the girls who are hoping that you?ll observe and approach them.

This is why this letter is going to teach you something really important.

Really important.

To be honest, after so many years of being an ?approachable prey? for men, I?ve observed that there is a ?secret code? naturally charismatic and confident guys use to get fewer rejections when approaching attractive girls.

Heck, those guys rarely approach girls before making sure that girls are actually interested in them.

And before you even raise your eyebrows and roll your eyes, I want to tell you that those guys naturally know when a girl is sending them an ?invitation? to be approached or when she wants to be left alone.

First of all, I need to tell you something, you may judge me as much as you want, but there are times when getting approached by men drives me nuts. And that?s exactly what happened to me last Saturday night.

I and two of my girlfriends decided to go out and have some ?girls? time?. We didn?t know where to go so we walked until we stumbled upon the first bar we saw. When we opened the door, it was a relief to see that it was clean and that the music wasn?t too loud there. I was glad that we could hear each other.

Unfortunately, we couldn?t get a table just for us so we had to get some seats at the bar which made us look like the perfect prey for men, and here is why:

First, the bar table was right in the middle of the room, the only three seats (located next to each other) that we could find were right at the bar. After we sat down, it was really hard to stay unnoticed.

Secondly, I observed that there were waaay more men than women.

It is also important to mention that my friends are pretty hot and on top of that, they both decided to wear leather pants that night (both of them are gym addicts and squats are their favorite exercises).

We looked like the perfect prey ? three single girls drinking at the bar.

Yours truly had only one coffee that night, but my girls had some shots and cocktails. And the drunker my ladies were, the more men were following us with the corners of their eyes.

My friends told me that I was the party pooper because I was sober, but that gave me the perfect opportunity to see how men approach the prey in their natural habitat (nature is amazing hehe).

Look, I have no idea how do you choose which girl to approach. Maybe you stare at her like a total creep until your eyes accidentally meet and after that, you go and talk to her. Maybe you wait to get drunk enough to kill the shame and embarrassment.

Or, maybe you are so good at it that you bang a different girl every time you go out, which I doubt, Bubblegum.

Either way, you do it, we weren?t lucky enough to meet guys like you, Bubblegum. Because that night, we got approached by 5 guys in less than one hour.

That?s good news.

The bad news is, we didn?t want to be approached by them, in fact, our night soon enough transformed into a cockfight and we had to leave.

Now comes the really exciting part. What if I told you that making eye contact with a woman doesn?t mean that she wants you to approach her? Heck, that?s one of the biggest myths men actually believe to be true.

You see, I?ve spent my night trying ?not to make eye contact? with any men because that?s what they were waiting for? a ?sign? that I am interested in them. Well, guess what? It was really a sign of ?I don?t want you to talk to me?.

My friend, on the other hand, was constantly staring at a guy, she almost burned holes on his face ? now that was an ?approach invitation?

Anyways, I think you?ll agree with me when I say that women are weird creatures, it is really hard to understand when a woman invites you to approach her and when she wants you to f*ck off. No. Actually, it is NOT THAT HARD?

All it takes is? read correctly the signs she is sending you.

1. The look vs the gaze

If a woman looks at you for more than 3 seconds, she wants you to approach her. Unless, there is something unusual with your face, something that people cannot ignore.If this happens, don?t look away. Just Don?t! Instead, keep a steady eye contact, smile if it?s appropriate and then go and talk to her.Here?s something to think about: If you can?t keep the eye contact, the woman will think that you don?t like her or that you?re? a pussy. It?s either one or the other.Remember: Make sure she looks at you and it?s not just an accidental gaze.

2. She looks at you more than once

It is really easy to misinterpret a look for a gaze. If you?re not sure if she wants to be approached, you may check if she looked at you more than once before approaching her.As I said before, that night I was very careful not to attract men I didn?t want so I was avoiding eye contact as much as I could.But remember I told you about my friend? She was constantly checking on a guy she liked as she wanted him to notice her.

3. She starts to arch her back and checks her hair when you look at her or when you?re close to her

It is a sign that she wants to attract you. Women instinctively know that an arched back is an attraction weapon towards men. On the other hand, if she runs her hands through her hair, she wants to make sure that she looks good when you?re there.So what are you waiting for? Go and talk to her!

4. The submission look

For too many times I?ve caught myself looking down when a guy I liked was looking at me. Do you know what I?m talking about? That time when a girl looks right into your eyes and then she looks down? This is a sign that she is submissive, can you think of a better invite to approach her?

5. The time slows down for both of you

It is not hard to realize that if a woman doesn?t want to be around you, she?ll speed up when passing you. But what happens if she?s attracted to you?You guessed that right, she?ll slow down giving you more time to observe her.

6. The not so submissive look

What happens if a girl looks up after your eyes met? It means that she positioned herself as being superior to you.Many guys call it? the bitch look.This is a red flag to f*ck off. So instead of wasting your time with such girls, I?d recommend you to mind your business, but in the end, it?s only up to you.

7. She is checking her phone

The first guy who approached me last Saturday was a Chad (no really, that was his name) well, I couldn?t tell him to f*ck off as this was too rude, but I caught myself checking my phone for too many times.How many time did this happen to you? Sometimes a girl really needs to check her phone but in many cases, this gesture means that she?s not interested in you.

8. She?s wearing headphones

Let?s be honest, approaching a girl with headphones is pretty scary because this is considered to be an international sign for ?leave me alone?.F*ck that man, most of us are wearing headphones in the city, but that doesn?t mean that we don?t want to be approached. Just go and say hi. Let?s see what happens.

9. Whenever she says or does something, she looks at you to see your reaction

This one talks for itself? She doesn?t want to make fool of herself in front of you.Another thing is if she laughs and she?s looking at you ? go get her!

10. She is beautiful

There is nothing to explain about it. If you see a girl you like, you think she is breathtakingly beautiful and you know that if you let her leave, you will never forgive yourself? well, ignore everything you just read and go and talk to her. You never know what might happen until you try it.Even if she?ll reject you, you can congratulate yourself for trying. Remember, any approach is just a game of numbers.

That?s all there is to it. I do hope that this helps and that you?ll learn to read the signs girls are sending you.

Much ?,Tanya Six


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