Yes, Men Can Have Nipple Orgasms

Yes, Men Can Have Nipple Orgasms

Some men?s nipples are as sensitive as a woman?s.

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I love nipple play. I like to have my nipples touched, squeezed, licked and sucked on. I even like to have them bitten. What would be considered ?nipple torture? for some isn?t torture for me. Pinching and twisting my nipples can actually enhance my orgasm ? that is, if I?m already turned on.

My nipples are especially sensitive to prolonged stimulation. Sensually stroking my nipples can even push me to climax.

Called nipple orgasms, this is the experience of achieving an orgasm solely from having one?s nipples played with.

I know nipple orgasms are real because I?ve experienced them myself.

What I didn?t know was that men are also capable of nipple orgasms.

It wasn?t until I started escorting that I learned that some men?s nipples are just as sensitive as women?s.

I?ve been with men who not only writhe with pleasure as the result of me playing with their nipples but can also ejaculate from the stimulation.

They can come just as easily from me touching their nipples as they can from stimulation to their penises.

It?s incredible to witness. Perhaps, for this reason, nipple play is one of my most popular session requests.

Doug achieved orgasm from having his nipples stroked.

The first time I saw a man have a nipple orgasm was during a session with a client named Doug. Doug came to me specifically for nipple play.

For our sessions, I always had him lie flat on his back on the bed while I straddled him from above. Resting my knees on either side of his hips, I kept my crotch hovering over his belly.

In this position, I?d reach down to tweak his nipples with my fingertips. It shocked me the first time Doug experienced a nipple orgasm just from this.

The first time it happened, I?d been playing with his nipples for upwards of a half-hour when suddenly his body began to shudder.

?Are you okay?? I asked.

?I just came,? he sighed.

I couldn?t believe it. Sure enough, I glanced down to see sperm splashed on his belly.

I couldn?t fathom how he?d been able to orgasm without any stimulation to his penis. It had happened though. Playing with his nipples was enough for Doug to reach climax.

After that, our session was always the same. I?d stroke his nipples while staring into his eyes. After stimulating his nipples for close to a half-hour, he?d ejaculate. I didn?t even have to touch his penis for him to be able to come.

I loved to watch his hard penis twitch while I played with his nipples. It was fascinating to study his penis moving up and down without either of us even jacking it. The more I caressed his nipples, the more precum his cock drizzled.

And then, he always finally orgasmed, the same way every time.

Shane liked to play with his nipples ? but only the left one.

A couple of years later, while I was taking a break from escorting, I met Shane. Shane also had incredibly sensitive nipples. Well, he had one sensitive nipple ? his left one.

I discovered this about him the first time we went to bed together. We undressed and immediately he began to play with his left nipple. He never even touched his right nipple.

When I asked him why not, he said only his left nipple was sensitive. His right nipple had zero sensation.

I found that also to be incredibly interesting. From then on, we incorporated nipple play into all of our lovemaking.

Often, he was the one stimulating his left nipple though sometimes I caressed it for him. I desperately wanted to try to give him a nipple orgasm, however we never got there.

He always rushed to penetrate me. Touching his left nipple simply made him too excited. He didn?t have the patience to wait to see if he could achieve a nipple orgasm on his own.

Octavio experienced nipple orgasms from nipple torture.

As much as I?ve witnessed men enjoy sensual nipple stimulation, I?ve also encountered men who like to have their nipples tortured. These men also experience nipple orgasms, only the way they achieve them is through pain.

Nipple torture consists of anything from pinching, clamping or even piercing the nipples. I know it seems counterintuitive that torture could be sexually satisfying but it is.

I like nipple torture myself, though I can only handle it once I?m very turned on ? especially when I?m close to coming. At that point, having my nipples squeezed and bitten hard can be exquisite.

However, I?ve had quite a few male clients who get off from having their nipples tortured even if they?re not aroused.

Instead, the act of torturing their nipples is what?s arousing to them. I?ve seen a man?s penis go from flaccid to erect just from having his nipples pinched.

Some men like me to dig my fingernails into their nipple flesh. For that reason, I always keep my nails long.

Even more painful (and pleasurable) is when I clamp a man?s nipples. I own clamps of all strengths and sizes including sadistically ?biting? devices called alligator clamps.

These clamps are named such because of the small metal teeth that run up and down the length of either side of the clamps? ?jaws.? I only leave this type of clamp on for short periods though. Otherwise, they can harm the flesh.

Instead, clamps that can be adjusted in strength are what can be left on much longer.

Octavio had a nipple orgasm every session we did together.

Though I call it nipple torture, I can attest that this isn?t really ?torture? for many of my clients. At least not for the type of man who loves pain on his nipples. I?ve seen men experience nipple orgasms from nipple torture.

Octavio was like this. For our sessions, I would tie Octavio?s limbs to a bondage table then set into an hour?s worth of torture to his nipples. Octavio had a nipple orgasm every session we did together.

I typically began our session by squeezing his nipples between my fingertips. I worked up from there. Soon, I?d get out the clamps though sometimes he was satisfied with just a couple of old-fashioned clothespins.

To create new sensations, though, I?d also pierce his nipples with hypodermic needles that I?d procured from a medical supply store.

Before you go thinking I did any kind of irreparable harm to his flesh, his nipples were quite calloused from having been tortured on so many different occasions.

The result was he now needed even more intense torture on his nipples to feel the same effect. He gladly offered his nipples to be clamped by me as, within minutes, he?d experience a nipple orgasm without even having touched his penis.

Whether the pleasure comes from soft caresses or intense pain, how he enjoys the sensations is all up to the man.

If you?re a man who?s lucky enough to have been gifted with extremely sensitive nipples, consider yourself privileged. And if you?re a man who can experience nipple orgasms from any type of stimulation, consider yourself even luckier.

Whether the pleasure comes from soft caresses or intense pain, how he enjoys the sensations is all up to the man.

I?m happy to share the nipple superpowers I previously thought only women possessed with all the men in my life.

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