[06.24.19 updated] List of Most LEGIT free sites for CS:GO case openings

[06.24.19 updated] List of Most LEGIT free sites for CS:GO case openings

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I just wanted to take some time to list simply the best FREE CS:GO case opening sites, which went down few notches after the recent Valve changes. Nowadays it?s nearly impossible to find a legit site without having to deposit $1?5 and to gamble, but I?ve listed the cheapest sites with best strategies so that you could also profit from them, like I have done. I?ve also listed the total amount I have been able to withdraw!

1. HellCaseJoin via: http://bit.ly/csgohellcase

Still simply THE BEST site out there! Thanks to all you great people I have finally reached affiliate level 4 on HellCase, meaning that YOU get free Rainbow case, arguably the best case on the site and the only one I ever personally buy (free $0.60 just by using my link) just by joining and using the ref code **6230763**. Also free daily case if you add hellcase.com to your name or refill with $5. Highly recommended!

Total withdrawn: $991.70

2. CSGoFastJoin via: http://bit.ly/csgofastfreeskins

Nowhere near the easy and totally free site it used to be, but the minimum deposit to COMPLETELY unlock withdrawals is just $1, and VGO is accepted for easy, instant access. Same deal with gambling; no more free cases. Luckily their Solo PvE Slot seems to be pretty generous, so I would recommend you to start with $0.1 bet and 5 winlines until to get to like $10 or so, and then switch to full 9 lines and maybe up the bet as well. The best thing about this game are the bonus games which use all 9 winlines regardless, and your original bet, so it?s a fast way to really multiply your money.

Total withdrawn: $232.5

3. FarmskinsJoin via: http://bit.ly/csgofarmskins

Another totally legit site, although they do require minimum of $4 deposit to enable withdrawals. But as you can just deposit $5, get either AWP or AK-47 skin and then cheaper skins with that and just withdraw them immediately this is not a problem.

Use code **REDDIT** to get $0.90 for free when registering!

Total withdrawn: $154.17

4. PVProJoin via: https://www.pvpro.com use the code **pilluperse**

Join and use my code to receive 50 free coins. Nowadays you need to play 5 PvP games to unlock the marketplace, since they switched from their own market to a player driven marketplace. But since the games can be played for free and you can win more coins that way, you?ll soon enough can start buying your skins!

Total withdrawn: $25.45

5. CSGettoJoin via: https://csgetto.com/gift/NFLFC4cGZyxq1ZFP

Free case from here if you add their URL to your username, and if you have a VK.com account (which you really should with CS:GO sites, because most of them are Russian) you can just like their page and get more points for another free case.

Total withdrawn: $22.00

6. WTFSkinsJoin via: https://www.wtfskins.com/

Register and use code **redditskin** (click on FREE on the top of the screen) to get $0.40 which you can directly use on the store and withdraw without making a deposit!

You can also link your Twitter to get an extra $0.1!

Remember to claim your free coins daily!

Total withdrawn: $25.50

7.CSGOLiveJoin via: https://www.csgolive.com/

Same deal as with WTFSkins (same team runs the sites). Register and use the code **redditskins** and link your Twitter (optional, but recommended) to get $0.16 which you can use to open two Graveyard Cases. No deposit to withdraw.

Remember to claim your free coins daily!

Total withdrawn: $8.00


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