YouTube is allowing multiple Mister Metokur fan accounts to circumvent its TOS against hate speech and harassment

YouTube is allowing multiple Mister Metokur fan accounts to circumvent its TOS against hate speech and harassment

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(Updated 7/1/20)

A white supremacist ex-YouTuber called Mister Metokur, or Jim, carved a niche for himself by lighting the powder keg on Gamergate in a viral video and concealing his Nazi ideology in base ?lulz.?

When Metokur dropped his last video on Gamergate, he said this on the subject: ?So, realistically, I?m done. The channel is shut down. I?ll pop up in maybe six or seven months, none of you are gonna remember what I sound like. You?re probably not gonna find the channel, that?s just how I?d prefer it, and to be frank with you the whole Gamergate thing is depressing, it was the opportunity to finally kick the teeth in of social justice warriors and tumblrettes and draw a fucking line in the sand, and push back against all these hyper-sensitive cucks. And for awhile it was working really, really well, all you had to do was attack, see, that?s the trick, that?s why I love /pol so fucking much. People think you need to be a moderate, or an independent, or a neutral, and they?re wrong, you need to pick an extreme. You need to pick a side with a yes or no answer. That?s how you attract people to you. If you?re too focused on being a moderate, if you try to approach the middle to appeal to moderates, you become indistinguishable from them and your message becomes diluted.?

Metokur has slowly melted down after watching white nationalist channels get purged from YouTube.

Jim has long been adored by the 4chan community and the stalker, fascist site kiwifarms, Rational Wiki noted, but in the last week, comments on kiwifarms critical of Jim, and theories as to what broke him, appeared.

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Users on kiwifarms brooded that Jim?s streams have gotten stale, and there was too much talk lately devoted to Epstein and general sensationalism.

Jim admits he?s routinely mocked countless groups, most infamously, the Furry community and whoever he deems sexually deviant. YouTube bestowed mercy on Jim for years despite him violating community guidelines, and he knows this. As Vox?s Carlos Maza said after enduring homophobic harassment from Steven Crowder, harassment is very engaging for YouTube.

Image for postJim?s message to his fans explaining the lack of videos, lately

Here?s an example of Jim violating YouTube community guidelines. It is a 29-second clip that contains multiple foul slurs in the rightward chat-box by his fans.

Jim?s Superchat is customarily filled with slurs dehumanizing Jews, the LGBTQ community, furries, minorities; everything that isn?t white and nazi

The point is, Jim has brazenly violated TOS, and is finally facing consequences. Jim does not take any measures to stop the constant stream of disgusting slurs in his chat. In fact, he actively cultivates a Nazi fan base and promotes Nazi aesthetics on his channel and avatar.

Image for postNote the Nazi-esque uniform he wears and the flamethrowers he wields as he burns furries alive. It is a callback to the holocaust.

Here?s an example below, provided by Rational Wiki, exposing Jim defending bigot Runescape players, and playing dumb about the hateful implications.

Image for post(Screenshot via Rational Wiki)Image for postBigot Runescape Players Conduct Protest by asking ?Do u pitch or catch? and saying ?God hates faggots? (Screenshot via Rational Wiki)

Metokur?s intro in his video ?Runesexual? implied Moderator Matt K of Jagex was a homosexual, and that everyone playing Runescape in 2007 was gay.

Metokur knew YouTube would sooner or later delete his channel. Following that premise, he sought refuge in DLive. He streamed on DLive consistently during the morning hours. After two months of this, Jim was booted mid-stream ?for commenting on an expose video about a YouTuber date raping a girl?, he claims.

Some of his fans attacked Jim for not returning to DLive after he was booted during a stream, pointing out he wasn?t permanently banned from Dlive.

Time-lapsed comments show Jim panicking over censorship on the internet, as well as a developing problem with getting sued by ?geriatric larpers.?

Image for postImage for postScreenshots via YouTube

Purist free speech advocates make the argument that booting Metokur off YouTube is ineffective, but the fact remains that Metokur has been isolated to a sandbox with significantly less reach; boasting 6,000 subscribers compared to his YouTube channel, which has over 307,000 subscribers.

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In a YouTube comment posted two days ago, Jim reveals how distraught he is about his foiled ambitions on the platform.

MISTER METOKUR: ?My ability to do videos on YouTube is pretty much done at this point. Walking a tightrope of what is allowed for humor or politics, and what isn?t, is maddening and basically just kills any drive I have.?

Image for postScreenshot via YouTube

A YouTube stat summary on Socialblade shows Jim has lost nearly 200 subscribers in the last four days. Those subscribers have likely migrated to his channel on Bitchute.

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Here?s a list of YouTube Channels helping Jim circumvent YouTube?s terms of service on hateful and harassing content. I used Socialblade to conduct the review and linked to all of their accounts. Please report the channels, in order to get them ALL banned. Jim is also evading his ban from twitter under the account ?Mister AntiBully,? though its pretty obvious it is him.

? Metokurist Murdochian Archiver (Hasn?t uploaded in five months)

? Metokur?s Loonicorn Archives (Active)

???? ???M???e???t???o???k???u???r???????s??? ???H???a???l???l??? ???o???f??? ???M???i???r???r???o???r???s???

? Mister Metokur Archives NOT JIM (Two strikes on channel, according to this post below)

Image for post

? Mister Metokur Streams Archive

? Rabbi Eldritchstein (Active)

? The Toxic Male Clips (One strike for copyright according to this post)

? ?T?h?e? ?S?w?e?e?t?i?e? ?S?q?u?a?d? (?This channel does not exist,? YouTube states. It only had around 200 subscribers.)

? Xyllon?s Archive (Active, posted a complaint about a strike six months ago)

? Trigger Warning Media (Active)

? OnideusMadHatter

? ChaosX

? Archival Aristocrat

? Drama Clips

? Nobo Nobo

? Missile Lawnchair

? SJWCentral


? Campion pe Sate

? Cognitive Talks (Complained about my campaign here)

? Tragedian

? Kaiser Hertzen

? McFarvo

? Tea Clips (Active)

? ImmaLittlePip

? Phantom Silhouette

? munkeefonix

?? ?S?o?v? ?T?h?e? ?T?r?u?t?h? ?T?r?o?l?l?

? Le Rieur

? JoJo?s Woodshed

? Sticky Change

? ABorder Prince Warhammer Lore

? Dillin Thomas

? Super Menace

? M0rbo

? kIokwerk

? Gaelic Neoreactionary

? Gladium Spiritus

Recently added channels:

Purity Sin

Full-Blast Forever (Extremely active, also uploads #Killstream mirrors)

Ludwig World Order

JWille Series

John McPherson



Meta snoosnoo

UPDATE: There may be hope for Jim left. YouTube backtracked on a decision to ban two far-right channels, and a white supremacist channel, telling reporters that they made the ?wrong call.?


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