What People Say About My Waxed Vagina

What People Say About My Waxed Vagina

The truth about being naked, hairless, and happy.

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When I was 15 years old, I cut my pubic hair with scissors.

You know, the plastic scissors that kids use in the classroom when they aren?t allowed to cut with real adult scissors.

Needless to say, it would often leave my netherregions incredibly itchy and horrifyingly uneven. Not to mention, my bathroom floor looked like the crime scene of Chewbacca?s murder.

That?s why ? when I turned 17 ? I shaved everything off with a razor. Sayonara pubes. Gone. Not a single wispy hair in sight.

And since then, I?ve never looked back.

At around 22, I upgraded from shaving to waxing. My pussy went from prickly pear to polished porcelain. It was exfoliated, lotioned, and cared for with a lot of respect. (Yes, I know it?s a self-cleaning machine, but there?s nothing wrong with a little skincare routine.)

Unfortunately, there are people in this world who take it upon themselves to talk about your private parts. Like it?s their right to tell you whats feminine or not. Hygenic or not. Normal or not.

They seem to have neverending opinions about your sex life or your body or your grooming habits.

For this reason, I?ve heard a lot of negative criticism about women who wax or shave their vaginas.

You?re Not a Feminist

Folks, we?re in the middle of an anti-razor movement. Female body hair is becoming increasingly popular everywhere you look. Actresses, musicians, influencers ? they?re all starting to join the feminist hair revolution.

And for once, us shaven mavens are being criticized for not participating.

Don?t get me wrong, I fully support any woman who wants to challenge mainstream beauty standards. But if I choose to bow-down to the razor Gods, then that?s my choice. And it doesn?t mean I?m any less of a feminist.

Because feminism means that you believe in equal rights for men and women. It?s that simple.

Now tell me, how does my smooth pussy impact political, economic, or social equality? I mean, I know my vagina is pretty awesome, but it?s not that life-changing (sadly).

Feminism doesn?t translate to a big bush or hairy armpits or furry legs. If you really consider yourself a feminist ? and I mean truly caring about equal rights ? then you?ll know there?s no right or wrong way to be a woman.

And in that respect, every woman has the right to do what she wants to do with her body.

You don?t need to grow the hairy triangle just to prove that you would protest against sexual harassment. Or equal wages. Or women?s rights. But if you want that to be your statement, then rock the hair that God gave you, my friend.

Just don?t look down on me when I choose a different route.

Because, hello ? they?re called equal rights.

You Gave into Pornographic Social Pressures

Visit any porn site, and you?ll see dozens of naked vaginas plastered all over your screen. Sure, ?hairy pussy? is trendy enough to earn its own porn category. But the truth is, the majority of pussies you see in porn are indeed hairless pussies.

And nowadays, a lot of people believe that women only shave their vaginas to conform to the stereotypes created by the porn industry.

I won?t deny it, porn has definitely influenced our society. But to think my pubic hair preference is to make me feel more accepted by men? Well, that?s just plain bonkers.

Porn has had little ? if any ? influence on my sexual behavior. Growing up, our family computer was in the kitchen, which meant I didn?t see my first porno until the fully consenting age of 18. When I decided to say goodbye to my pubic hair at 17, it wasn?t because I was trying to look like the adult actresses on the internet. It was because it just felt more comfortable. It felt more, well, me.

And although I?m now an avid porn watcher, I don?t let it influence my real-life actions in the bedroom. I don?t suffocate myself during a blow job with mascara and tears running down my face. I?m don?t prance around in pigtails and short skirts calling my boyfriend, ?Daddy.? And I definitely don?t get fucked in the ass without a lot of lube and a lot of prep work.

So no, I don?t wax my vagina because I feel pressured by the porn industry. I wax because it makes me feel comfortable in my own skin.

You Look Like a Six-Year-Old

This is probably the biggest complaint from pro-bush fanatics.

Essentially, some people believe that shaving or waxing your vag makes you look like a prepubescent child. Because if you were a ?real woman,? you would let your pubic hair grow the way God intended it to grow.

The truth is, I?m a 30-year old woman, and I love the look of my vagina without hair.

And when I look in the mirror after a fresh wax, the first thing that pops into my head is definitely not, ?Aw yes. Little child. That?s exactly what I was aiming for.?

Going full Brazilian doesn?t mean you?re a little girl. It doesn?t mean the men you fuck are pedophiles. It doesn?t mean our society favors innocence or purity or subservience.

It just means a woman has a hairless vagina. Just like she has freckles. Or painted toes. Or blue eyes.

Because there?s so much more to sex or self-image than how a pussy looks.

So, if you immediately think of children when looking at a full-grown woman?s body, sorry, but you have other problems to deal with. And what?s inside my panties should be the least of your worries.

You Love Oral Sex

Okay, yeah. This one is true.

You Care Too Much About What Men Think

Oh, honey ? no-no-no. If you think I wax my vagina just to please a man, then you are dreadfully mistaken.

But look, I get it. Studies show that 60% of men prefer their sexual partners to be completely hair-free.

And sure, there are definitely men walking this planet that believe a shaved pussy is the only type of beautiful pussy. Maybe they watch too much porn or believe it?s too unhygienic or too masculine. Who knows.

If someone were to judge you purely based on your body hair, then you don?t want to sleep with that person anyways.

So believe me, I?m not waxing away my womanhood just to get a man into bed. This penis flytrap is more than just a pretty face.

At the end of the day, you should style your pubic hair however you want it to be styled. Trim it, grow it, landing strip it, wax it all away. Nobody should give a shit what you do to your beloved vulva.


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