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Venus in Scorpio is in a very strange position, because this is the sign of its detriment, so it may cause some problems in creating a happy relationship and building financial scurity.

The planet in fall or in detriment is in a very difficult placement because the nature of the sign where the planet is situated, is totally different from the nature of the planet, and that?s why it cannot use its full power. We can compare it to a situation when we are travelling through a country that we don?t know and we don?t feel safe there. We don?t speak the language used in that country, we know nothing about the culture of that place and for some reason we look strange. We intuitively feel that the local people don?t like us, so we would like to disappear from that country as soon as possible, but we cannot. We have to stay and try to organise our life there. We have to get used to the fact that we don?t fit in there, we have to learn the local language and respect the local tradition. Even though it?s very difficult, we know that we have no choice and we have to do it, otherwise we won?t survive.

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The planet in fall or in detriment has to learn how to act in the hostile environment. Such planet has to work harder and use much more energy in order to achieve its goals than a planet in good position. When a planet is placed in the sign of its rulership or exaltation, it can express itself easily because the nature of that sign and the nature of the planet are very similar. We can compare it to a situation when we are in our hometown, where we have family and friends who love and respect us and are ready to help us any time. Obviously, we are native speakers and we know the culture of that place, as we are the part of it. That? s why living there is nice and easy. If we want to achieve something, we don?t have to struggle with any obstacles. We are just working on our goals and soon we can see the good results of our effort. When a planet is placed in a sign of non compatible energy, first it has to learn the rules of that hostile environment and search for the way how to express itself according to the rules of that sign. It takes a lot of patience and hard work but when the planet in fall or in detriment finds the right way to express its energy, it can work pretty well. Such planet is much more motivated than a planet in exaltation or in its own sign. The individuals, who have the planets in fall or in detriment in their charts, don?t develop the qualities represented by these planets quickly, which may cause a lot of problems, especially in the childhood. These people feel that they are different from their class mates and they cannot relate to them. On the other hand, they want to be accepted and recognised precisely in these areas which are represented by the weak planets. This need pushes them to work hard on developing these qualities. After years of work, they finally manage to find the right means of expression for the weak planet.

Let?s take a quick look at the nature of Venus in the natal chart. It represents beauty, harmony, culture, art, artistic talents, love, erotic life, relationships, agreements, alliances, pleasures, convenience, material goods, money. The dark side of Venus is vanity, laziness, superficiality, hedonism, lack of taste and lack of direct expression.

Venus in the natal chart shows our approach towards love, what kind of relationships we create and what do we need in the relationships to feel loved and respected. Venus shows our sexual preferences, too. By analyzing the position of Venus in the birth chart, we also learn how we can earn money and what is our approach to finances in general. Venus shows if we are generous and like to take the financial risk, or on the contrary, we are mean, greedy and obsessively save money for though times. Venus also defines how we spend our free time, what are our passions, what makes us happy and what gives us pleasure. Other expressions of Venus are fashion and appearance. The placement of Venus shows us how we dress and what colours or designs make us feel comfortable. It also shows if we are the followers of the latest fashion trends, or we rather choose our own style as we want to stand out in the crowd. Venus also describes our artistic talents, taste and approach to art.

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Venus rules Taurus and Libra so it is ?at home? when placed in these signs. In Pisces Venus is exalted. When Venus is in these signs of the zodiac, it is very strong so it can develop its potential without any obstacles, just like a person living in her/his hometown, surrounded by friends and relatives. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, so when Venus is placed in this sign, it feels like a guest. Nevertheless, the energy of Jupiter and Neptune is compatible with the nature of Venus, which is why it feels very good there, too. This can be compared to the situation of a person who is travelling from her/his hometown to another town, but still stays in the same country. The natives with strong Venus immediately draw attention by their beauty, kindness, fine clothes or artistic talent. Making money comes easily to them. They are extravagant because they believe in their financial success and know that they will always be able to earn more. Sometimes they are lazy because they want to enjoy their lives and they are focused on pleasures.

The farthest from the sign of Taurus is the sign of Scorpio, the farthest from Libra lies Aries, and the farthest from Pisces is Virgo. In Aries and Scorpio Venus is in detriment. In these signs the qualities of Venus are not appreciated an they are even perceived as defects. Venus in Virgo is in fall. The sign of Virgo is associated with completely different values than beauty, love, comfort and money, so Venus is a true stranger there, just like a person who has travelled to the end of the world and has landed in an exotic country, of which she/he knows nothing about, and in addition the locals are very unfriendly.

Scorpio is a water sign, fixed, feminine, ruled by Mars and Pluto. The most important qualities of Scorpio are perseverance, courage, patience, strong emotions and the ability to cope in extreme situations. Scorpio is also associated with making an in-depth psychological analysis and with passion for discovering secrets. The dark side of Scorpio is lack of forgiveness, vindictiveness, jealousy, possessiveness, secrecy, taking excessive risk, fear of betrayal and fear of losing the material goods. How does the energy of Venus manifest when it is placed in the possessive and dangerous Scorpio?

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In the sphere of love, Venus in Scorpio brings great passions to life. The individuals with Venus in Scorpio desperately need great emotions and psychological and spiritual connection in the relationship. They must feel that they are in an unusual and magical relationship which is supposed to last for the rest of their lives. When they fall in love with someone, they will do anything to keep their partner, no matter the costs. They are very jealous and possessive, but at the same time extremely loyal and devoted to their loved ones. You can rely on them in any situation. Quite often, they excessively control their partner and even limit her/his personal freedom because they are afraid of betrayal. They treat their loved ones as a part of themselves, which is why losing their partner is very painful for them. Losing their partner would be like losing a part of themselves. The natives with Venus in Scorpio feel very insecure in the relationships, that?s why their partners must constantly assure them that they are loved. They have plenty of complexes and they are afraid that they are not attractive enough to keep their partner, it is why they are so jealous. Actually, when they are not jealous, it means that they are not in love any more. Then they quickly break up and look for a new love because they cannot live without experiencing strong emotions. When they are abandoned, their whole world collides. They suffer very much and they remember it for the rest of their lives. They are very vindictive, so they can abuse their ex-partners. The individuals with Venus in Scorpio are interested in mysterious, seductive people. They like to fight for the person they love (the longer, the better) and even sacrifice themselves for love. Their perfect partner must have a well-developed intuition and be able to make a deep psychological analysis, otherwise Venus in Scorpio type doesn?t feel this magical, emotional connection in the relationship. They avoid superficial people. Sex plays a very important role in their relationships and in their opinion it is the best form of knowing the other person deeply. They like sophisticated experiments in bed and breaking any taboos.

When it comes to the financial matters, the individuals with Venus in Scorpio are never satisfied with what they have, even if they are quite rich. They are constantly trying to get more money, which can lead to workaholism, obsessive saving for the tough times and excessive financial risk. These people never lend money to anyone because they are afraid that they would never get it back. They are also afraid that someone could manipulate them, so before they start doing business with anyone, first they will discreetly investigate this person to make sure he/she is trustworthy. They perfectly hide their income and often even their relatives don?t know how much money they earn and what exactly they do. They consider long-term deposits the safest and the most profitable. They invest in long-term ventures and they can wait years for profits as they know it?s worth waiting for. They can earn money on the stock market, banking, psychology, esoteric knowledge, financial counseling, insurance and getting to know the secrets of other people. They can also earn money on medicine, especially if it?s related to saving lives or working with people who are seriously ill, as they are not afraid of death. The natives with Venus in Scorpio have an incredible talent to find rich sponsors for their projects. They like to spend money on books about psychology and all kinds of esoteric courses, e.g. Tarot reading, palmistry, etc. because these fields allow them to discover the secrets of other people which gives them a sense of security.

In the field of art, the natives with Venus in Scorpio like to show dark, repressed emotions, mysteries and psychological depth. Quite often, they go beyond social taboos. They are not afraid of controversy. As a matter of fact it makes their artistic works special. Their favourite subjects which often appear in their works are death and evanescence. The individuals with Venus in Scorpio don?t like to stand out in the crowd. They dress in a way that allows them to disappear in the crowd because it makes them feel safe. They like to observe other people in a discreet way without being noticed themselves. Quite often they wear sun glasses even on cloudy days. Nevertheless, deep down their hearts, they want to be noticed but by certain people who they are interested in. Sometimes they dress in a very sexy and provocative way to draw attention of others. Even if they are in a crowded place, sitting in a corner, it?s impossible not to notice them. They have a special, magical and mysterious personal charm which others find very attractive. They know how to be stylish, classy and very sexy at the same time. They like lively colours which create contrast, e.g. black and white or black and red. They look fabulous in black clothes. They also likes military style and motifs with death and skulls. Women prefer expressive eye make up, emphasizing their hypnotic look.

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We can find Venus in Scorpio in the natal chart of an English rock star, Ozzy Osbourne, who started his career in Black Sabbath. He co-founded this band with his friends in 1968. The band was named after a horror film of the same title. One of the members of the band noticed that people were waiting in long queues in front of the cinema to see this film and he thought that they apparently liked to be scared. He realised that making money on scaring people would be a good idea. Black Sabbath became famous for heavy, raw sound, cynical lyrics and dark, scary image. Their first album called ?Paranoid?, released in 1970, was a great success both in the United Kingdom and in the United States. Ten years later Ozzy Osbourne left the band and started his solo career, but he didn?t stop shocking people. Once he bit off the head of a pigeon and one year later he did the same to a bat. Ozzy was accused of promoting Satanism and persuading young people to commit suicide. It didn?t harm his career and even made him more popular. A person with Venus in Scorpio can gain a good reputation on this type of controversy. Ozzy often wears black clothes, sometimes he even paints his nails black and his look is emphasized by dark make-up. His wife, Sharon Osbourne, plays a big role in Ozzy?s life. She is the manager of this eccentric artist, and she keeps her husband from falling into addictions (which had happened in the past) and from wasting his talent. Thanks to her determination, he is still able to earn money. Between 2002 and 2005, the Osbourne family took part in the MTV reality show called ?The Osbournes.? In this show, Ozzy seemed to be a nice, calm man, good husband and loving father, which is so different from his stage image. It was Sharon Osbourne, who took the role of a ?black character?, controlling all the family members who seemed a little helpless and lost. Interestingly, Sharon Osbourne also has Venus in Scorpio, so controlling the loved ones lies in her nature. Ozzy seemed happy to have someone around him who cares for him. Thanks to his Venus in Scorpio, he certainly appreciates his over-protective wife and treats control as a proof of a great love.

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We can find Venus in Scorpio in the chart of Agatha Christie, an English crime novelist. She is known for her numerous detective novels. Some of the characters of her novels became iconic, especially Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. Agatha Christie also wrote 6 romances under the name Mary Westmacott. Nevertheless, she was recognised by the themes related to Scorpio, like death, crime and mystery. According to the Guinness World Records, Agatha Christie is the best-selling novelist of all times. Her novels have sold over 2 billions of copies worldwide. She is also the most-translated author. Her books have been translated to 103 languages. In 1914 she married Archibald Christie. In 1926, he asked for divorce as he fell in love with another woman. It was a huge shock for Agatha. By the end of that year, she disappeared for 11 days. Nobody knows what happened to her and it remains a mystery (typically Scorpio-like theme). She might suffered from amnesia but according to some theories it was made up in order to promote her books. In 1930 she married Max Mallowan, an archaeologist who was 14 years younger than her. She travelled with him to different archaeological sites, especially to the Middle East. She used that places as a background in her books. She was interested in the esoteric knowledge. During the WW II, she worked as a pharmacy assistant in the hospital in London where she learnt a lot about poisons. She used that knowledge in her books. Poisons are also related to the sign of Scorpio.


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