Warmane Alliance Leveling Guide(1–80)

Warmane Alliance Leveling Guide(1–80)

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I really don?t know what?s wrong with me, but I really want to talk about the Warmane with you guys, I have a lot of experience with this WOW Private Server, and I?d like to tell you how to level up in Warmane Alliance, which is the main thing that a player needs to do in the game.

LEVEL 1?10 (Newbie Zones)

Pretty easy. 1?10 Is simple whatsoever therefore helpful information is completely unnecessary! Everyone should no the place of the class now we ought to move ahead.

TIP: Leave the starter zone around level 5 and also the proceed. An individual could leave Northshire at level 5 and proceed and go ahead and take quests at Goldshire!

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LEVEL 10?20

Suggested: Westfall (10?20)

Side-Zone: Loch Modan (10?20)

I favor Westfall over Almost every other zone since it has this type of thrilling storyline and If only the zone was from 10?30! To the stage, the zone comes complete with quests. I suggest Staying away from the search where you need to gather food from various creatures (No not goretusk liver cake) since it is USELESS!

TIP: At level 15 you?ll unlock the dungeon finder. Presently the ?Seeker? little bit of this invention is bugged nevertheless it will teleport you to definitely a dungeon with several 5 people. TYPE /WHO in your keyboard and enable 5 individuals to your party inside the level range. Once within the dungeon watch, the exp fill your bar!

HOT GOLD TIP: Aquire ?Mining?. It?s a great profession and may bring in several cash. Westfall comes complete with ore?ore = cash!

LEVEL 20?30

Suggested: Duskwood (20?30)

Side-Zone: Wetlands (20?30)

It is best to mind to Duskwood because its right next-door to Westfall. Again its ideal for Mining. I?ve found the zone kinda boring least it?s full of juicy quests.

TIP: FROM LVL 30 You Will Come Across HORDE Inside Your ZONES! Be Ready.

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LEVEL 30?35/40

Suggested: Stranglethorn Vale (STV) (30?45)

Side-Zone: Arathi Highlands (30?40)

Now STV is a superb lush forest ocean-side zone operated by goblins. The quests are actually great however Regrettably this zone is really a strong PVP area. You are prone to encounter horde. LEVELING from 30?35 should not considerably of the issue since it is a little way into the jungle. However, 35?45 leveling will occur around the greater finish of STV nearer to the horde. I usually move from 30?40?sometimes I encounter horde and obtain luckily. I suggested it because came from here on all of the zones are going to be PVP, PVP, PVP!

Grab all quests. Try to avoid a few of the boss quests. Stay as not even close to the horde camps as you possibly can and then try to bring an amount 80 together with you.

LEVEL 40?50

Suggested: Tanaris (40?50)

Side-Zone: Nothing comes even close to Tanaris.

Much like Westfall this is certainly one of my personal favorite zones. Why? Quests are enjoyable and produce in several exp. Make Sure To FORM GROUPS And Employ THE DUNGEON FINDER! This zone includes a juicy sexy dungeon with sexy expand great loot!

NOTE: The zone is situated in Kalimdor. Make use of your flightpaths from Rachet to obtain there.

WARNING: You shouldn?t be a stranger to PVP. The horde rest here. Try not to worry. More often than not some level 80 alliance?s are farming least on my small server (Deathwing).

LEVEL 50?55

Suggested Zone: Ungoro Crater (50?55)

Side-Zone: Silithus (55?58)

It?s at the front of Tanaris. You might find horde here but less than STV or TAN. The quests here run thin around level 55 regrettably so this is exactly why I suggest picking each and every quest. This zone is very boring?a lot of grinding that is tiresome. Best of luck.

TIP: Make use of your dungeon finder and form an organization by hand in tough occasions!

LEVEL 55?58

Suggested: Silithus (55?58)

Side-Zone: Ungoro (55?58) [Not suggested because the quest type of UGC runs thin at level 55

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Silithus shouldn?t take lengthy. Here?s your final zone before getting into TBC zones. The quantity of horde here?s minimum. A couple of quests should allow you to 58!

LEVEL 58?62

Zone: Hellfire (58?62)

Hearth to Stormwind and repair all equipment. Don?t Buy ANYTHING NEW because a lot of the search rewards in Hellfire work great. Mind towards the mage district and mind in the big tower and go into the portal towards the ?Blasted Lands?

Once within the BL accept the search in the Draenei and jump with the ?Dark Portal?

Thanks for visiting Hellfire. Population of Horde: Minimal!

Visit Recognition Hold and accept all quests. Save money because at level 60 it?s a REQUIREMENT that you simply buy ?Flying? along with a ?Flying Mount? in the trainer!

TIP: I hear dungeons are very good this season?oh yea shutup..guess what happens I?m speaking about!

LEVEL 62?64

Zone: Terokkar Forest ( Level 62?64)

Fundamental drill. Collect all of the juicy quests. You?ll be carried out in no-time. Very little details are needed since it?s exactly the same drill.

LEVEL 64?68

Zone: Nagrand (64?68)

Fundamental drill. Collect all of the juicy quests. You?ll be carried out in no-time. Very little details are needed since it?s exactly the same drill. Make sure to accept the search ?THE RING OF Bloodstream? to have an easy two levels!

TIP: Complete all of the outdoors-city quests.


GETTING there: Mind towards the Stormwind docks, go ahead and take the farthest boat towards the east. You?ll be at Valiance Keep.

Overview: Northrend is among my (I, Kentuckykid220) favorites. This type of great zone with graphics, peaceful music and wonderful design! It ends here.


Howling Fjord (68?72)Borean Tundra (68?72)Dragonblight (71?74)Grizzly Hillsides (73?75)Zul?Drak (74?77)Sholazar Basin (76?78)The Storm Peaks (77?80)Crystalsong Forest (77?80)Hrothgar?s Landing (77?80)Icecrown (77?80)

Wintergrasp (Outside PvP, 75 to sign up, 78 for weekly quests)

Now you?re likely to be at Valliance Keep. Should you review your world map you will see yours in borean tundra. Now consider the map I?ve linked you and also abide by it.

While using zone list provided levels 68?80 is essentially a do-it-yourself.

I?ll lay out the zones (So as) from what to do and a few notes. Don?t be concerned an excessive amount of concerning the horde.

1)Borean Tundra (68?72) It?s quest-tacular!2)Dragonblight (71?73) REALLY AWFUL ZONE! ESCAPE As soon as possible!3)Grizzly Hillsides (73?75) Beauty Full of quests = WoW!4)Zul?Drak (75?77) Kinda like Duskwood once again.5)The Storm Peaks (77?80)


Crystalsong Forest (77?80)

Maybe everyone in Warmane need some help, and I think I am the good guy that offers the best Warmane Alliance leveling guide, of course, I need some help too, R4PG always help me with my economy, I buy warmane outland gold from them ? I don?t have much time to waste on crafting.


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