Why Tess Holliday Is a Poor Role Model for Your Daughter

Why Tess Holliday Is a Poor Role Model for Your Daughter

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Tess Holliday is a terrible role model for your daughter. And are her idolizers forgetting that she wouldn?t be where she is today without her face?

If you know only the basics of Tess?s background, you?ll realize that her striking facial features ? rather than grit and perseverance ? played a major role in her modeling career milestones.

As with all so-called supermodels, she would not have been noticed or ?discovered? had her face been round and puffy, lips thin, cheekbones invisible, eyes narrow and/or nose big.

Facial Beauty Is Luck, not Hard Work

I detest Tess Holliday?s arrogance and relentless need to seek praise from online strangers with haughty and lewd poses to keep her self-worth afloat. But at the same time, I can objectively recognize that she has a gorgeous face.

Before anyone points out that without makeup, her face is average, bear in mind that modeling agencies and catwalk casters don?t give a FF what a model looks like without makeup.

Why Tess Holliday Is a Bad Role Model

It?s mind-blowing that a woman would teach her young daughter to admire Tess Holliday.

Even if the mother has struggled with obesity all her life, I still can?t wrap my head around why a woman would not encourage her daughter to eat responsibly and pursue athletics.

If Mama wants her chubby daughter to have a famous role model, the better choice would be an accomplished or rising athlete or fitness guru, rather than a woman who?s so obese that she needs two people to help her rise from a kneeling position (the video footage of Tess being helped to her feet has been well-circulated in cyberspace).

She has admitted to having an eating disorder to interviewer Amanda Knox on ?The Scarlett Letter Reports.?

?What were your coping mechanisms?? Amanda asks Tess.

Tess replies: ?Food.? She explains how turning to food for comfort began in childhood, and states: ??and I still struggle with emotional eating.?

Is this what you want for your daughter?s role model?

But it doesn?t stop there.

Did you see Tess?s runway walk at the 2019 New York Fashion Week show? At the end of the catwalk, Tess performed a tasteless, vulgar act. She bent over, causing her very large breasts to hang out, then shimmied her breasts with her hands.

This was a fashion show, not a strip club. Certainly she knew that young girls would eventually view this footage. What kind of role model behaves like a skank?

Do you really want your daughter to idolize a woman who is SO unsure of herself, SO lacking in self-worth, that she feels a need to shake her bare breasts to a crowd of people at a fashion show? Even if this was scripted, a woman with class would have refused to do it.

A confident woman does not feel a need to consistently portray herself as a sex toy on Instagram. This is not the same as a woman who, due to film roles, is viewed as a sex symbol such as Raquel Welch and Pamela Anderson. Film roles are fictitious, while Tess?s behavior on Instagram and in real life is?well?real.

Women Are More than Breasts and Rumps

A great role model does NOT promote the sexual objectification of women, yet this is precisely what Tess Holliday has done, reeling very impressionable and easily-manipulated women into her vortex.

We now have a role model who preaches that women?s bodies are ornaments.

Fortunately, there are people who recognize Tess for what she really is: a deeply troubled woman who?s using Instagram to retaliate against all the bullying she suffered as a child. And thanks to winning the genetic face lottery, she?s made a fortune.

Before you cast me as jealous, I?ll admit that I?d love to make crazy amounts of money mindlessly posing in scant clothes. I?m sure you would too.

But this article is about the terrible choice in role model that many disillusioned women have made.

Thanks to Tess Holliday, today?s young girls are equating self-worth, self-love and self-confidence with dressing and posing like a hooker. Never mind participating in science fairs, trying to run faster than the boys, learning self-defense and peer-pressure resistance, slugging softballs and smashing volleyballs.

As for Tess?s ?achievements,? have these dazed fans pointed out to their daughters that no plus-size woman ? as a model ? can land on the cover of Cosmopolitan and People without a striking face?

Promotion of Obesity, not just the Objectification of Women

The overall environment of Tess Holliday?s Instagram account blatantly promotes morbid obesity. Her followers? defense: ?Skinny people die of heart attacks.? Yeah, and thin people also smoke, eat junk and die in car accidents. What?s your point?

If Tess is a child?s role model, that little girl will think it?s okay to be sedentary, slow-moving and too heavy to chase after a toddler who?s quickly heading towards a busy street.

It?s one thing to have a genuine disability (e.g., spina bifida, MS) that prevents swift, agile movement, but Her Majesty sends the message that ?You are perfect as you are? to women whose lifestyle choices have caused extreme physical limitations.

That Tess has admitted to driving two hours ONE WAY to meet with a celebrity personal trainer is an outrageous attempt to convince naive people that she?s an ambassador for plus-size fitness.

How about driving only 30 minutes to meet with a local trainer who doesn?t have two million Instagram followers, then using the remaining time to spend more time with your kids?

We All Need Self-Worth

Though it?s very important for girls and women to have self-worth, this shouldn?t come from watching a heavily tattooed woman flaunt her breasts and ass on social media.

Tess Holliday?s message can be summed up in seven words:

?You TOO can be a sex object!?

Ladies, you can do better than this.

You are not an ornament.

Don?t set your standards so low that your idea of an inspirational woman is one who?s famous for being morbidly obese and lucking out with a Golden Ratio face.

Nothing Wrong with Wanting to Lose Weight

I?m a former personal trainer. Most of my clients were overweight. I encouraged them to make healthy food choices and to think of exercise and weight loss as a means to a faster, stronger and more agile body ? so that they wouldn?t be focusing only on appearance.

If you want a plus-size role model for your overweight daughter, how about the plus-size women who compete in powerlifting meets? Instead of lifting their bare breasts in front of crowds, they lift barbells.

It takes a lot more ?bravery,? grit and mental focus to train at picking up a 300 pound barbell than it does to dress like a streetwalker and arrogantly tell the world that you?re ?looking like a snack.?

Read my companion article, ?Why Thin Bodies Are More Realistic than Fat Bodies.?

Amanda Knox interview: youtube.com/watch?v=Udc8hIcTZSc


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