【CRAZY】Coaxial Speakers vs Component Speakers » What Are The Best

【CRAZY】Coaxial Speakers vs Component Speakers » What Are The Best

Best Coaxial Speakers and Best Component Speakers

One of the hottest debates in the car audio world is between speaker types, with most people largely ignoring the fact that which is the best for you really depends on your end goals. Knowing the actual difference between coaxial and component speakers is one of the fundamentals of car audio knowledge, and it can make all the difference when you?re just starting out.

So, let?s dive into this heady subject matter and we?ll get you started on the right path to ensuring that you?ve got the speakers which are best for your system instead of just taking random recommendations off the net.

Top 3 Best Coaxial Speakers on The Market

1. Alpine Type-S SPS-410 4″ Coaxial 2-Way

2. Rockford Fosgate Punch P1692 6 x 9-Inches

3. Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime 6.5-Inch

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Top 3 Best Component Speakers on The Market

1. CT Sounds Meso 6.5 Inch

2. JBL 6?1/2″ 540 watts

3. Kenwood Kfc-P709Ps 6.5-Inch

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The Differences Between Coaxial Speakers VS Component Speakers

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Coaxial speakers are also called full-range speakers. They?re the most readily available type of speakers on the market, and generally have a tweeter and a woofer combined together in a 2-way configuration.

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They?re generally used by original equipment manufacturers as well as enthusiasts, and chances are the speakers in your car without any upgrade fall into this category.

They tend to be easy to install and slot in without any interior modification. They?re less customizable, however, and the sound quality generally isn?t super fantastic.

Component speakers have their drivers split into different pieces. This means that you can configure them as you want through your equalizer, as well as separating the placement in order to get things one hundred percent optimal.

They?re also quite a bit more time-consuming to install than coaxial speakers, to the point that most people will end up opting for a professional install unless they?re super into car audio.

The advantages to using component speakers are pretty numerous, but which is the best for you?

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Coaxial Speakers VS Component Speakers What is Better?

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This is one of the first questions newbies will ask when comparing coaxial and component speakers, and it?s also pretty much impossible to answer.

As with most of the car audio world, you have to deal with both subjective taste and what a person?s end goal is. Someone who wants blaring 15? subwoofers is going to have way different needs than those who are just looking for some nicer, louder pop music on the way to work.

Roughly speaking, component speakers are generally considered to be the superior type.

This isn?t true in all instances, however, there are a lot of great coaxial speakers available from big-name brands. At the higher end of things you?ll be able to get some amazing sound from coax speakers.

Add in how much easier they are to install for the average person and it?s not hard to see why there are a lot of people who argue that they prefer them.

On the other hand, component speakers allow for a ton of customization. They also tend to have better sound when they?re around the same price point, but they?re a lot more ?fiddly? than coaxial speakers.

They?re also much more difficult to install, and optimal placement can also require you to perform some interior modifications to your vehicle which not everyone is willing to do.

As a general rule, component speakers sound better but coaxial speakers are easier to use.

The decision is still going to rest with the end user, however, as to which of these types is the best for their system. If you?re still planning, then sit down right before the next section and decide what you want your car audio system to do for you before we get into who each speaker type is best for.

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Deciding on Which Type of Speaker to Use

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When it comes down to it, you are the biggest factor in which type of speaker you end up with. It?s not a decision to rush.

Coaxial speakers are best for the following kinds of people:

  • If all you want is an upgrade over your OEM speakers then go with coaxial options. They?re simple enough to install at home and they can provide you with a pretty good upgrade.
  • If you?re not planning on doing a full system in your vehicle, then high-end coaxial speakers are a good way to go about things, just make sure they?re from a reputable brand.
  • If you?re not looking to spend a ton of money, then coax speakers are a great way to save money while still getting some pumping sound.

On the other hand, if you?re of the mind to do the following then component speakers are worth more than just a casual, longing glance:

  • If you?re able to do the full install yourself, then you?ll be quite happy with component speakers. Especially on the lower end of price ranges, they allow for a ton of customizability.
  • If you?re a true audiophile then you?re not going to be happy with even the best coaxial speakers. Invest in components and look for a shop to install them if you can?t do it yourself. We recommend buying your speakers online to avoid shop mark-ups.
  • If you?re going to do a full system, with big subwoofers and ultratweeters, it makes sense to get component speakers. Make sure you have a deck which will let you get super fine optimization if you?re going this route.

It?s pretty easy to figure out which way you need to go, as long as you know where your system is headed.

That?s always going to be the key to having a great system: go with what you want rather than trying to follow trends or just dumping money and you?ll be a whole lot happier with the end result.

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If you?ve been wondering what the difference between coaxial and component speakers is, then we hope we?ve laid that question to rest for you. There really are speakers for just about everyone out there, and deciding which the best is depends on what you want to get out of your audio.

No need to hesitate, get going on your system and see how great you can make the sound in your vehicle. Did we leave out anything you want to know? Leave us a comment below and we?ll get back to you!


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