What is webcam modeling?

What is webcam modeling?

Webcam Modeling ? What is it and the best cam sites you need to check

We know it can be hard to understand and work in the industry we?re about to talk about. Because not everyone shares the same opinion as we do when it comes to webcam modeling and the whole work from home type of job. Where you perform in front of the web camera and hundreds where thousands of people are watching you and enjoying the show.

Omodeling as a blog was started back in 2013, and back then there were no any other blogs about webcam modeling. No one was there to support us (webcam models) and to tell us how to survive or even to guide us in the right direction.

I know that we were not as active as some other blogs out there, and as you noticed there are tens and tens of new webcam modeling blogs popping up. But the quality is not there, our goal is to give you a short, informative and best advice possible when it comes to the the whole webcam modeling industry and working as a webcam model.

That?s why I?ve decided to share the complete webcam modeling 101 guide, which I hope will help you with your online webcam modeling career.

Let?s start with the simple questions and answers, here is the list of what will be covered in this post:

  1. What is webcam modeling?
  2. Who is a webcam model?
  3. What do webcam models do?
  4. How to be a webcam model?
  5. How to be a successful webcam model?
  6. How to make money as a webcam model?
  7. How much money do webcam models make?
  8. What are the best webcam modeling sites to work for?
  9. Where to find best webcam modeling jobs?
  10. Who are the hottest webcam models online right now?

Webcam modeling is a way of chatting, performing, and entertaining people online via webcam and creating unique shows and content. People will pay you in return to watch you do any type of sexual activity or just being yourself and sharing tips and tricks online.

Webcam modeling term was made out of web camera + modeling, which translates to combining your web camera with ?modeling? that represents any kind of act, art or profession where human body is represented and observed to show the meaning of the posture or the materials shown.

Today you can find many short phrases for webcam modeling, like cam model, cam modeling, cam sites, camming sites and many more.

Who is a Webcam Model?

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Webcam model is anyone performing naked or in clothes in front of the web camera on the adult webcam sites, or any professional model posing for their fans, followers and folks who like good fun and more realistic interaction online.

Webcam model can be anyone who is at least 18+ and who has some basic tech gadgets like webcam modeling cam, webcam vibrator toys, good internet connection, chat room for privacy and prepared set of activities and show stories.

What do webcam models do?

Webcam models do all sorts of things, from solo performance, couples, to singing, dancing, but mostly they do all kinds of fantasy fulfilling for their fans and followers, because after all, they are the ones leaving tips.

Some webcam models do even just talking, where they spend time just sitting naked and learning more about the people who follow them and tip them.

How to be a webcam model?

Becoming a webcam model is not easy, because the competition grew stronger in the last few years.

You will need to have max. age allowed in your country to do webcam modeling, then you will need some extra cash to buy yourself a good laptop and fast internet connection. Beside that you will need to have interesting personality, good topics to talk about and online e wallet accounts like paxum or cosmopayments in order to receive payments.

How to be a successful webcam model?

It?s not only about performing in front of web camera, there is much more you can do in order to make even more money doing what you love.

Selling merchandise and branding yourself and your room is something you can do to be a successful webcam model. The great example is Korina Nova, she made her own sex doll because she?s one of the top models on manyvids.

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The main point is, that if you create a big fan base, you can sell merchandise and your own brand and make as much money you would make with being online.

How to make money as a webcam model?

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There is a lot of different ways to make money as a webcam model, in this paragraph I will tell you about best ones you could use and implement in your own marketing strategy.

There are a lot of cam site that will help you make money while camming, but the best way is to earn while you sleep. Right then and there you will be sure that you?re doing the right job. So in order to make real money you need to use social media automation and ?premium snapchat? applications like infloo, manyvids, clips4sale, or onlyfans. Using these websites you can earn passive income each time someone buys your product even while you?re offline.

Selling your own clips, videos, photos and creating a merchandise is one of the best routes to earn more. You can use platforms like shopify, wordpress or magento to create online shops easy and fast.

Sell your used panties is also one of the methods that webcam girls are doing to earn more money.

Reffering other webcam models

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Reffering other models can also be a lucrative way to earn passive income, sites like internetmodeling, manyvids or even chaturbate will pay you for reffering new customers (models) to them. For example, manyvids will pay you a percentage of every webcam model who joins their website over your affiliate link.

How much money do webcam models make?

Every model earns a different sums, if you?re new to the industry, you will be happy to make around $400/week.

Many popular webcam models earn six figures each month, the good example is webcam model Nikki, she mentioned that some webcam models are earning over $20,000 a month. She mentioned that she?s making around $2,500. This only shows that potential is there, and don?t forget, if you build your social media profiles, you can make money just by charging advertisers to post their products on your social media profile.

On manyvids you can see how much money each webcam model is making, plus bonuses that they get, and when I?m talking about bonuses, I mean thousands of dollars each month for top 80 performers.

What are the best webcam modeling sites to work for?

It?s hard to find the right site to make money as a webcam model, but since I have an experience with almost every site you could imagine or find, my team and I created this list for you.

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Chaturbate is definitely one of our favorite webcam modeling site, they are online since 2011, and even if you?re new to this industry you can accumulate followers base and start working with them immediately. Advantage of chaturbate is their free and open chat feature, where people can see what is going on in your chat room before they decide to tip and pay you, this increases conversions and earnings ofcourse.

Bonga is a bit younger, but they have a great design, geo targeting feature and they do payout anywhere between 50% do 60% to their models. They pay on time and they keep growing fast. The fact is that they bough some other smaller webcam modeling sites already and they only seem to grow and getting better with each day, so we recommend them too.

Jasmin is a bit older one, and you probably ended up visiting their site even before you knew about webcam modeling and what it actually is. They were called livejasmin before, but now they rebranded themselves as Jasmin. Pays up to 80% and you can make sure that you will have traffic in your chat room, afterall they are one of the top websites in the world.

InternetModeling is one of the oldest ones (1998), they are actually an agency, some people don?t like them and some do. The choice is yours, I personally worked with them since 2013 and everything worked well, I was always paid on time and without any problems. So it?s up to you to join them and test them.

Where to find best webcam modeling jobs?

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It?s funny how people search for ?webcam modeling jobs? when in reality it?s more of a choice for which website are you going to end up working. There is no need for actual job board for webcam models.

The best way to find a webcam modeling job is to just search ?webcam modeling sites? on google and start with the top ranking websites. Create profile, setup your payment details, prepare your gadgets and start working after you?re approved or accepted.

Don?t join websites where you cannot see the actual live webcam models, because the chance is that you ended up on webcam modeling agency site. Agencies will just take a portion of your earning from the webcam site where they signed you up. Go directly and be careful.

Who are the hottest webcam models online right now?

There are many out there, but we will mention the most influential ones.

Here is the list of avn 2018 winners, where you can see who?s hot right now. I?m sure you will find what you were looking for. Top jasmin webcam models can also be found on their site, there a lot of interesting influencers that you should definitely check out.

Cam awards from xbiz is also an interesting list to read.

There you go, if we missed anything, feel free to send us an email or to tell us in the comments.

Webcam modeling is a growing industry that?s for sure, and if you want to succeed in it you will need to be unique and to have steel nerves.

So let?s summarise what you need to know in order to start with webcam modeling:

Webcam Modeling Quick Guide

Authority webcam modeling sites

Find authoritative and great webcam modeling site, we do recommend Chaturbate.

Webcam Modeling Toys

Good toys, I mean vibrators for webcam modeling, webcam, and good internet connection.

Sell your merchandise, like used panties, use ?social influncers? or ?premium snapchat? platforms like infloo, manyvids, clips4sale and many others.

Payment processors for webcam modeling

Create accounts on paxum, cosmopayments, epayments, webmoney in order to receive your payments.

Make Social Media Profiles

Create engaging social media profiles, like instagram, tumblr and twitter, to connect with potential fans and followers and to grow our existing social followers base.

Start your own blog and refer other models

Start your own blog, merchandise or shop in order to sell physical products.

Refer other models, maybe you have friends interested in working as webcam models, send them your affiliate link and earn percentage of their earnings.

Stay positive and don?t loose hope, thank you for stopping by and reading so far.

Yours truly. OM


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